How to choose the right laser equipment in garment field

At present, the laser processing equipment used in the garment industry mainly include high-speed laser cutting machines, full-auto laser cutting machines, moveable double laser heads laser cutting machines, laser cutting bed, laser marking machine and so on. Different equipment has different working area. The above machines expect for laser marking machine, can do cloth cutting and engraving, garment sample making, trademark, leather cutting and punching, etc. >

With respect to full-auto laser cutters, its working platform can move and realize the purpose of automatic processing with the combination of feeding device. The laser cutting bed mainly uses in large-area processing. As far as moveable double laser heads laser cutting machine be concered, it adheres to the characteristics of laser cutting machine, and its two laser heads can work at the same time or run separately. Full-auto label laser cutting machines an automatically identify and model patterns like labels or embroider, and also can collect and auto cut patterns similar to standard praphics.

Therefore, when garment enterprises choose these laser equipment, it should firstly make sure about their production scope, processing materials, amount of finish, etc, which can help you determine the model you should purchase, working area and quantity. Meanwhile, it makes good preparation for later purchase work. When necessary, you can consult with professional people who are in laser equipment enterprises or invite professional personnel to do on-site simulation or provide solutions.