As above, but without synthetic/petrochemical ingredients.
*** Certified organic. The Code: * For products that are principally botanical and/or mineral, with a small percentage of synthetic/petrochemical ingredients.
* Star buy, brilliant value.

Stylish sunglasses
There are two reasons the eye zone tends to develop lines before the rest of the face. Second: the skin is thinner and more vulnerable to sun damage, but its also angled so that the sun strikes it more directly than the rest of the face. So I have a wardrobe of sunglasses that I wear outside, partly to stop my pale eyes squinting in bright sunlight, but also as a barrier between the skin around my eyes and the sun. First: eyes are more expressive – thats why theyre so sexy – so the skin crinkles every time we laugh or smile.

While not a bargain basement price, we made it one of our star buys because it is middle-priced and lasts for months.
** LIZ EARLE NATURALLY ACTIVE SKINCARE CLEANSE & POLISH HOT CLOTH CLEANSER, 12.25. Our testers loved the fragrance, which comes from pure essential oils of rosemary, camomile and eucalyptus; it also contains cocoa butter and almond milk.
Comments ‘Left skin feeling velvety and radiant; rich texture, just right’; ‘Took off full Saturday night make-up, including mascara, easily’. Score 9.5/10
This is the highest scoring product we’ve ever had in all our years of testing: one woman gave it 11 marks out of ten and we’ve never found anyone who didn’t like it. From the international brand founded by a former beauty journalist, this creamy cleanser is used with hot water and its own muslin cloth (which also works as an exfoliator, thus the ‘polish’).

* ORIGINS AUTOMAGICALLY, 11. And the formula is designed to stay true – avoiding the panda-eye look familiar from so many pencils.
Comments ‘Didn’t have to press hard to get a soft but narrow line, easy to smudge for smoky or Amy Winehouse effects’; ‘Glides on with no dragging’. Score 8.77/10
Available in three shades (our testers trialled Jet) this ‘propelling pencil’ never needs sharpening. The point is precise enough
to create a fine line, but can be easily blended – with the built-in smudge tip – to create more dramatic effects.

It wasnt always like that: I had early skin troubles which made me realise that how you feel about your skin is bound up with how you feel about the world. Today, in every way, I feel comfortable in my own skin. Good skin equals confidence

But you can use oils to trap that precious moisture in the skin. One of the reasons skin becomes drier as we age is that its barrier – which keeps moisture in – isnt so strong, because the surface isnt so smooth. Youth juices
I first learned about facial oils and aromatherapy from Micheline Arcier, a true pioneer who brought aromatherapy to this country from France. Feel free to visit my page personalized pencils and paper for kids (discover this info here) I apply it to my fingertips, massage into the skin and give it a minute or two to sink right in. My trick is to layer cream over my facial oil. I discovered from her the importance of massage, and which oils are the greatest skin-nourishers (like avocado, olive, sweet almond, sesame and kukui seed oils).

It takes seven years to train as a tulliste – a loom operator. More than 70 metres of thread are required for each 12 metres of lace, and one loom produces a maximum of 60 metres a day. It takes three people two months to set up a loom for each new pattern production. Tulliste Eric Lernon, 29, is like many of Sophie Hallettes employees – he inherited his job from his father Jean-Paul. And my grandfather was here all his life before him, he says. As a process, it is fiendishly complex. Thats as long as it takes to train to be a doctor, Maud points out. For us, the job is a passion. And when we see what we have made on catwalks, or even in a royal wedding dress, we are so proud – we cannot hide it! Invented by John Leavers, the looms stand as a testament to British ingenuity because they are still the only devices capable of working with such a high number of threads – up to 5,000 – thereby reproducing the effect of handmade lace. We are creating something unique.

Take your cue from that: whatever friends mention is probably your best feature, so learn to play that up. The colour of your eyes? Nobody else notices them: they see the whole beautiful picture And anyway, thats why make-up was invented.
Rosebud lips? But dont obsess about flaws.

Score 7.55/10From an Australian natural beauty brand that we have loved for a very long time, this is a mask that targets spots with antibacterial botanicals, iron oxide and montmorillite (a kind of clay).
Comments ‘I used this on huge, bumpy, red spots and after three days the whole area
looked less angry’. It can be left on skin under concealer or used as a rinse-off overnight treatment.