How Is A Freshwater Pearl Made

Pearls are something every women loves. It makes them look very classy and elegant. It is important that every woman has one. It is also important that we also know interesting and important facts about a freshwater pearl.

The formation of a freshwater pearl is by accident. It happened when some alien matter ended by in the tissue of a mollusk. The mollusk defended itself by the secretion of nacre inside its body. The mollusk attacks the external object by coating with this nacre. This coating keeps going on and on till the shell is opened. The nacre is actually calcium carbonate. It creates a very shinning build. The cores of these pearls are made by humans as the process of secretion of nacre is unending.

Natural freshwater pearls are never perfectly round in shape. The color and shape of the pearls varies from mollusk to mollusk. In ancient times, pearls were symbols of royalty and exclusiveness. They were discovered by explorers. They were found in abundance in streams, ponds, lakes, rivers etc. but as time passed by, the freshwater pearls started to dry up. But there demand never decreased. It is when people came up with artificial ways of making pearls.

It was japan who initially started to cultivate pearls artificially. As we know that mollusks grow pearls, so they started using these mollusks only for makingartificialpearls also. But it is a known fact that not all the mollusks have the mother of pearl mantles in them. So what people started to do was to take some nacre from a mollusk known as the donor mollusk and twisted it into a tissue. This way many and many chips of nacre were implanted in another mollusk know as the parent mollusk. It takes about 4 to 6 years for the pearls to get ready inside the parent mollusk. Later these pearls are removed and the mollusks are used for making other pearls again.

It is seen that an artificial pearl is much harder and durable than an original freshwaterpearl. It is only because the nacre that is used here is used seeds here. It way the core is also made up and hence it becomes hard.

Another latest development in artificial pearl harvesting is to use beads to reduce the growth time which results in a perfectly shaped round pearl. Even these pearls are found in a number of different colors which is not possible in the natural pearls as only a few colors are found there.