Origin Of Power Ties

Power ties, or popularly known as neckties, actually started more than three centuries before the New Millennium started. Even before civilization started, fashion has long been a reflection of the power or nobility of a personbe it a King or a member of the army. Power ties would not be an acceptable item of fashion today if it did not start during the 17th century.

In China, during 221 B.C., power ties were not ordinary fashion accessories. This is said to be the first ever fabric wrapping accessory used to a mans neck. Around 7000 terracotta soldiers were found neckties on their necks. However, when the Han Dynasty started, the use of neckties or power ties was banned, and was not used again in China until the 20th century. Meanwhile, the Roman Military were already seen painted in art works wearing power ties as part of their uniforms during 101 to 106 B.C.

More than 1, 500 years later, the military dress of the roman soldiers manifested neckwear that was observed keenly by historians. While there were wars and cultural clashes as well, the trends on the clothing of these soldiers also evolved.

Meanwhile, when King Louis XIV ruled France, lace ruffs wrapped around the neck were considered a fashionable accessory around Europe. This also became a product of austerity measures. To cut the expenses of soldiers then, men were allowed to wear ruff only, especially when attending funerals.

Meanwhile, the Croatian soldiers also have worn cravat or power ties as part of their uniform. This actually caught the attention of the whole continent. It became a form of identification when they are on the battlefield, as it also served as a crucial part of a fold costume. Croatian soldiers also gained respect not just because of their distinctive uniform, but because of their mercenary ways.

At the start of the 18th century, meanwhile, fashion then was led by the French through the French Revolution. When the 19th century started, George Brummel introduced fashionable innovation through power ties. He mainly designed power tie designs and knots that were immediately widely used in England, France, Germany, Italy, France and other countries within Europe. Later, he was crowned King George V, where he introduced a black power tie. Years after, more colors and designs of power ties appeared used in the military, sports, school and even hunting. At the middle of the 19th century, the designs of power ties were almost similar to the modern power ties we have today.

Since then, more developments on power ties were recorded in history. But one milestone in power ties history was given by Jesse Langsdorf, a manufacturer of Amerian tie. He invented his own stitch allowing the tie to move along the threads, while the tie is being knotted. In 1924, some designs of power ties were patented.

Now, power ties or neck ties are known to be used by high profile persons and corporate executives. More designs and brands are also now available in the market than ever before.

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