The Five Main Components To Every Wedding Dress

There are basically five main components of every wedding gown. Those five components are: the silhouette, which helps shape the dress; the bodice, which helps to shape the waist; the neckline; the sleeves; and the train. Though there are many combinationss that help make wedding dresses unique, each dress contains these five parts. Lets take a deeper look at the main part, which is the silhouette.

The silhouette is the first thing that most people notice when they see a wedding dress. Thats because it sets the style for how people will view the rest of the dress. There are basically five silhouette styles that most wedding designers work with:

Ball Gown this is the most popular style of silhouette because it seems to enhance the bodies of most brides. It usually consists of a fitted bodice which helps make the waist look longer and thinner, yet highlights the breasts and hips, giving the appearance of an hour glass figure.

Empire Waist this is probably the second most popular silhouette style because it works to give women a waist that they might not have without this fitted style. Its known for having a fitted waist that leads to slimming, not flaring, skirt. This dress works well for both petite and full figured women.

Mermaid As more women are getting themselves in shape, the mermaid silhouette seems to be growing as the most popular wedding dress style. These dresses traditionally are form fitting to show off the natural curves of the bride, yet bursts out around the knees, reminding most people of the image of a mermaid. These women have to have the most confidence, because theres no hiding anything with this type of dress.

A-Line / Princess This style of wedding silhouetted dress can fit most body types because its meant to work with whatever body shape a woman has. Its not form fitting like the Mermaid, but usually has vertical lines and panels that help give a sleek, long look. Petite women will look taller in styles like this, and full figured women might look slimmer. However, its not usually recommended for women without defined waist lines.

Sheath This style of silhouette works well in a wedding dress for thin and petite women because it gives a form fitting look that can help give them more curves than they might normally have. Some women with hour glass figures will also like this style of dress. Petite women dont usually look good in these dresses, as they tend to make them look smaller than they naturally are.

Selecting the proper silhouette for your body type will go a long way towards making any wedding dress a spectacular success for any bride.

The Appeal of Freshwater Pearl Jewellery

Freshwater pearls originate from freshwater mussels, which live in ponds, lakes and rivers. Traditionally, they are produced in Japan and the United States on small scales but currently China dominates the freshwater pearl market. Production has greatly improved from the 1990s through to 2000s in China. According to the Times Online, China produces approximately 90% of pearl necklaces globally and with 1,600 tonnes of pearls produced annually, accounting for more than 95 per cent of world pearl production.

Prior to the 90s, China was accused for undermining the pearl market with poor quality pearls. Over the last two decades, China starts to commercial its pearl production processes and investing in R&D to eliminate mussel related diseases. China is now making much higher quality pearls at low costs, stirring its counterpart pearl markets. The high-end pearls from China are freshwater farmed, a process that has become increasingly automated, allowing producers to sell their pearls at lower prices.

While the Chinese freshwater pearls are not the same as the saltwater forms, they do make the gems more affordable to the average consumers. The price gap reveals remaining differences in hue and lustre between saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls. It is very easy for a jeweller to spot these differences when comparing freshwater pearls against saltwater pearls.

A white south sea pearl necklace strandis gleaming with silvery white pearls whereas an equivalent size freshwater pearl necklace with similar blemish free pearls will have a slightly chalky hue. This is largely due to the species of mussels used. Freshwater mussels are usually pinky or orangey on the insides, resulting in less than whiter pearls. However, freshwater pearl necklace with great shape and surface costs much less than south sea pearl necklace or Tahitian pearl necklace, sometimes at about 10 times less or more.

Affordability aside, freshwater pearls have solid nacre, making them quite durable, resisting chipping, wear, and degeneration under normal wearing conditions.

Essentials of Summer Sun Protection

Basking in the sun feels great, and it helps your body produce vitamin D, which plays a role in preventing depression, osteoporosis, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. However, exposing yourself to strong ultraviolet (UV) rays without proper protection can be extremely harmful to your skin and body. In recent years, research has shown that exposure to ultraviolet rays such as UVA and UVB can lead to skin cancer and eye damage. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that you need to give up fun in the sun altogether. You just have to protect yourself from these harmful rays at all times.

Put on sunscreen every time you go out, especially when you are at the beach, in which case you might have to reapply it every couple of hours or after swimming. Sunscreen, or sunblock, protects your skin by absorbing or reflecting ultraviolet radiation that can lead to sunburn. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers and 65% of melanoma cases are linked with exposure to harmful UV radiation from the sun. A recent study found that using sunscreen regularly can cut the risk for developing melanoma in half. Taking the time to put on sunscreen can save your life, so be sure to apply it regularly, even if you do not think you’ll be spending a lot of time outside.

Wearing sunscreen is not the only way you can protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation. You can also wear hats and protective clothing that can shield you from sun damage. The best type of hat to wear when spending time in the sun is a wide-brimmed hat that will protect your skin and eyesight. You can also buy clothes specifically designed to block dangerous UV light. Protective clothing is measured by the ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) that reflects how much UV radiation the fabric absorbs.

In addition to taking care of your skin, don’t forget to protect your eyesight. Wide-brimmed hats are not enough to prevent eye damage that can be caused by strong UV rays. Look for sophisticated sun protection specifically developed to protect your eyesight such as polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses not only protect your eyes from UV radiation, but also reduce glare that can strain them. Most people don’t realize that their eyesight deserves the same attention when it comes to sun protection as their skin. Over time, exposure to sunlight can damage your eyesight and surrounding skin, lead to loss of vision, and contribute to conditions ranging from cataracts to eyelid cancers. Protecting your eyes from the sun is essential to maintaining a healthy vision throughout your life.

Spending time in the warm sunlight feel fantastic, but it can also be extremely dangerous if you don’t properly protect yourself from harmful UV radiation. To reduce risks associated with sunlight exposure, protect your skin with sunscreen and special protective clothing. Don’t forget to take care of your eyes as well by wearing polarized sunglasses that will shield your eyesight from damaging rays. Enjoy the sun, but don’t forget to actively protect your skin and eyes from UV light damage.

Marc Jacobs Eyeglasses Make the world bow to your style

If you worship fashion you have to bow to the style of Marc Jacobs. Be it bags, shoes, clothing, perfumes or eyewear, every Marc Jacobs creation is desired and admired.

A graduate of Parsons School of Design, Marc Jacobs- the creator of the brand has many accolades to his name. The Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award, Chester Weinberg Gold Thimble Award, and Design Student of the Year. He was also the youngest designer to win the Fashion Designers of America Perry Ellis Award for new fashion talent. Wowwith that kind of quality, you can expect nothing but the best designer products from him.

Marc Jacobs eyeglasses follow the same quality story. In designs that have epoch inspired looks they are customized to fit todays fashion-demanding lifestyle. Crafted with artistic taste and acute precision, the brand has a range of designer eyeglasses that appeal to both men and women. The entire range spans from classical to the contemporary looking eyeglasses so that you can pick the one that suits you best.

The simple looking but extremely comfortable Marc Jacobs 117U unisex eyeglasses in thin metal frame with broad arms and contrasting colors supported by a hinged temple loads you with glamour and sophistication.

The MJ114/U eyeglasses with flat metal frame in soft colors; supported by dark arms and concave hollow designed temples are sure show-stoppers. These matte-finish eyeglasses come in a choice of rose gold, black, burgundy, violet. Another unisex design is the MJ231/U eyeglasses. This square shaped acetate frame eyewear comes in vibrant combinations of transparent brown and Havana orange, violet and Havana cyclamen. So whats your pick?

To give men the best of style there is the MJ226/U eyeglasses and MJ142/U eyeglasses. In contemporary sleek looking, square frames these eyeglasses go perfect with your professional as well as playful side. Comfortable to wear, stylish enough to flaunt, they perfectly accentuate your personality.

The MJ269 eyeglasses come from the classic eyewear collection for women. This model has rectangular frame with extended edges that hold the temple with thin but well-defined arms. Light-weight and neatly designed, this pair of eyeglasses is full of old-world charm. For the modern woman there is the MJ289 model with bold frames and bolder style. This acetate frame eyewear has large eyeglasses with broad temples tapering towards the arms. Youll love to hang around with it in office and weekend parties.

Marc Jacobs believes in charity. He has supported around 33 charities, including Cancer Care and the AIDS foundation. Heres one more good reason to buy Marc Jacobs eyeglasses. Your buying the brand can light up some lives.

Cosmetic Refrigerator Helps Preserve Cosmetic For Longer Time

Reading this article will save you some money! People especially ladies spend a lot of money looking pretty; it is thus advisable to fully utilize it instead of wasting it. Ladies nowadays have to hurry through their makeup sessions in order to catch office hours. As a result the cosmetic products just find themselves somewhere in the closet or drawers without care .One fine day when you get the leisure time to clean up your closet or drawer, you realize how the cosmetic products have dried up, how dull and old they look. Under such scenario all you can do is get rid of the dried up and clumpy cosmetic products as they can prove to be harmful for your skin. This is sheer wastage of which of your hard earned money. The other alternative would be to keep your cosmetics in a makeup refrigerator.

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals have strict requirements on shelf life .If you notice just like any other consumable products cosmetics also come with expiry date. Bacteria, molds, fungi that grow easily in cosmetics, may cause various unpleasant skin reactions, and they thrive in warm and humid conditions. Thats why cosmetics should be stored in a cosmetic cooler which is cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It is not advisable to store makeup in the bathroom as it tends to get very damp at times. Like any other edibles for example chocolates, ice creams etc, cosmetics too tend to melt and lose its properties if exposed to high temperatures. It is note worthy that cosmetics do not like the heat and quickly deteriorates. You can store cosmetics (especially creams, lotions) in the refrigerator. The perfect temperature is 8-12 degrees Celsius (46.4-53.6 Fahrenheit).Now a days customized refrigerator are being produced with the sole purpose of storing cosmetics .Cosmetics stored in a freezer have extended shelf life . Whether it’s summer or winter a cosmetic refrigerator is considered to be a significant addition to your home. It is recommended to do a good research on quality before buying thermometer for it, which can help you in determining the exact warmth existing inside this specific cool electric system.

A cosmetic refrigerator is an excellent technique to help the cosmetics keep going longer and continue to be colder and fresher. People do use refrigerators; but without knowing the fundamentals of how a fridge works. In order to keep the cosmetic staying longer and superior, you have to adhere to a few crucial guidelines. Keeping your refrigerator in between forty degrees Fahrenheit and 32 degrees Fahrenheit helps lowering the potential risk of micro-organisms growing. This ensures that your cosmetic does not reduce in quality or produce ice crystals. Cosmetics kept in this type of temperature range can last, considerably longer; compared to cosmetics kept at warmer or cooler temperatures. It rightly is suggested to keep your cosmetics utterly covered in the fridge as the air sweeping with them makes the cosmetic dry and rough. Hence, it is important to keep cosmetic covered in plastic bags to retain enough moisture with them. Also you can store the cosmetic products in air tight boxes, which will make it cool
off quicker with out damaging it.

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