The Significance Of Indian Bridal Jewelry

Weddings are a grand affair in India. Not only do they celebrate the commitment of the bride and groom embarking on a life-long journey together, they also symbolize the coming together of two families. Indian weddings are steeped in tradition, rituals and customs, some religious, and some cultural. These traditions extend even to the attire of the bride, where each item of clothing or jewelry holds a special significance. It is easy to understand then, why any wedding would be incomplete without Indian bridal jewelry.

Jewelry plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the blushing bride, more so when it holds a traditional and cultural significance as is the case with Indian bridal jewelry. For instance, the set of 21 ivory bangles, called ‘chooda’, worn by North Indian brides are gifted to them by their maternal uncle. Worn anywhere between a period of 6 months to a year after her marriage, they serve as a reminder to the family that she has married into, that she is a new bride and must be treated as a princess. ‘Klira’, or the long adornments that hang from the ‘chooda’ of a bride, are also gifted to her by her maternal uncle. They perform much the same function as the ‘chooda’ and make physical work an impossible task, preventing the new bride from doing any household work during the festivities. Although now seen as a fashion statement, a ‘nath’ or nose ring symbolizes the purity and innocence of the bride.

Anklets or ‘payals’ are more cultural adornments and hold little religious significance. With every step taken by the bride, the anklets chime, announcing her arrival and ensuring that all eyes are on her on her big day. ‘Bichua’ or toe rings are worn on the second toe and symbolize the married status of a woman. While all these pieces of jewelry hold significance for a bride, perhaps the most significant of them all is the ‘mangalsutra’. Derived from the term ‘mangal’, meaning ‘auspicious’ and ‘sutra’, meaning ‘thread’ or ‘bond’, the mangalsutra is a chain of black beads with a gold medallion. Tied around the neck of the bride by the groom, the mangalsutra is believed to ward off evil forces and protect the sanctity of the institution of marriage, thus creating a bond between husband and wife. These also act as visible signs of a woman’s marital status.

Brides these days have a wide range of choices to choose from. The market for Indian bridal jewelry is ever expanding. Creatively designed, innovative pieces are making waves in the world of bridal jewelry. These provide the bride with pieces that are essentially traditional in nature with a contemporary twist. While traditionally, gold and diamonds are the preferred choice for Indian brides, the Indian bridal jewelry market today is open to experimentation, as are today’s brides. This has led to the inclusion of not only new designs in jewelry, but also new jewels themselves.

In India, it is believed that there are 16 adornments, or the ‘solah shringar’ that a woman must wear to become the complete bride. Jewelry plays an important role in the ‘solah shringar’. Add to this the religious and cultural significance attached to each ornament and it is clear that Indian bridal jewelry acts as pieces of collective history and tradition.

Studs On Jeans And Now On Shoes

Just occasionally in fashion something completely new comes along which rather than being a short lived fad remains with us for a lifetime or more.

The mini skirt arrived on the scene quite suddenly in the nineteen sixties and still to this day is as popular as ever. Sometimes it is an innovative bit of practical design work like the inspirational one just one hundred and fifty years ago almost to the day, when the first major denim jeans designer in the United States thought to toughen the stitching with metal studs.
These studs were sewn into the possible weak points like the edges of any pockets and around the fly exactly as they still are today on this manufacturer and many others jeans.

Metal studs over the years have been used on many other items of clothing mostly with no practical purpose but merely because they look good particularly on things like leather jackets.

One practical example has been the use of studs on motorbike leathers and boots. The theory is that the studs will help prevent the leather tearing open less quickly in an accident when the leather comes into contact with the tarmac.

Bikers’ boots with studs are not just worn by bikers as they have become fashion items in their own right and now there is a range of other types of shoes as well as boots with studs sold under the name of studded heels.

Studs have now been used on all types of clothing, hats and now boots and shoes to add a sexy addition to all types of wear.

Over the past fifty years the choices in all boot and shoe designer-wear has exploded in the range of choices available to all. Before then the choices for men and women was nothing like as diverse as it is now and a visit to the shoe shop those days could be a boring experience.

In the sixties something called the Chelsea boot became a fashion for men and walking down the Kings Road which as it happens is in the London Borough of Chelsea, practically every other male walking past the hippy shops of the day could be seen wearing this type of boot or shoe.

Today it is almost impossible to see two people wearing the same design and make of shoe since there are so many thousands to choose from.

A recent survey discovered that there is more than fifty times the number of shoe designers in production today than there were fifty years ago.

Of course many of them are made by the same production companies mostly in countries where labour is comparatively cheap but the designs are very different even if the leather used is from the same source.

Take a look at all the studded shoes and boots and in particular the huge range of individual designers studded heels and maybe match them with some figure hugging jeans also adorned with those iconic American West denims of yesteryear.

Purchasing Beautiful Turkey Jewelry Online

Turkey jewelry is quite beautiful and unique. Anyone that desires gorgeous accessories that are sure to turn heads should consider Turkey jewelry or feather jewelry. Accessories can make or break an outfit. Having the right baubles can improve the look and style of the clothes a person is wearing. Jewelry, whether costume or authentic, also allows a person to express their personal style.

Turkey jewelry, or any great jewelry for that matter, can drastically improve the appearance of ones clothing. The right necklace, bracelet and/or earrings can help a look go from boring to exciting and extremely stylish. Individuals also have the opportunity to dress-up or dress-down an outfit. If a person wants to go casual, they can. They would simply need to go minimal on the jewelry. A cute, understated necklace or earrings would be perfect. On the other hand, if an individual wants to vamp it up, that can easily be done with jewelry as well. Attractive, festive-looking earrings or a colorful, textured necklace would look great.

One of the best things bout Turkey jewelry is that wearing it allows people to infuse their own personal style into whatever they are wearing. Unless a person designs their own clothing, one of the only true ways that an individual can make an outfit unique, fresh and different, is jewelry. Turkey jewelry is one very good way for people to express their personal style.

In the past, if a person wanted great looking, authentic Turkey jewelry, they would have to either go to Turkey or know someone who lives there who would be willing to ship it over. Today, it is possible for an individual to purchase attractive-looking Turkey jewelry no matter where they live. Those looking to buy such jewelry can do so at the Jewelry Mall. In addition to Turkey jewelry a person also find feather jewelry at the website as well. Individuals will find that the items found there are not only beautiful but also affordable. It is possible to find jewelry that looks great, is of really good quality and that will not break the bank at the Jewelry Mall.

Jewelry Gold Plating Working Process

Gold plating is the process of including a thin layer of gold to another metallic so as to give that metallic a gold-like appearance. Usually, the layer of gold may be very thin, just enough to cover all uncovered surfaces of the opposite metal. It’s generally utilized in decorations and in jewellery plating.

The benefit of gold plating for jewelry is that it gives the look of gold, however doesn’t have the cost of gold. In jewellery functions, a gold plating is most commonly utilized to silver. Thus, the jewellery actually contains two valuable metals, slightly than simply one.

Whereas many could commonly associate gold plating with jewelry, it is not the one utility for the practice. Gold plating can also be generally associated with digital applications. This is accomplished to permit higher conductivity and make things resistant to abrasion and wear, along with other benefits.

Gold plating will be completed in quite a lot of other ways, including electroplating. That is done by putting the object being plated, the cathode, into a solution, often water. It’s related to the damaging side of a cost, corresponding to a battery. Then, the donor for the plating, the anode, is also placed within the solution related to the constructive side of the charge. Ionization happens and the anode slowly dissolves, with the positively-charged ions in the metal going to the negatively charged product.

Nevertheless, gold plating, like most types of metal finishing, will be carried out in quite a lot of other ways. The gold metallic may be suspended in a solution, which is then brushed on the object being plated. The goal is to maximise the effect however to minimize the amount of gold needed to do the job. This can be a very low-tech resolution that could be used by these doing small jobs privately.

Attributable to the fact that gold is such a tender metal and the layer over jewelry merchandise is so skinny, there will possible be a time when the gold plating becomes worn in spots. Jewelry, especially those items worn day by day, are inclined to take a considerable quantity of abuse. Taking such gadgets to a jewelry restore shop is the best way to restore them to their original luster. The sort of repair is normally very inexpensive and will even be included in some service policies.

Another plating problem jewelers face is low high quality, low metallic content plating solutions. Metallic content material is a essential consider producing top quality plating results. For instance, our gold resolution comprises as much as five instances the superb gold content material present in gold solutions obtainable from on-line vendors. The superior high quality of our plating options allows you to constantly achieve clear, good plating results. With the Jewel Master and our proven “heavy hard gold” methods it is doable to plate many jewellery items with greater than 15 microns of hardened gold for extremely durable gold plate.

The biggest plating challenge that almost all jewelers with the “outdated” type tools should face is making an attempt to determine find out how to hook up the mess of wires, beakers, metal strips, plugs, clips and naturally the dinosaur rectifier into a useful plating system.

Our solution for these gold plating and electro plating problems is: Gold Plating System

Thigh High Boots for Slim, Fat & Beautiful Legs

If you are a minimalist, there is no wonder why you have a crazy desire to wear thigh high boots. Maybe you would want to compensate for something else! These boots are the sexiest type of footwear. There are wide varieties of them and depending upon your body shape, you can choose a style that suits you.

For Slim, slender legs:

Slim is GLAM. I havent seen anyone opposing this paradigm and all most all women desire to be slim, the most wanted body structure. If you have taken pains to keep yourself slim, it is worth paying a few hundreds of dollars to have a tight fitting thigh high boots. Also known as Second Skin or Tight Fitting Boots, these are a great fashion tool that every slim lady must have in her closet.

For fat legs:

Pitiably, some of us fail to be slim but that doesnt end up the deal for them from looking glamorous. Women with fat legs can go for loose thigh high boots which can hide their legs from getting noticed. This footwear not only hides your fat legs from getting immediate notice but also make them look beautiful. Another common problem for plus-size women is the calf size of their legs. If you are having a wide calf, purchasing ordinary footwear will not only be painful while wearing them, but also will give a bad look to your legs.

For beautiful legs:

If you have a very good complexion, why do you want to hide your beautiful skin under a fully covered thigh high boots? There are several options for women who have a good complexion to show off themselves sexiest wearing thigh high boots. A wide open lace up boots is the best solution in this regard. Some of this footwears, have a beautiful cuts made of laces that show your skin in a most elegant way. Through laced windows you can make the best out of your natural complexion and at the same time go with a thigh high heel to fulfill your desire.

Some Additional Tips:

Wearing short or skimpy skirts are the most glamorous part of wearing a thigh high boots. So if you are wearing this footwear, dont forget to seduce your way on the go by pairing them with either one of these skirts.

This tip is for those who have a wide calf. So when you go purchasing a wide calf boot, choose one that is half-inch less than the thickest part of your calf. Most of the footwears of this kind are elastic enough in the beginning and will expand to fit your leg appropriately.