Mineral Cosmetics

Could your super lustrous long-lasting lipstick actually be a health hazard? After all, prolonged use of chemical-based makeup is known to adversely affect sensitive skin. That’s why the back-to-mother-nature option of mineral makeup seems like an attractive option to some.

What is mineral makeup and what makes it different from the regular makeup? These natural mineral-based formulations with natural pigments do not have preservatives or chemicals, are lighter on the skin and hence are better suited to sensitive skin, unlike those made with synthetic ingredients which could lead to irritation of the skin or similar allergies.

The minerals used include mica, titanium dioxide, zinc, iron oxides and calcium. If regular makeup cakes your skin, mineral makeup could be a refreshing change, because its contents of small flat crystals allows the skin to breathe and is supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties. Mineral makeup is also used for paramedic applications such as when scars need to be camouflaged or blemishes need to be concealed. These cosmetics range from foundations, blushes and eye shadows and have mineral formulations with inorganic pigments. They may also contain frozen vitamins A and E that liquefy when applied to the skin to leave a smooth look, especially over wrinkles and blemishes. Mineral foundations do not change color when seen under light and are resistant to heat and sweat. What’s more, most of these foundations contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide that block harmful sunrays and act as a natural sunscreen. Since these minerals are inert and inorganic, they do not encourage microbial growth and are longer-lasting. While the most common form of mineral foundations is powder, options in liquid also exist. For dry skin, applying moisturizer before putting on a mineral powder foundation ensures that dry patches don’t show up. While a wide range of colors is available, if you’re in the mood to experiment, you can make your own blend of foundation. Popular brands available in the market include Bare Escentuals, Aromaleigh and Sheer Cover among others. Mineral makeup products should be used in moderation because they can be intense. If used with care, mineral makeup could make you glow naturally.