Introducing Mattify! Cosmetics Loose Powder For Sensitive Skin

For hundreds of years, women from all over the world have been using cosmetic items which contain nature”s oil absorbers: Rice Powder and Corn Starch. However, those who battle with sensitive skin and/or food allergies have not been able to enjoy the benefits of these two natural ingredients. Literally hundreds of thousands of cosmetic items contain rice and corn derivatives “” making it difficult to find products if you have skin which is intolerant of the two. If you have used traditional cosmetics in the past, and ended up with problematic skin conditions, your troubles could be the result of a food allergy to one or both of these ingredients. Foods don”t only cause problems when ingested, they can also cause irritation when applied topically to the skin.

In the newly released Mattify! Loose Powder for Sensitive Skin, two ingredients which can potentially cause irritation to those with certain food allergies (Corn Starch and Rice Powder) have been omitted. Those who suffer from sensitive skin, highly acne prone skin, and allergies to corn or rice, can experience rashes and excessive acne breakouts from these ingredients “” which are found in nearly all cosmetic items. Customers need not worry that the lack of these two oil absorbing ingredients will interfere with the effectiveness of the product. The CEO of Mattify! Cosmetics assures consumers “a finely milled blend which includes Kaolin Clay and Silica Spheres guarantee the high rate of oil and moisture absorption that you have come to expect from Mattify! Loose Powder formulas”.

Mattify! Powder for Sensitive Skin can be applied alone, as a primer underneath foundation, and/or as a setting powder over foundation. It works in the same manner as its sister products to soak up excess oil, conceal pores, and help makeup stay streak-free all day long. All products offered by Mattify! Cosmetics are already free of irritants commonly found in other mineral makeup: talc, bismuth and pearl powder. Now, people who have sensitive skin and food allergies can also enjoy a shine-free complexion, without worry of irritation from food-based ingredients. Mattify! Powder for Sensitive Skin is now available for sale at the Mattify! Cosmetics website in regular size and super-sized sifter jars. For more information visit Mattify! Cosmetics Online.