The Knowledge Behind A Crocodile Skin Handbag

Why designers especially love to incorporate croc skin into their creative design? Because the pliability, durability and natural beauty make the croc skin an impeccable material for luxury goods. Croc skin is a unique product. The patterns are never exactly the same and color varies on different hide. You are feeling cozy and warm when touching it, and the rich texture exudes luxury and elegance. The supreme flexibility makes croc skin very easy to be crafted and comfortable to use. High quality croc skin is wearable and last for long. There is a crocodile handbag dating back to World War available online.

It is well-known that croc skin is widely used in making various leather goods including belts, shoes, toiletry bags, suitcase, handbag, even desk lamp and furnishing. In recent years, fashion accessories, particularly handbags are much in demand, so croc skin is in short supply. Actually, due to the extinction of some crocodile varieties, the crocodile leather industry calls for a convention to restrict illegal hunting since its emerging in 1980. Crocodiles live mainly in Australia, Asia and Africa. Australia is a major exporter of crocodile skin. In Queensland, northern and western Australia, there are 18 crocodile farms. The famous Australian saltwater crocodile supplies the finest quality skin in the world. Many top grade handbags, briefcases, luggage, belts, boots are manufactured of Australian crocodiles. The croc skin in trade is only from farms in the countries that have signed the Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species of World Fauna and Flora treaty (CITES) in 1973. This convention implements strict policies to restrict capturing crocodiles and processing their skins.

Apart from the restriction factor, what else causes croc skin so limited? It will take at approximately 3 years to wait a baby crocodile grown up to big enough one with skin measuring 40cm across the body. Traditionally, an entire croc skin is divided into two parts, one from back and the other from its belly. The precious skin results in sky-high price, however, croc accessories become more popular among celebrities and wealthy people. Here are the top three regions where croc skin fashion accessories are much favored. The first one is Japan where shoes and handbags of wild colors are especially popular. In America, custom made crocodile handbags and boots are considered to be the ultimate luxury items. The last place is European where most of croc products are released from Italy. Russia, Germany and Spain are the main importers of Italian croc fashion products.

Croc handbag is the hottest item among croc skin goods, and it comes in numerous and various types in market. Customizing a crocodile bag is a pretty good idea, because it becomes a treasure when your inspiration and personality blend into valuable croc skin, then it will be passed down as a heritage and cherished by generations. has been working on customizing exotic bags for 13 years. High quality is guaranteed and excellent service will ensure your satisfaction.

Handbag Butler-why Every Truly Feminine Person Needs One

Any feminine individual who values their appearance and charm needs to have one of these amazing items. It is a true statement of femininity. Handbag butlers are the Rolls Royce of handbag hooks which show that you are the super woman you wish to femininely portray. This accessory says style, class and organisation all at one time.

Keeping a stylish and handy Handbag Butler offers a contemporary urban flair on your get-up, whether having lunch with business clients, dinner with friends or a having a few drinks at the bar with some officemates.

I am sure you would agree if I say that every woman owns a bag or two. Some may even have a dozen or few hundred in their closet to match every get-up. Every woman dreams of having a vast collection of handbags to complete every outfit. Handbag designs and prints may range from funky, formal, and trendy, to sporty. Handbags, being an investment, need additional care, and that include keeping them away from dirt especially when going out.

A Handbag Butler offers a great new way to keep you bag away from the dirty floor. It can also keep you more comfortable as you do not need to keep your bag on your lap. It comes in various styles and materials. Its small size makes it easy to be carried anywhere. This compact folding hook attaches to any table or ledge. Just unfold the hooks around the holder, twist it and attach to the holder to any table or ledge. Hang your bag on it. It can carry as much as 10 kilograms of weight of any handbag. It also comes in a little black purse so you can store it safely and carefully inside your bag.

Handbag hooks can also help you with cabinet organizing. You can actually “declutter” your cabinet or locker using handbag hooks as handbag organizers. These space savers come in a wide array of designs and materials. It comes in crystal hooks, gilded crystal hooks, ladybird hooks, heart hooks, and sparkle crystal hooks.

Handbag hooks come handy in situations where you need to visit a beauty parlor for a day of beauty and relaxation. Leaving your bag unattended in the sofa while you are having a haircut, pedicure or a facial treatment will leave you feeling uncomfortable, not to mention, also quite dangerous. This situation calls for handbag hooks as they prove handy in these cases. Just place one on the ledge or table in front of you and hang your bag on it. Women who love handbags will surely appreciate Handbag Butlers as gifts. You can use these handy hooks several times a day. Always carry one inside your bag to keep your precious designer bag safe and give yourself the right image out and about.

Beekeeper Hat Fashion Or Function

So, I see that you are planning to take up beekeeping. Well, you are undertaking a noble occupation. The point is that beekeeping is very important for agriculture on the whole, and not just for honey production. As bees fly about and collect nectar from the flowers to produce honey and for their own food, they also pollinate the flowers which later turn into the fruits and vegetables that we eat. People rarely realize the important role that bees and beekeepers play in agriculture. With this said, beekeeping is also very dangerous and can even be fatal if you do not have the proper protective clothing when you tend your hives. The most important article of protective clothing is the beekeeper hat.

The beekeeper hat is a special hat that is made especially for beekeepers to wear when they tend their hives. The beekeeper hat is usually white in color and has a wide rim around it which spans about six inches outward. The hat also has a veil that drapes down from the rim. The rim is made form some rigid material that can hold the veil. The veil is made from a fine transparent netting that you need to be held away from your face. The veil is to be draped down from the rim and then are tied around the collar of your protective jacket.

Other protective clothing besides the beekeeper hat is also needed to keep the exposed parts of your body from being stung. The face is the most sensitive exposed part of your body, hence this is why how the beekeeper hat is worn is very important. The veil should never touch your face. This can allow for the bees stinger to penetrate the netting and sting you in the face. Furthermore, the bottom of the veil should be snugly tied around the collar of the protective coat to prevent bees from getting up under the veil and stinging you.

The protective coat and pants should all be light colors, preferably white. There is an important reason why protective clothing needs to be white. Dark colors can trigger defensive pheromones in the bees to make them aggressive. This is because most of the bees natural predators, such as bears, are all dark in color, either dark brown or black and furry. If you wear white clothing which is made of smooth material, the bees will not recognize you as a threat as much and therefore will be less aggressive.

The protective clothing should be loosely fitted and worn over other clothing to give you good protective layers of protection from bee stings. Furthermore, all seams of the protective clothing should overlap and snugly be fitted to keep bees from entering in under the clothing through the seems. You should also wash your protective clothing, including the beekeeper hat after tending the hive. You need to understand that as you harvest the honey, the bees will defend it and will at least sting your protective clothing. As the bees sting, the venom released from the stinger is not the only thing that is released from the stinger. As a bee leaves its stinger in your protective clothing, it will also release pheromones that will be on the clothing that will make the other bees be more aggressive when they sense them on your clothing.

The cricket suit can be a great alternative to the beekeeper hat and other protective clothing needed for tending the hives and harvesting the honey. The cricket suit is a rather new invention when it comes to protective clothing for beekeepers and makes it even more difficult for bees to get under the protective clothing through the seems. This suit actually looks like an astronauts suit with a hood and is all white. The hood of the cricket suit serves the same function as the beekeeper hat, but is of a different construction. The hood has a screen in front, allowing you to see what you are doing and has removable plastic rods that hold the hood outward and away from your face, hair, and the back of your head. The plastic rods can be removed from their sleeves simply by opening velcro straps and sliding them out of their sleeves. Then the hood can be washed with the rest of the cricket suit.

Furthermore, you do not need to tie anything with the cricket suit. The hood can be removed, allowed to hang back, or kept over the head by a zipper that fastens it to the collar of the suit. Where the zipper meets the end is sealed with a velcro flat to keep bees from entering through the hole. Furthermore, the rest of the cricket suit is a one-piece suit that is zipped closed in front. This provides for seamless protection from top to bottom. Best of all, you can adjust the cuffs of the wrists and ankles with velcro to make sure that the cuffs are snug and bees cannot get up through the sleeves.

Leather gloves may not necessarily be worn by seasoned veteran beekeepers who already have hands that are immune to the venom of bee stings, as a beginner, you should have them. They protect your hands from being stung when you reach into the hive to harvest the honey.

Whether you get the beekeeper hat or other the cricket suit, you definitely should look into getting good reliable protective clothing to wear while tending your hive. Remember, this protective clothing can save your live. This is especially true if you are allergic to bees. Even for normal people, being stung by a large number of bees can land you in the hospital for a few days, or can even be worse. So, remember, wear protective clothing!

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The name glamour in itself attracts the attention of all. It is now the much talked about theme. Where there is modernity there is glamour. People around the world are enchanted with the soft and trendy touch of glamour.

Things are changing drastically in the fashion industry in terms of clothing, physical look or refinement of glamorous touch. Glamour is a makeover that is related to fascination, charisma, beauty and sexual attraction.

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Prada Clothing

Now-a-days people have rather become more conscious when it comes to clothing and everybody would want to have the trendiest and latest fashionable clothes for themselves. Most of the brands like Prada, Armani, Versace, Valentino, D&G, Gucci, Diesel, Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint-Laurent etcoffer you the latest fashionable clothes which are loved by everybody in the world.

Prada Clothing

Prada which is the most popular fashion clothing is an Italian based company that supplies trendiest clothes to the market. The former name of this company was “Prada Brothers” in Italy. Mario Prada, the founder of Prada in the year 1913 in Milan, was taken over by Miuccia, his granddaughter, in the year 1978.

Initially Mario Prada concentrated on designing products like bags, suitcases, trunks and shoes and these were further sold in two boutiques in Milan itself. But there were some buyers from Europe and America too. As every business has to face some problems, the suitcases designed and sold were not suitable for travel purposes as these were made from walrus skin and thus these were switched over to designing trendy handbags and other leather accessories which were waterproof.

After Muiccia took over her grandfathers company in 1978, Prada clothing was still into manufacture, designing and selling of leather goods and accessories which thus led to financial crisis for the company. At that point of time the company had a tough competition from Gucci fashion when Muiccia decide to take a giant leap and switch over from House of Prada to designing mens and womens designer clothing. This is one of the major reasons contributing to Prada Clothings success and now it has become so popular that almost everybody knows about Prada. Muiccia created a remarkable achievement in the world of fashion due to her skills and talent in this field. She put in extra efforts to the looks and the fabric used in Prada clothing industry.

Her hardwork showed the results, the company grew unexceptionally well and got a worldwide appreciation. It became one of the famous brands to arrive in the market. She put in her own designing skill in womens fashion which was readily accepted worldwide. Another biggest success was just few steps away when the mens fashion clothes was launched. This again proved to be a remarkable achievement for Prada Fashion Clothing. Thus, Prada clothing contributed a lot to the Fashion World where it gained a well known position.

Prada became a wide choice for Hollywoods well known stars like Salma Hayek and Maggie Gyllenhall. Parda has maintained its name for comfort, simplicity and confidence. This is not all, the have a place in the perfume niche too where they have come out with perfumes like Amber Pour Homme Cologne in the year 2006, along with perfumes for women which was a major hit in the world market.

Prada Clothing has around more than 250 outlets all over the globe. Expecting to have a total control on its local retail activities they have been offering franchisee store or duty-free shops around the world. Presently the largest and the famous store can be found in world well-known places like New York, Tokyo, Beverly Hills and not to forget Milan too! this proves Prada Fashion to be a well-known fashion world-wide