Design A Company Logo For Your Fashion Jewelry Designs

The best business name should be simple and reflect what your business is about. The brochure gives an introduction to your company and its products. The business card is the key that introduces you and your business and opens business opportunities. The company logo represents your company identity with a simple drawing.

Between the business card and the company logo, I think much more thought is needed to design the company logo which is most difficult. It needs to be simple in design but speak volumes.

In a former article I gave an example of Fashion Jewelry Designer Rose as the name of business and how to design and complete a business card along with the matching business correspondence and envelopes.

What about the company logo?

Hours will be spent trying to design a company logo. Think about the varieties of jewelry that you design and assemble. Have you noticed if you do something that other artists do not do?

It may be something that you do as a habit and not realize its vital importance. This one characteristic is not only your symbol, but it might also be your trademark. If you cannot identify anything that you do, ask friends and relatives if they have noticed that something different you may do which separates you from other jewelry artists?

In this example, let us also say that your trademark is to always include a rose in your jewelry designs. Now, you might illustrate your logo as a gold chain loose at both ends. This suggests that you make many different types of jewelry to be placed between the loose ends and a rose on the clasp which holds the two chains together also bears your name or initial with a special stroke on the underside.

There is no inaccuracy as to who designed this fashion jewelry piece. Now as you become well known or even famous in your original handcrafted jewelry business your company logo which speaks volumes may also double as your trademark.

The rose may be constructed into the parts of the necklace, bracelet, earrings, pendant, or ring design. If the company logo design is complex, people will not remember the name of the jewelry business or the owner. And if you want repeat sales you want your customers to remember who you are.