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Global Textile Clothing Industry experienced in 2009’s “dark” after the year 2010, China’s steady rise of the textile industry there’s a good trend. Data show that from January to February this year, the textile sector grew by 13.4% line. Meanwhile, exports have been 3 consecutive months of positive growth over the previous year, an increase of 89.34 percent, substantially more than market expectations. Significant improvement in the domestic industry against the background of the situation, Shandong Ruyi Group, represented by the domestic textile and garment enterprises have acquired a number of foreign famous brand clothing business. However, it is noteworthy that, in foreign enterprises, “acquired” the same time, domestic textile and garment enterprises frequency is “transferred.” Recently, Lixian new Qinghe Woolen Textile Co., Ltd., Sichuan Jiuxing Apparel Co., Ltd. and a number of textile and garment enterprises of the shares are held by side to promote the exchange of property rights. For the domestic textile and garment enterprises in the transfer-intensive acquisitions, industry experts say Financial Crisis of the textile and garment industry mergers and acquisition opportunities, and to integrate industry chain mainly the adjustment of industry structure has only just begun. When transfer of

M Ruyi Group addition to extensive international search for objects big deal bargain-hunting, domestic mergers and acquisitions performed simultaneously.

3 20, Jiangsu Sunshine Dongsheng Ltd. of Hong Kong Limited and the signing of the “Equity Transfer Agreement”, the sun 33.1309 million yuan of shares to its own funds held by the transferee Dongsheng Shi Weite Hong Kong 25% of the equity shares transfer is complete, the sun shares the company will hold 100% equity Shiwei Te.

The same time, the reporter learned from the China Beijing Equity Exchange, listed near Beijing Guanghua Textile Group Co., Ltd. held by the Beijing Guanghua Textile Co., Ltd. China 37.04% service options and Beijing in Beijing Textile Group Co., Ltd. Kaifeng held Yulong Textile Limited 50% interest have been successfully selling.

And in consultation with the transferee of the shares of textile and garment enterprises there are also many transfers.

Reporter learned from the southwest United Assets and Equity Exchange, Sichuan Jiuxing Textile Co., Ltd. in the way of state-owned equity transfer, the transfer of their holdings limited liability company in Sichuan Jiuxing apparel 90% stake, listed price is only 19,000 yuan. Sichuan textile industry as the oldest and first made textiles import and export qualification of enterprises in the fierce market competition, Jiuxing clothing empire, “was transferred” fate.

And Jiuxing clothing “same boat” were Weinan Knitting Factory, Wuxi New Pacific Clothing Co., Ltd.. Weinan City, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission on March 31 exchange-listed property in the west of Weinan Knitters transfer of property rights, the transfer price is 32,376,700 yuan. Taiping was the new Asset Management Co., Ltd. Wuxi Jinde and sweater factory in Wuxi City, while two equity holders, “Bargain.” Notice shows that the former holds 78% stake in the new peace, sweater factory holds 22% stake in the overall reserve price is 9.4528 million yuan property listing.

To mergers and acquisitions to achieve integration of industrial chain “In such a great era, the Chinese textile and clothing should be to integrate international resources, to make up for many of our gaps.” Ruyi Group chairman Qiuya Fu in the “ideal? 2010 China Fashion Forum” interview with this reporter, said that the current , Ideal Group is working on proposals to purchase a Japanese clothing brands. The Ruyi Group had completed just carried on an Italian and a German clothing brand corporate takeover.

Qiuya Fu said the textile and apparel industry to study the integration of industrial chain, industrial chain integration by enhancing the cohesion and competitiveness of the industry.

Is no doubt that M & A is a shortcut to an integrated industrial chain. And it is through mergers and acquisitions, Ideal Group completed a textile company from the textile and garment enterprises to perfect the transition.

“Ideal Group’s core competence is through large-scale and large-scale acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, rapid growth of their own.” Qiuya Fu said that China’s textile brand weak, Marketing Some bad idea, then go buy some mature brands operate businesses, learn from each other standing on the shoulders of giants to grow rapidly.

“China’s textile and garment enterprises have been taking vertical and horizontal expansion of the two paths, vertical expansion is an extension of the upstream and downstream industry chain.” First Textile Network CEO Wang told reporters ahead, crisis relatively low acquisition costs factors that fueled the expansion of large enterprises, the industry trend has become even more apparent polarization.

“Textile and apparel industry chain and downstream interaction has never ceased, in the upstream and downstream industry chain mix, give full play to the advantages of each link, the optimal combination in which the dynamic to obtain the effect of 1 +1> 2 in order to grasp the innovative values, seize new market initiative. “vice president of China Textile Industry Association, said Wang Tiankai, speed up integration of industrial chain, industrial chain advantage play, will be the industry one of the main directions for future development.

“The future, the domestic textile and apparel industry would appear a few relatively complete industrial chain, a relatively high degree of control of leading companies.” Forward Wang says.

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