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Jewelry comes in all kinds of designs, styles and colors and seems to be an all-time favorite for women. Be it earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces or nose studs, the market is flooded with all kinds of variety. However, if you intend to buy jewelry online you can prosper from a variety of additional advantages. Not only do you save efforts and unnecessary legwork but you can get to see a wide range of collection at one place and simply make a selection and purchase online.

Jewelry has adorned women for centuries now and owing to the changing demand of women, you are sure to come across a variety of unique designs. As a matter of fact, most women tend to wear jewelry on all kinds of occasions. Even if it’s just a visit to the next door neighbor, most women would still adorn themselves with a simple necklace or ring.

When it comes to selecting jewelry for the right kind of occasion some of the best ways you have is to either visit the nearest store or buy jewelry online. If you go for the latter option you can easily compare different online stores with one another and make your purchase. A good website would always showcase their jewelry items in an attractive way and also list down the pricing and the kind of discounts you can benefit from. Well portrayed images can assist you in the buying process and remove any confusion.

While you do look for websites that offer the option to buy jewelry online, choose a website that has categorized their products in a user friendly manner. This not only helps save time but can also help you choose what you want in the first go. A well categorized and designed website definitely enhances user experience and you can easily make up your mind as to what to buy.

Another important aspect worth considering while you tend to buy jewelry online is to notice the payment gateway process. A good and secure website should make the payment process smooth and effortless for you. In case you still experience any trouble then a reliable website would always have a contact us or customer care section where you can find the contact details of the online store. Simply make a call and describe the kind of issue you have encountered.

Collection of Turquoise Jewelry

The freshness of the natural colors of turquoise seems fair to make it a gem that is easy to appreciate and enjoy. Since the beginning of the ancient Egyptians and Chinese civilizations of the Native American tribes, mankind in the world has kept turquoise for centuries as the stone of the earth and sky. It’s really not surprising that turquoise seems to be some raw materials, quality primitive, like turquoise was one of the first stones ever worked by man – he has been kept for thousands of years. It is gentle enough to be shaped, polished and shaped jewelry with simple tools – hence its use from the earliest moments of human civilization.

Handcrafted turquoise jewelry seems to have lasting beauty and a raw, primitive quality. Even if a bright blue shadow comes to mind for most people, turquoise comes in a wide range of colors from a bright green, blue light greenish tone royal blue. Not too expensive, but not too expensive – natural turquoise is a good memory of the mother earth.

From a collection of turquoise jewelry is very easy, and the qualities of this beautiful jewel just seems to grow on you in your collection grows. Turquoise is an investment that does not need to be locked in a safe, because you can enjoy your jewelry that you wear. The tides of fashion have turned in recent years, and the beautiful blue and green turquoise is again return to the mainstream. Trend magazines placed once more regularly turquoise and well known entertainment personalities use accessories to their wardrobes. Most people who collect turquoise jewelry organize their collections on two concepts: 1) the first is to collect the work of famous artists jewelry. Some artists are partial to the styles and reasons for use, which then become the hallmark of their work.

Some collectors specialize in the works of well-known American artists; often try to specialize in a few artists, and the collection of several examples of their work. Others include the work of British artists who have been trained in ways to make Indian-style jewelry. Other artists are also of interest, as some can be very successful in their profession. It is also true that while most turquoise is mounted in the Indian style silver jewelry, there are also beautiful turquoise jewelry classic contemporary.

2) The second concept is to collect the stones of turquoise mines American desert southwest. There are many American turquoise mines spread throughout the southwestern United States, primarily in Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, but also in Colorado and California. American turquoise is a wide variety of blues and greens – there are many colors and patterns to choose. The bulk of the production of each mine, tends to have certain characteristics, so that the pickup to try to buy precious stones with specific features to show the best examples of each mine. For example, some mines in Nevada are known for their spider web patterned turquoise, and the collector May seek turquoise from the mine, which shows that the trend in the most attractive.

Religious Jewelry Orthodox Crosses And Celtic Protection Pendants

People nowadays look for unique and interesting jewelry articles to wear as fashion accessories. Religious and patriotic themes are particularly admired by a lot of people since they reflect their pure love and devotion to their religion or country. Among beautiful and exceptional religious jewelry, orthodox crosses and Celtic protection pendants are particularly noteworthy. These pendants are available in tungsten, stainless steel and sterling silver. People who have Irish or Scottish roots love to wear these jewelry articles. These items express Celtic culture and heritage in a beautiful way. Most of these religious articles are available in affordable price ranges.

Orthodox crosses are available in many styles and materials. Eastern and Patriarchal crosses are somewhat different from the traditional cross which is a symbol of Christianity. These crosses are also termed as the Byzantine crosses. The Russian cross is another variant on the traditional cross with a slightly different shape. All these types of orthodox crosses can now be located online. The upper bar of these crosses represents Jesus of Nazareth and the additional lower bar, which is not present in traditional designs, symbolizes hell according to some believers.

Among various religious jewelry articles, Greek orthodox crosses and Greek baptismal crosses are also very popular. These cross pendants are available in pure 18k gold with diamonds and gemstones. Some of these articles are quite expensive because of their high quality and other striking features. If you are looking for affordable crosses, you can buy silver pendants which are not very expensive.

Baptismal crosses are symbols of the Holy Trinity. In addition to these, Phos Zoe orthodox crosses are also quite unique and interesting. Symbols like alpha, omega, sigma and eta are used on these kinds of crosses which represent different concepts. Greek crosses are loved by many people across the globe because of their exclusive symbolism.

Another exceptional Religious jewelry article is the Celtic protection pendant which can be found in a number of interesting designs. Celtic sword of protection, dragon vine Celtic knot, Celtic shield of protection, love & unity, and dragon energy are popular themes and are well-liked in all parts of the world. These pendants were worn by ancient priests and religious men who lived in the Western Europe, Britain and Ireland. These beautiful and unique religious pendants feature enameled leaves, beautiful crystals and heart-shaped lovely gemstones. Many people like to wear these pendants as fashionable as well as religious jewelry.

Celtic protection pendants in Religious jewelry are mostly made of pewter which is a metal alloy consisting of copper, tin and antimony. Handcrafted pewter jewelry is gaining in popularity nowadays because of its uniqueness and allure. Sometimes pure pewter is oxidized to give it a lovely silver-grayish look. Women particularly like this type of jewelry as it is individual and can be matched with any kind of dress. Classic and contemporary religious articles in this category are truly wonderful. They include pendants, lapel pins, rings, charms, bracelets, and earrings. Pewter is a preferred choice of a lot of people out there because it is lead-free and non-allergic.

Start Collecting Vintage Kramer Costume Jewelry

Perhaps less well known than the more abundant Coro, Trifari or Napier costume jewelry, Kramer costume jewelry often used rare or unique stones in their jewelry.

First, a brief history: Between 1943 and 1980, Kramer Jewelry Creations was a family run business that produced some of the finest high-end costume jewelry. In the 1950s and 60s, Kramer manufactured Christian Dior designs, so finding a piece of Christian Dior by Kramer is a rare but rewarding treat. The Christian Dior pieces often used good quality clear rhinestones with larger blue or green center stones. Christian Dior designs can command higher prices due to the Dior name, but the Kramer quality and designs are just as wonderful as those without the name.

Unfortunately for the collector, much Kramer jewelry from the 50s and 60s was unmarked and had only a paper tag attached to identify it. If you do see a signature, it will most likely be Kramer, Kramer of N.Y. or Kramer of New York. Look for the signature on the clip of an earring, or on the clasp of a necklace or bracelet.

Other marks include the rare Amourelle from 1963, and Kramer Sterling which may or may not date from the WWII years when sterling silver was used in jewelry in place of other metals that were needed for the war effort.

Kramer jewelry is famous for its quality, and for the use of vibrantly colored rhinestones with creative settings. Radiant red and orange, striking dark blue, glowing topaz, and elegant black rhinestones, along with plastic decorations, gave Kramer jewelry great variety and style.

For the collector, I think a great place to look for vintage Kramer jewelry is at estate sales. If you havent tried it, this is a wonderful way to shop for vintage items of any kind. Check your newspaper and Craigslist for weekly listings of estate sales in your area, and sign up for the agents email mailing list for future sales. Often sales in older neighborhoods will have vintage costume jewelry for sale. Tip: On the last day of the estate sale items may be marked 50% off. The selection is best at the beginning of the sale, of course, but the best prices can be found towards the end.

As with any collectible costume jewelry, its important to be prepared: Bring a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe with you to check the condition of the piece. If youre buying for your own collection, and not for investment purposes, you may be more flexible with condition flaws. If its for investment, it must be flawless. Do you like the piece? Will you wear it or display it or just store it away to be admired from time to time? If the piece is signed by the designer that increases its value. Is the original box or tag included? Again, increased value is there.

Whatever your reasons, and just the simple enjoyment of having beautiful vintage jewelry is more than enough, become educated, do research, ask questions, and youll soon be able to spot vintage Kramer, or other designer costume jewelry to add to your collection.

Why Do Indians Put A Lot Of Bridal Jewelry And What Does It Mean

Just wondered if you have seen an Indian wedding lately? What have you noticed? Pretty sure that all of us have the similar queries, exactly why do they should wear too much bridal jewelry? What does it mean? Is it a custom? You may a bit surprised, but yes, this set of bridal jewelries they are using have various meanings. Every item of those signifies a huge role in their married life.

These bridal jewelries youve observed have a substantial meaning which they have derived from a combination of superstitions, cultures and their religions. Some brides while wearing these looks stunning and youll be surprised that each piece has a story behind it and the justification as to why it should be worn in a wedding. Below, you will see the meaning of some of them and the significance that it has.

Chooda – (Remember! Were all princesses after all) traditionally, a chooda is put on by the bride from anywhere to 3 to 6 months after her matrimony or to mostly 40 days. This is worn to allow people be aware that she has just gotten wedded and ought to be treated like a princess. What this means is minimal housework for them!

Klira – (Pamper me, Im married) Klira is a long beautiful dangling adornment worn by brides together with her chooda. The real reason for a Klira is to make housework out of the question during her wedding. This bridal jewelry means that it is almost difficult to do everything and Kliras are made to prevent brides from doing housework.

Bindi – (Sorry fellas, Im taken) A bindi is among the most favored and widely implemented Indian wedding jewelries of all. A bindi is based on a Sanskrit word bindu which means dot. A bindi signifies the mystic 3rd eye and central point in which Hindus believe to be the base of creation. Married women traditionally wear the bindi to show that they’re no longer in the market because they’re already married. Red bindis that are usually worn on a wedding is meant to bring prosperity to a womans residence. This actually also signifies that you’re deemed accountable for your husbands welfare and health.

Bichua – (Peek-a-boo! I see me!) A bichua is a toe ring traditionally put on by their husbands and usually worn on the second toe. Bichua means scorpion ring and symbolizes a married woman. It’s quite simply a wedding band in many western cultures.

Mangalsutra – (Till death do us part) A mangalsutra is an essential piece of jewelry in a Hindu ceremonial marriages. The word mangal signifies as being a sign of future good results or auspicious and sutra indicates knot, a thread or a gold medallion secured around a brides neck by ties. The husbands will usually tie this to his wifes neck and it is supposed to be worn in her lifetime right until her husbands death. When a wife has been widowed, the woman must take off the mangalsutra.


A bit of FYI to everyone who is thinking or might find it weird the reasons Indian women wear these types of bridal necklaces, bridal earrings and bridal bracelets. Well, we all have different values and these are some of those. Now, when you see an Indian wedding, now you can differentiate what those tons of jewelry mean when donned together with the brides outfit.