Negative Side To Conventional Cosmetics

Women and men spend millions of dollars every year attempting to improve the quality and health of their skin. They spend time and money on products and services to refinish the surface of their skin only to return to habits and routines that continue to damage both their skin and bodies. Most cosmetic and beauty products contain additives, preservatives, and chemicals designed to improve appearances at the cost of health. Not only do conventional cosmetics clog pores and weigh down skin, they also contain harmful toxins that absorb into the blood stream and into the body.

Companies create conventional cosmetics and beauty products using oils and fillers that weigh down skin and clog the pores. Although some of these products create the appearance of smooth, even skin, bacteria and dirt become trapped in the skin by the oils in conventional cosmetics and create pimples and blemishes. Most men and women then resort to even more cosmetic use to cover up these skin problems, resulting in an even greater incidence of clogged pores. Skin absorbs the oils and fillers in conventional cosmetics resulting in makeup that literally weighs down the face. Not only does foundation and powder look heavy, it also feels heavy. This heavy feeling results from not just the skin’s absorption of the product, but also the inability of the skin to breath.

The heavy binders and fillers of conventional cosmetics also contain chemical additives that are harmful to the body. Conventional beauty products such as foundation, blush, eye shadow, and bronzer contain a myriad of binders, toxins and dyes that absorb into the blood stream. A build up of such chemicals can produce allergic reactions and increased sensitivity in some men and women. Some of these allergies and sensitivities can result in chronic conditions and sustained sensitivity to conventional dyes, cosmetics and perfumes. Hypoallergenic products have risen as a result of consumers’ needs to use products less harmful on the body. Although most of these products still contain fillers that clog skin, the rise of products for sensitive skin proves that consumers have reacted poorly to conventional cosmetics.

Naked Minerals contains no additives, dyes, colors, fillers, binders, waxes, or any other ingredient beyond natural minerals. The Naked Minerals makeup is all-natural and uses only the finest minerals to create a cosmetic that improves skin appearance and quality without clogging pores. There are no oils in Naked Minerals that traditionally clog pores, and the weightless feel and function of Naked Minerals allows skin to breathe. Naked Minerals is completely hypoallergenic with none of the toxins or chemicals traditionally found in conventional cosmetics. All of the colors are naturally derived from their mineral origin and none contain the heavy oils found in conventional cosmetics.