Waterproof Running Shoes Made With Breathable Fabric

Today’s waterproof running shoes are made mostly with a breathable waterproof fabric. An example of this fabric would be a material called Gore-Tex. But what exactly is this fabric and how does it function? Well that is what I will be going over in this article.

A waterproof breathable fabric is a membrane made up of millions of microscopic pores all packed tightly together. These pores are designed, size wise, in such way that they are small enough to prevent water from entering the membrane but large enough to allow water vapor molecules to escape out. So basically your body heat and perspiration are allowed to vent out as your level of intensity increases, while preventing outside elements such as rain and snow from entering your shoe.

There are is another material used that helps the membrane function correctly. An oil resistance material is integrated into the fabric to help protect the membrane. Over time oils from outside elements as well as oils produced by your body build up and can cause the membrane to function incorrectly. The oil resistance material aids in helping to prevent the the membrane from breaking down overtime.

Additional the membrane is treated with a Durable Water Repellent. This Durable Water Repellent or (DWR) helps to prevent the membrane from becoming soaked with water. The repellent causes water to bead up and roll off the material. This allows the surface to remain dry enough for body sweat and heat from the body to pass through from the inside. This treatment helps the membrane maintain it’s breathable feature.

The breathable fabric is a very handy feature to have for folks wearing waterproof running shoes. Especially when wearing them for long periods of time. It is also a very important feature to have as well. By allowing the sweat and heat to past through the membrane (or breath) this fabric minimizes the chances of bacteria build up that can cause fungus growth between your toes. Which in turn can lead to what I like to call stinky feet.

Now you have a general idea of what makes a waterproof running shoe waterproof and what its made up of. As stated earlier most of today’s waterproof running shoes are made with a breathable fabric, so looking for a pair with this material will not be that difficult. Once you find a shoe you like I guess the biggest issue will be if they have your size and color.

The Story Of Pearl Culture

We are lucky to live in the 21st century – for this is the age when the largest and most beautiful pearls in human history are cultivated.

The history of cultured pearls in fairly young, slightly more than 100 years old.But it is fascinating history shaped by three generations devoting to and working towards an ideal of the perfect pearl, working in humility and harmony with the unpredictable forces of nature.

It all started in the 19th century, when the greedy fishing of pearl oysters for natural pearls led to the near depletion and scarcity of natural pearls. To meet the insatiable quest for more, ever bigger and ever rounder pearls, ingenious people observed the formation of natural pearls and attempted to copy the process of nature. A series of experiments were conducted in various parts of the world, but the consensus is that the first round pearls were successfully harvested in 1898 in Japan.

Three Japanese were cited to have initiated the art of pearl cultivation: KoKichi Mikimoto, Tassuhei Mise and Tokichi Nishikawa, Historical records show that the three discovered the techniques to grow round pearls at more or less the same time. The first cultured pearls were between 3mm and 5mm ,mostly button and rarely round, and only the upper part was lustrous.

When these cultured pearls appeared at fairs and auctions in Europe and the United States, pearl merchants in Paris, London and New York were perplexed by these genuine pearls from a new source. Many traditionalists vehemently branded cultured pearls as fakes.

The Japanese akoya industry grew and prospered until before the outbreak of word war II,In those days,the industry grouped 289 farms with a record annual production of 11 million pearls . The typical strands in the pre-war years were called 3.5 momme graduation, because the graduated akoya necklace had a centre pearl of 7mm and end pearls of 3mm, weighing 3.5 momme (about 13g). Nowadays, akoya necklaces are nearly always in uniform sizes.

Attempts to grow south Sea pearls started as early as 1915. Japanese pioneers, motivated by their initial success in culturing akoya pearls, saw the potential of growing larger pearls using a larger oyster sps found in the Pacific Ocean.

Trial farming was carried out in the Philippines and Indonesia. The first harvest of round South Sea pearls took place in 1928 in Celebes, A Dutch colony until Indonesia declared independence. South Sea pearls harvested in those days were mainly between 8mm and 10mm, much larger than the 3mm to 4mm akoya pearls.

Interrupted during world war II, south sea pearls development resumed intermittently in Myanmar, Indonesia, Australia and the Philippines after the war, mostly with Japanese investment and know how. But it was no until the ’70s that the cultivation of South Sea pearls began to experience stable and significant growth. Australia and Indonesia are today the two largest producing countries of South Sea Pearls.

The history of black pearls is relatively recent.Tahiti came on stage in the early ’60s , when Jean-Marie Domard of the Fisheries Service commissioned research on the potential of pearl cultivation in French Polynesia. The first 1,000 Tahitian pearls were harvested in 1965.The first registered official export of 1,563g was in 1972.Nearly 40 years later, the Tahyitian pearl industry has matured , with an annual production of between 8 and 10 tonnes, generating an income of USD100 million to the black pearl paradise.

Encouraged by their success in growing marine pearls at the turn of the 20th century, some Japanese started experimenting with the culture of pearls in ponds and lakes. In the ’20s, the first batch of freshwater pearls were harvested in Lake Biwa. Until the ’70s, Japan dominated the freshwater pearl industry, and Biwa Pearls became the synonym of freshwater cultured pearls.

Records showed that the first successful harvest of Chinese freshwater pearls took place in 1968. The first pearls were small, rice-shaped and wrinkled. But China was a fast learner and by the 80s, it surprised the world with smooth-bodied , bigger and rounder pearls . Improvements and cultivation breakthroughs continue, and the size of freshwater pearls has increased from 5mm on average in the early ’90s to 8mm today.

Behind the 100 years of pearl culturing were many colorful individuals — adventurous and curious, daring in their dreams but industrious in turning their dreams into reality. Most of all , they have managed to join forces with nature to bring out cultured pearls that are larger and grander than natural pearls.

Design A Company Logo For Your Fashion Jewelry Designs

The best business name should be simple and reflect what your business is about. The brochure gives an introduction to your company and its products. The business card is the key that introduces you and your business and opens business opportunities. The company logo represents your company identity with a simple drawing.

Between the business card and the company logo, I think much more thought is needed to design the company logo which is most difficult. It needs to be simple in design but speak volumes.

In a former article I gave an example of Fashion Jewelry Designer Rose as the name of business and how to design and complete a business card along with the matching business correspondence and envelopes.

What about the company logo?

Hours will be spent trying to design a company logo. Think about the varieties of jewelry that you design and assemble. Have you noticed if you do something that other artists do not do?

It may be something that you do as a habit and not realize its vital importance. This one characteristic is not only your symbol, but it might also be your trademark. If you cannot identify anything that you do, ask friends and relatives if they have noticed that something different you may do which separates you from other jewelry artists?

In this example, let us also say that your trademark is to always include a rose in your jewelry designs. Now, you might illustrate your logo as a gold chain loose at both ends. This suggests that you make many different types of jewelry to be placed between the loose ends and a rose on the clasp which holds the two chains together also bears your name or initial with a special stroke on the underside.

There is no inaccuracy as to who designed this fashion jewelry piece. Now as you become well known or even famous in your original handcrafted jewelry business your company logo which speaks volumes may also double as your trademark.

The rose may be constructed into the parts of the necklace, bracelet, earrings, pendant, or ring design. If the company logo design is complex, people will not remember the name of the jewelry business or the owner. And if you want repeat sales you want your customers to remember who you are.

Nike Blazer Shoes

Nike blazer shoes are a great way to show your love for vintage or the classic style because most of them have that elegant throw back feel with a delicate combination of leather and suede with a flannel interior.

It is highly advisable that you get Nike blazer shoes online for this way, you have the chance of getting the best deal on the most fashionable shoes. These shoes when on the online market are usually very cheap compared to the ones in the shelves in the brick-and-mortar shops. This can be easily explained by the mere fact that online shops do not have overhead expenses that require them to price their goods heavily to complete.-at least it is not as high. The web gives you a wider selection with which you can choose your Nike shoes compared to other shops that are restricted of space and these shops source products that are out of stock and notify you when to check on them again via email when they are available.

When it comes to finding the right size of your Nike blazer shoes online, you will find websites that have a measurement guide which are normally either American or European measurements. This way you can select the apt size basing it on the footwear that you are currently using. You need not to worry about seeing a product you cannot see for these shoes have been made with the state of the art machines paying great consideration to all the qualities a shoe should possess. Different things including sports-all types of sports inspire Nike Blazer shoes. The designing fraternity of Nike shoes has been dedicated to churning shoes that appeal to customers taste and preferences since Nike came into being in 1964.This means that Nike blazer shoes are made to minimize injury and ensure that you get around in all comfort that you might need. These shoes can even be worn as a favorite wear for the weekend due to their great design and the realization on the companies part; that these shoes are not only made for sportsmen and women There are retros and modern designs of this brand which is mostly an upgrade of the shoes that were made in early years but redesigned for the modern market for fashion never dies.

This shoe is not heavy, as it is not made for the military. It has a nice light feel for sports are intended for fast people and also the materials that are used to make them are light and the rest is rubber. It comes with pores that allows it to breather even when you are in it meaning you will hardly get any one in a Nike blazer shoe with smelly feet. The pores also help it when you wash it, meaning that it dies fast avoiding dampness.

Feature Rich Garment software

Innovative software helps in streamlining the entire process cycle across different industry verticals. Right from product designing to distribution, cutting edge software plays a significant role in saving time, money, and accelerating business profits.

Integrated, cost effective and proven business software provides ample opportunities for business process management. These are developed by several software companies and are the outcome of the efforts of adroit software professionals having in-depth knowledge and expertise in this realm. Besides facilitating in attaining prompt response to customer demands, garment software provides total software solution throughout the pre-production, production and post production phases. It aids in product designing, developing, sourcing, sampling and distribution etc. and is available with sample management screen, supplier access screen, order placement screen, etc. This web-based system designed and developed using latest technology enables convenient registration and monitoring of the bidding process. Available with multi-user accessible database, this software is ideal for garment production planning.

Besides, production planning softwarewith user-friendly application efficiently manages production and training, order processing, style cost sheets, customer file management, etc. Easy to use and implement, this software includes web-based system and covers life cycle of apparel manufacturing in textile industry. This software helps to reduce operational costs and supports strategic planning. Feature-rich software offer inventory management, financial accounting and customer management. Retail softwareare developed using latest technology and offers scalable and dynamic solutions to retailers. This cutting edge software offers unmatched solutions for retail automation, retail sales, sales analysis, merchandising management and planning. Ideal for apparel and textile retailing, this software increases business revenue and allows easy visual merchandizing. Incorporated with advanced business intelligence tools, this software can be blended with ecommerce application for different online retailing companies.

Multi-featured software offers undeniable benefits to different businesses. Facilitating prompt response to customer demands such software stands as a beneficial tool in offering lucrative solutions.