Types Of Jewelry Mold Material

Jewelry molds are very important specially if you will be creating multiple jewelries with the same style. There are several types of mold that you can use and we will discuss it one by one.

Natural Rubber
The first type of mold material that you can use is a Natural Rubber. Natural rubber can be used if the production is really high because this material is very economical and it lasts longer than any other materials.
Natural rubber has been proven to last for almost 50 years and still remain usable. It also has the ability to resist heat and pressure.

Silicone is a material with a higher quality surface finish and easier release of wax models, it also has the ability to a room temperature vulcanized or RTV.
Some jewelers find silicone mold better than the natural rubber because silicone is more tolerant of variations in injection pressure. It also produces less flashing, since seals can be tighter.
Silicone’s putty-like texture makes it easier to pack a mold, since there’s no need to cut the rubber to size, and it is also easier to cut. In addition, different hardinesss of silicone rubber can be combined in a single mold and vulcanized together.

Mold materials that are made in metal offer more accuracy, precision and consistency in the production process. It is also the most expensive type of molding materials. If have a very high production mold out of metal is recommended.

In conclusion, whatever type of mold materials that you are going to use it will still depends on how you will apply it to your productions. You also need to make sure to keep your mold material in a fireproof vault.