Cosmetic Synthetic Peptide Applications In Skin Care

1. Matrixyl

The most popular signal peptide for cosmetic use is palmitoyl pentapeptide (Matrixyl). Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4 (Matrixyl) is a skin rejuvenation compound. The palmitoyl pentapeptide consists of five amino acids linked together and attached to a fatty acid to enhance oil solubility for the sake of better skin penetration. It stimulates the synthesis of the key constituents of the skin matrix: collagen, elastin and glucosamnoglycans because it is structurally related to the precursor of collagen type I.

2. Copper peptides: Argireline

Because peptides are small, they can penetrate the skins protective barriers to get to the deeper layers. When copper is attached to a peptide, the peptide can deliver copper to the living layers of the skin. Copper is essential for enzymes including lysyl oxidase (crosslinking of elastin and collagen) and dopamine beta hydroxylase (catecholamine formation). Copper Peptide products show positive effects on collagen deposition, tensile strength, angiogenesis, hair follicle cycle regulation, and SOD activity so that to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Copper peptides can be found in Neova, Osmotics as well as products like Neutrogenas Visibly Firm Night Cream.

Some Neuropeptides might block transmission of signals from nerves to your facial muscles. Argireline is the trade name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, a synthetic anti-aging cosmetic ingredient derived from natural proteins. Argirelines purpose is to decrease the visible effects of aging by reducing the deep wrinkles and lines that occur around the forehead and eyes. Cosmetics companies have marketed Argireline as a cheaper alternative treatment to Botulinum Toxin A (Botox), because the principles behind their chemical actions are similar.

3. Other cosmetic peptides: Matrikine

Other peptides like matrikine peptide (glycyl-histidyl-lysine) are small peptide fragments of extracellular matrix proteins that display potent tissue repair activities. It is possible to use matrikine peptide incorporated collagen film as a therapeutic agent in the wound healing process. Some cosmetic preparation contains peptide derivatives from -MSH. These cosmetic products have the property of activating the melanogenesis and being an anti-inflammatory and acting more efficiently.

4. Peptide might not do anything

Unfortunately, the clinical data is still too skimpy to view many peptides such as palmitoyl pentapeptide-4 as a proven anti-wrinkle treatment at this time. Peptides are break-down products of proteins. They might continue to break down further in a topical cream, becoming useless. A difficulty in achieving sustained delivery of bioactive concentration of some cosmetic peptides in the affected area limits their therapeutic use.

Philip Smouha – Decades In The Fashion Industry

It has been said by many that the fashion industry is a cut-throat one. An industry that is very hard to succeed in simply due to the nature of how garments in particular change hands from manufacturers to end users.

The Smouha fabric company was a company that managed to successfully trade fabrics in Australia since 1950. That was until the Global financial crisis affected the customers of Smouha fabrics and they were unable to repay loans owed to the company.

We can still learn a lot about a fabric company that succeeded in this cut-throat industry. It was due to their great reputation, good service and above all else their commitment to stocking only the highest quality fabrics.

Smouha fabrics have lived through government changes in the last few decades which affected many importers. The government increasing the allowance of off shore manufacturing by reducing duties and tariffs is one such example. Even when competition became fierce with cheaper prices on offer to designers and manufacturers Smouha fabrics remained a trusted supplier. This was due to the fabric company delivering exactly what their customers wanted while financing them at the same time.

The fabric empire was started by Philips father Charles, originally from Manchester in the UK which traditionally was the textile centre. Long before the company traded millions of dollars each year the family business began with the goal of just surviving. The business continued to grow through many fashion trends from the 50s to today because of their great style and depth of knowledge of where trends were headed.

Philip Smouha, the director of the 49 year old family business has since found his footing after closing a chapter in his life and is successfully building companies once again. His son is involved in running a beer company called Lucky beer with him. The company has already had a great impact in Australia and off shore due to the cheeky nature of the marketing and original idea which no body has come up with before.

The solid principles of supporting customers and providing them with exactly what they need from the decades in the fashion industry have obviously not gone to waste. The Smouha family continue to live very successful lives.

Protective Clothing For The Workplace

A complete range of protective clothing is available for food processing, industrial maintenance and chemical processing. Products include aprons, sleaves, lab coats, gowns, coveralls, frocks, facemasks, bouffants, hair nets and shoe/boot covers.

Aprons are available in a range of styles: Vinyl-aprons have a seamless design and are available as a coat (with open or elastic sleaves) or a bib. PVC/Nylon aprons are heavy-duty, puncture resistant and provides protection against acids and caustics. Endurosaf aprons are lightweight and provide protection against chemicals, oils and abrasions. Hycar aprons feature a rugged design to withstand frequent use and provide protection against animal fats and oils. Neoprene aprons are heavyweight and resistant to acids and oils. Urethane aprons are a lightweight alternative to neoprene and Hycar. Cryo-apron aprons contain a 100% waterproof liner and provides protection against temperatures as low as -160 degrees C. Aluminized Zetex aprons are available with or without sleaves and provide protection against temperatures up to 426 degrees C.

Sleaves are available a range of materials: Tyvek sleaves have serged seams for extra strength and elastic closures for comfort. They provide protection against dry particulate hazard. Polyethylene sleaves are light weight and provide an economical protection against chemicals and oils. Polyethylene (PE) coated Polypropylene (PP) sleaves are light weight and provide protection against water based liquids.

Lab coats are available in a range of materials: Poly-cotton coats are light weight and stain resistant. They feature side slits for easy access to pants pockets, three spacious pockets and an adjustable belt. 100 percent cotton coats feature four pockets (three outside and one inside), a pen holder and a belt which is sewn down the back. Fluid resistant coats are made from poly-cotton which has been treated with Nano-tex protection at a molecular level. They have four pockets (three outside and one inside) and a two button swing belt for added style.

Disposable isolation barrier gowns are available in either Polypropylene or Polyethylene-coated Polypropylene (for added protection against water-based liquids and certain chemicals). They have elastic sleaves and ties at the back of the neck and around the waist.

Coveralls are available in Du-Pont Tyvek or KleenGuard. Du Pont Tyvek are chemically and biologically inert. The have a zippered front and are available with elastic wrists, elastic wrists and a hood or with elastic wrists, a hood, or boots. KleenGuard provide protection against dry particles and light liquid sprays. They are available in a variety of styles including A20 for protection against particles, A40 for protection against particles and liquids, A60 for protection against blood-borne pathogen and A70 for protection against blood-borne pathogen and chemical splashes.
Frocks are available in a three styles: IsoClean Tyvek has a five snap closure, elastic wrists, serged seams and a three snap adjustable mandarin collar. Pro/Clean has a zipper front, serged seams and elastic sleaves. ChemStat 909A-plus contains inset sleeves, a mandarin collar, snap front closure, three front pockets and snap adjustments on the collar and wrists.

Facemasks are disposable and fluid resistant. They are made of soft, non-woven polypropylene with a full-length aluminium bridge to fit comfortably around the nose and face. Styles include ear-loop, tie-on and shielded.

Bouffant and hair nets are light weight and keep your hair out of your eyes and away from samples. They are available in two sizes 21″ or 24″ for bouffants and 18″ or 21″ for hair nets.

Shoe and boot covers are available in three four styles: Polypropylene covers are made from 100 percent spunbond polypropylene, they are non-woven and are available in two styles regular or skid-free. Polyethylene covers are lint free and water resistant, they provide protection against splashes. Polylatex covers are durable, water resistant and lint-free. Du Pont Tyvek boot covers extend over your ankle to provide extra protection. An acrylic shoe cover dispenser is also available which holds over 50 pairs of disposable shoe covers.

Air Jordan shoes, smeakerhead new nike air jordan shoes

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Perfect Belts For Your Designer Jeans.

Belts represent gorgeous accessories for many outfits, are always a chic eye-catcher and thus complete each look, especially when the model youve chosen corresponds with your personal style and suits your unique personality.

However, it is not always easy to find the perfect belt, because it should be of the right size and of the right price, and suit your outfit of course in order to create harmonic and stylish whole look. When you are looking for a belt to go with your clothes, you should thus keep in mind the outfits you are going to wear your belt with. Combination variants are the most important criteria of choice.

It is also important where you are going to wear your belt, because there are waist belts, thighs belts and general belts worn together with designer jeans and other pants. For example, if you want to wear your belt on the waist together with a chic t-shirt or top, you will find the suitable model when you start looking for wide belts with a large buckle, which puts a wonderful accent directly under the breast. In case your ideal belt should be placed on the thighs combined with a trendy long top, your perfect choice would be a wide belt in a longer size. A belt for custom design jeans should be rather thin to fit into belt loops.

But how do you complete your look using a belt? Belts are always a top fashionable accessory, especially in womens wear and are always trendy. It is strongly recommended to have at least one belt in your wardrobe, because using belts you can play with your outfits and complete your looks the way you like. Belts are represented in all possible colors and designs and price segments as well, of course. But all belts are fashionable highlights and eye-catchers and make every outfit, be it a dress or a pair of custom tailored jeans, really special.

You should not forget the fact that today belts are worn not only in personalized custom jeans or classical trousers, but also over clothes items like t-shirts or tops as a fashionable accessory. It is especially beautiful to put a large wide belt over a long tunic or even a dress to create a fashionable accent. In this case the belt should be worn on the thighs.

It is also top fashionable to combine a waist belt with a trendy top, placing it directly under the breast on the waist. The figure line is then beautifully accentuated. However it is always important that the belt you wear suits your outfit, both in color and design. They can be combined with the color or design of the top or other accessories, like shoes.

The belt-buckle is also extremely important for the impression made by the belt and the whole look created by it. The belt-buckle should always suit the belt itself, especially its size and style. Wide belts should have a large and catchy belt-buckle, because small and decent ones would not make a good impression. And vice versa, thin belts should have chic but normal-sized belt-buckles in order to look trendy.

The style of belt-buckles should correspond with the style of belts themselves as well. An elegant belt-buckle would not suit sporty belt models made from customized denim or other material. Chic leather belts can be embellished with noble belt-buckles with rhinestones etc.