Customized Jeans With Prints

The latest denim collections of the season autumn-winter 0910 have shown that bright embellishments are not fashionable any longer. However it doesnt mean that decorations are absolutely out. On the contrary, decorations are here to stay, however they become calm and unobtrusive. After all is said and done, there is always an occasion you can wear your embellished jeans on, be it a glamorous party or just a week-end with friends. Besides self-made embellishments are a good way to reveal your own unique personality, show your creativity, become original or just hide some imperfection of your jeans. Use them to reanimate your old dull clothes or second-hand jeans. Today we are going to speak about prints.

In fact its very easy to make a print on jeans and everyone can do it at home. Just take acrylic colors and use them to put your inscription, pattern or picture onto self-adhesive vinyl that will be later stuck down to your jeans. By the way, denim is an ideal fabric for prints due to its solid structure and anti-stretching effect. You can draw the scheme of your print using special computer programs or you can simply draw it on paper using a pencil. You can paint using a brush or buy special colors and liners in tubes, or use colors in spray bottles and diffuse the color onto your jeans. However in this case be careful and dont forget about stencil plates, they can also prove useful. No matter what color you use, it should be thick to prevent its bleeding on the denim.

To make a print you can also cut out the motif you like and stick it down to your subculture jeans using a special adhesive net. And dont forget to make a pair of stitches to assure the durability of your creation. Or you can buy a ready made print, there is usually a great variety of them in hobby shops and draperies. There are rubberized fabric prints or enameled cloth prints, or embroidered prints. Just choose the one you like most! By the way, if you do anything right, an embroidered print on your jeans will look exactly like a real embroidery!

There is another alternative to make a print on your jeans. Draw your pattern or picture on computer, or find a ready motif in internet or scan it from everywhere you want to be it a magazine or a book or something else it doesnt really matter. Then print it using an inkjet printer this is important, because a laser-beam printer heats the paper on the white side of a special ribbon. Then just cut it out, separate from a backing sheet and put on the fabric. Then put a clean sheet of paper over it and iron it. Thats it! The process is much easier than it might seem.

However if you still consider it to be too difficult, there are also simpler variants. Today you can with no trouble build your own jeans online. Youll get designer jeans made for you only, in a single copy. And the print on your jeans will be exclusive as well. Do you want to find out the address? Here you are: Visit us and make your jeans original and personalized!