What Are Eco Friendly Cosmetics And Benefits Of Using Them

Many people are migrating slowly to organic alternatives for their food and home products, so it is not surprising that organic skin care products and cosmetics are starting to become popular. Many women are showing interest in organic cosmetics because of the numerous benefits it offers.

Conventional cosmetics contain a large percentage of chemicals in it which could result in allergies and worse effects especially for those with sensitive skin. The chemicals causing these allergies are mineral oil, lanolin and parabens and almost every beauty products are a combination of these chemicals. Whereas organic cosmetics are one hundred percentages free from chemicals and their ingredients are obtained from nature itself. These natural ingredients are combined using simple formulas with no harmful chemical preservatives and the chances of allergies are greatly reduced.

In addition to these organic cosmetics products are Eco-friendly. When a conventional product is designed it is usually tested with animals and these chemicals can harm their lives, whereas organic cosmetics uses plant based ingredients and are manufactured without animal testing. Use organic products and cosmetics in order to save animals.

The chemicals in the cosmetics and beauty products can cause acne and breakouts and when these conventional cosmetics are used for a longer period it causes skin irritation and discoloration of skin. Moreover, one need alcohol based makeup removers to clean the makeup and this will make your skin worse. Organic cosmetics do not block skin pores thus it is very easy to remove and it can be removed by just washing with water.

Parabens in the conventional cosmetic products can cause harmful effects such as DNA damage, hormonal problems and it also accelerates the aging of skin. Using this chemical based beauty products will show you rapid improvement in your look, but can pose long-term side-effects to the body.

They do not use any chemicals during their production and it won’t do any harm to the environment or add pollutant even when disposed. When shopping for the organic cosmetic or beauty products make sure that you read the label carefully. There are some manufacturers who show up their products as organic even if it is not. They will do anything to convince you and make you buy their products. Buy cosmetics in legitimate organic shops so that you could get 100 safe and natural products. Organic cosmetics are better for our body’s health and are better for the environment.