A fold shape space, so full of changes in clothing

Victoria laguna beach jeans lined with curling black suit, enter into the cell type, most people do not have such a risky down with, in fact, mix it with the coat can be varied. Typically the sleeve is white with a small waist suits, lined vest, so work is not rude. Lining on the sleeves knitted pullovers, knitted cardigan, V-Neck tight-fitting T-shirt, POLO shirt Bra vest or so, the same good-looking. More wonderful dress, is to make shoes and handbags or coat some of the color match up, and let the jeans as a transition, so dress up the overall sense of it is much easier.

The modeling approach, the straight Armani jeans pants with shoe has an excellent mix of the same effects are; most able to form a complete presentation style. The difference is more straight jeans also have anti-folded shape of space for clothing is full of changes.

Admittedly this is a best pick size of pants, in addition to appropriate slender body true religion jeans type, the harsh thing, even the hip bone and lower leg is straight enough for the conditions must be taken into account, if the above conditions are all pass it, it Congratulations! You have a unique qualification for wearing narrow pants.