Types Of Fashion Handbags

Handbags are one of the most popular fashion accessories for women. In fact, the replica fashion handbags are as trendy as bags by expensive popular brands. You can even make them more alluring by adding some of your own design twist. These handbags usually range from small are available in various sizes. There are small bags as well as bags large enough to carry your business files. The smaller bags are perfect choice for the party goers.

Fashion handbags are trendy. They are available in solid colors, polished hardware, and in various prints. They also range form the tassels and jeweled detail to patchwork and signature patterns. These stylish bags come with creativity and runway styles. The following are some fashion handbags that need to include in your wardrobe considerations.

Leather Oversize Tote: These are the big bags that can take center stage. There are enough room to keep all your makeup and other essentials as well as your magazines and files. You can also store extra pair of shoes in these types of bags. Their styles vary from slouchy to traditional clean and classic lines. These handbags come in various colors such as brown, gray, white, and tan.

Printed Canvas Handbag: Those who prefer an artistic flair in their handbags can opt for these canvas bags. They are available in vibrant colors and prints. In fact, some are them come with unexpected color combinations. You can find these bags with ethnic and tropical screen prints. You can even get bags with wooden handles, chunky handles or tall handles. The colors of these handbags may range from traditional white and black to more trendy pink and purple combinations.

Slim Shoulder Handbag: Though these handbags are inspired from the 1950s bags, they are simply perfect for todays look. These bags are boxy shaped and feature various style. They range from zesty snakeskin to timeless elegance and the cool looking hardware is equally attractive. The handles of these fashion handbags feature lots of chains. These bags are just right for casual outfits.

Snakeskin Clutch Handbag: These fashion handbags are sizzling and seductive and are perfect for a special evening out. The snakeskin prints are bold and are available in vibrant color combinations like silver and black, brown and black, or tan and cream. It is better to keep your other accessories light while carrying these sassy handbags.

Glamorous Metallic Handbag: These metallic handbags are a bit flashy. Thereby, you need to opt for a proper outfit while carrying these handbags. They come with textured intricate patterns combined with an unexpected sophisticated twist. Their styles vary from retro to drawstring to hobo.

Jeans Dangers

Modern lifestyle demands more and more mobility and concentration. That is why in order not to spend much time on the chose of exquisite clothes items many women prefer to wear custom jeans. However, there are numerous dangers awaiting cowboy pants-lovers. How can we avoid them and what should we do about it?

The most wide spread mistake of female jeans lovers is their neglecting approach towards their clothes. Tailored jeans are very practical, they do not crumple and tear for a long time and rarely get dirty, that is why many people simply forget to wash them. As a result redness on the skin appears together with rash and peeling of the thighs skin surface.

And contact dermatitis appears exactly due to the skin rubbing onto dirty fabric. Besides, different skin irritations can be caused by metallic zippers and rivets of designer jeans, as well as other furnishings. Especially dangerous are elasticized jeans. Figure-tight skinny jeans worsen circulation of blood in legs and seriously irritate skin.

In case you feel discomfort and found the site of irritation, the best solution to the problem is immediately stop wearing skinny jeans, at least for some time. And then be sure to consult a doctor.

You should never forget the fact that untreated contact dermatitis can overcome into allergic reaction on the whole body. Sometimes even fungous diseases appear. In this case you should be sure to boil your jeans for an hour, otherwise the disease will return back. But to follow all hygiene rules you should simply wash your favorite personalized jeans not rarely then once a month and it is also necessary to iron them afterwards from the inside.

However probably the biggest danger is concealed in low-quality jeans. Generally they are manufactured from rough fabric with the use of bad-quality color. That is why allergic reactions often appear after wearing such jeans.

Strange as it might seem, some fashion trends can be dangerous, too. For example, low-waist customized jeans lead to the spread of nephritis. Several years ago doctors all over the world were overwhelmed with the patient flow, even pregnant women were among the diseased.

Canadian doctors believe that skinny figure-tight jeans cause the compression of the nerve and following paresthesia. American governors elaborated a legislative campaign which prohibits for men to wear baggy jeans calling it a society threat. However, until now naked skin parts showing off out of the clothes are officially prohibited only in Louisiana.

An interesting fact designers didnt fall in love with jeans immediately. They needed some time to make their minds and start to design jeans collection made from rough cotton fabric. However, when in the end of 1960s Luis Ferro presented his jeans totally embellished with rhinestones, the success surpassed all expectations. Subsequently jeans style becomes source of inspiration for many fashion couturiers and the art of Alexander McQueen, Getwear, Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Paul Gaultier proves it.

Etnies hoods eller DC jeans

Er du interessert i skating og cross, og vil vise det for verden? Det finnes massevis av klr som man assosierer til for eksempel skateboard og cross- for eksempel Fox t-skjorter, Etnies hoods eller DC jeans. Det finnes massevis med sider som tilbyr disse merkene og ogs andre merker slike som Etnies sko, Dragon sko og Thor skjorter.

Om du for eksempel vil finne skjorter eller jeans fra Oakley eller One Industries skriver du inn disse merkene i skemoteren og vips s kommer det opp masse sider som selger akkurat disse merkene som du er interessert i, slik som ridestore.se.

Og nr man har kjpt en ganske dyr merkevare vil man at den skal holde s lenge som mulig.

Du m ikke vaske varen for ofte for dette kan slite enormt p varen og du behver ikke egentlig vaske den hver gang etter du har brukt den om du ikke svetter veldig mye. Du kan lufte plagget over natten eller i noen dager og se om du kan bruke det igjen. Du kommer til bli opplyst om hvor mange ganger du kan bruke det uten vaske det.

Spesielt om du kjper et par merkejeans er det viktig ikke vaske for mye. Man skal egentlig ikke vaske jeans i det hele tatt, og det holder egentlig om du lufter dem s mye som mulig hver eneste kveld.

slenge klrne p gulvet hjelper heller ikkje mye p klrne dine, s det beste er brette dem sammen eller henge dem opp.

S har vi jo disse problemene med forfalskning. Ettersom det finnes internett s kan du jo aldri vre sikker, men ofte nr det handler om riktige merkeklr pleier det ikke vre en forfalsket side. Men om du ser et merkeplagg til en utrolig lav pris derimot, kan det vre det er noe rart med siden.

S ha ynene pne, men problemer som forfalskning er ikke vanlig nr det gjelder merkeklr. Og du har jo fornuften din og mageflelsen. Kjp ikek ting fra en side du ikke er sikker p!


Women’s fascination with makeup goes all the way back to ancient Egypt dating back t to around 4000 BC. Traces of cosmetics used by the ancient Greeks and Romans have also been found.

While the Victorian era saw some strictures on the use of makeup, the 20th century has seen the cosmetics industry becoming a multi million-dollar business with multinationals like L’Oreal, Max Factor, Estee Lauder and Revlon dominating the industry. Feminists may contest the claim, but it is generally believed that the use of makeup makes the wearer look young, beautiful and adds to sex appeal. Makeup can transform one’s appearance dramatically and is used extensively by actors, stage personalities and those in the limelight, as well as doctors who may use it clinically to disguise scars. However, its most common use today is among women around the world who use a number of cosmetic tools. Foundation or powder is used to make the face look smoother and conceal blemishes. A touch of lipstick adds color, shape and fullness to the lips, while eye shadow and mascara is meant to better define the eyes and make them look bigger. Today, surgical procedures and permanent makeup is also possible thanks to the advances in science.

This loveliness though, could be only skin deep for there’s an ugly side to the beauty business. Lipsticks could contain chemicals like iron oxide, while eye shadows have chances of containing the dye carmine, an animal extract. On the one hand, the line between drugs and cosmetics is blurring, so that one man’s cosmetic deodorant could be another man’s antiperspirant drug. What complicates matters is, while the United States Food and Drug Administration sees drugs, as subject to a review and approval process, cosmetics don’t fall under its strict purview. On the other hand, cosmetic testing on animals has become shrouded in controversy with animal rights’ activists vehemently opposed to it. Animal testing includes for finished products like lipsticks or for individual ingredients. Due to the pressure exerted by animal rights’ groups, the accepted rule among governments and corporations is to exercise the three Rs of reduction -using fewer animals to get similar information, replacement through non-animal use and refinement by minimizing pain to animals. Another relatively new cosmetic method gaining currency is permanent makeup that employs tattooing techniques. While this can work wonders for those with permanent scars caused by conditions such as vitiligo or for busy women, unless it is handled by an experienced professional, permanent makeup carries risks of infection and disfigurement.