How To Be A Progressive Franchise Dealer In Avon Cosmetics Business

I’ve been an Avon Franchise Dealer for 2 years. All I can say is my life is really in progress as I entered Avon business. I can do whatever I want just what other do in having own business. Making it more profitable is really depends on your own tactics on how to deal with costumers. Besides, products of Avon are not really need more sales talk to encourage people to buy because it is proven to had a good quality service.

If your passion is in this cosmetics related business, dont waste your time or spending too much time to your recent work that you get bored. Joining Avon business as a franchise dealer can be a great start. But in order to have a profitable income in this field you have to find a way to make it successful rather than just depend on techniques shared by Avon Company. But still you can use those techniques that come from them because it was already proven to be effective for application.

First of all, Avon is a direct selling company that allows individuals to sell Avon products at its own way especially to help people to earn a living with just a little investment to it. Avon markets leading beauty, fashion and home products to women in more than 100 countries through approximately 6.2 million independent Avon Sales Representatives.

You can earn money two ways: by simply selling products or, through the Sales Leadership program, by selling products while recruiting others at the same time. The higher your campaign (selling cycle) sales are, the greater the percentage you’ll earn on those sales. Sales Leaders, Representatives who both sell and recruit, earn money based on their personal sales plus their recruits’ sales, with similar progressive earnings
structure applied.

In terms of qualifications regarding to types of person who has the right to sell is not complicated. Because as long as you have friends to be deal with, knows how to sell the product wisely then it is the start up of your booming career in this field. You will just decide how much time and effort you want to invest in your business. Some Representatives sell Avon just to have extra money of their own. Others, such as Avon Leadership Representatives, have built multi-million-dollar enterprises and earn six-figure incomes. Success is a relative term with a different meaning for each of Avons more than 6.2 million Representatives.

In addition, much better to invest own money in the business in the use for example of purchasing order items, payments for some costumers who cannot pay their due right away, and purchasing sellable items that can be sold in regular price for the next issue.

Aside from direct order you get from costumers you can also get orders though online. Youll just create your own website where people communicate on you. Popular social networking sites can also be a big help from you to expose what you want to deal in to people who are most likely can be seen online.

Avon is passionate about giving you technology that does not depersonalize your relationships with your customers, ensuring that the core element of our business is still at the heart of everything we do. The best way to describe selling for Avon? High tech, high touch, highly rewarding.

Denim Jeans, Their Progress Through Fashion; Still Making History

Denim jeans and attire have been associated with heavy industry to high fashion and become one of the most versatile and enduring clothing styles in fashion history. Hollywood stars like Katherine Hepburn aided denim’s progress through fashion in the 70’s. And now Savile Row tailors champion its continuing success, as they cut denim suits for some of the most famous names in the world. But what of its origins, Denim and Jeans have traveled the world.

Captured in denim the Americans invented, commercialized, stylized, or popularised, in a word, Levis, American Wild West culture. But the fabric was adopted from another continent by early Americans who created functional hard wearing work gear. At the same time they introduced a style without the aid of catwalks and drop dead handsome models.

Mr. Jacob Davis a tailor from Reno Nevada decided to put copper rivets on the corners of his denim trouser pockets to prevent them from ripping. Unable to cover the cost of patenting the idea he sought help from prosperous clothing distributor Mr. Levi Strauss. Mr. Strauss added his own style by putting the garment label on the outside rather than on the inside. Thus a new style was born.

Denim (derived from De-Nimes in France) had already been styled into bell bottom trousers and worn by Italian sailors from Genoa and given the name Geans (Jeans). These trousers had very practical applications. If a sailor went overboard he could easily slip off his trousers without his feet getting caught and thus stand a better chance of staying afloat.

The style has gone from De-Nimes, to Denim, from Genoa to Jeans, from France to America and traveled the world. Style knows no cultural or geographic boundaries. Experience the history.

Now here are a couple of style tips. With this in mind you could chose a denim shirt by King Gee (Australia), floral designer silk tie by Timothy Everest (Savile Row London), a pair of grey flannel trousers by Jaeger (England), for the feet, a pair of blue and white Converse All Stars (America), dark lightweight Harris Tweed jacket (England) and a leather belt by RM Williams (Australia) this is the gear you need for working at the coalface, functionality rules the way. It’s referred to as the lean-clean style, it’s casual by framework, loose and comfortable, but formalised enough with the introduction of neckwear. So you can get into action, throw off the jacket, roll the sleeves up, loosen the tie and get it done.

Once last thing, why not try a pair of Swarovski Crystal silver designer cufflinks, just to reflect your mood and to complement your tie.

Did you know? Robert Redford stars in the definitive film of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald was a dedicated customer of Jermyn Street bespoke shirt maker Turnbull & Asser. The shirts that reduce The Great Gatsby’s socialite heroine Daisy (Mia Farrow) to tears with their beauty in the film all bear the Turnbull & Asser bespoke label.

1969 Nutters of Savile Row opens on Valentine’s Day and unleashes the Tommy Nutter/Edward Sexton style on swinging London. Backed by Cilla Black and The Beatles’ record company Apple’s executive Peter Brown, Nutters of Savile Row dresses the entire social spectrum from the Duke of Bedford and Lord Montagu to Mick and Bianca Jagger and The Beatles. Nutters is the first shop on Savile Row to pioneer ‘open windows’ and wild displays executed by Simon Doonan.

Maverick screen actress Katherine Hepburn, whose long-term lover Spencer Tracey was a customer of Huntsman, takes the extraordinary step of ordering bespoke denim jeans from her late lover’s Savile Row tailor. Hepburn’s commission foreshadows bespoke denim collections launched in 2006 by Timothy Everest and Evisu.

It’s all about style, just ask Vivienne Westwood

Can Older People Wear Designer Jeans

It is a common assumption that designer jeans are the reserve of the young. Somewhat, perhaps this is true; indeed, some designers do create their jeans with a youthful audience in mind.

However, this is not true of all designers. Here, we will discuss some of the worlds leading designer brand of jeans for the over forty fives.

Women of a certain age often believe that they cannot follow latest fashions, but this is simply untrue. As with any person, then trick is to select contemporary clothing trends that suit you, this was true in your twenties, thirties, and forties, and will remain true until the end. Jeans are no exception to the rule, in fact, jeans can prove the perfect item for the over forty fives: they are comfortable, slimming, age-appropriate, and come in such a range of styles, that it is easy to find a style that suits.

There are a few considerations to bear in mind, however, for instance, avoid any over embellishments, such as diamante or overly bright patterns. Wear jeans in darker colors as dark denim tends to appear more stylish and sophisticated, and style and sophistication are the rewards of growing older and wiser, so are certainly appropriate. Some popular choices in designer jeans for the older generations include Levi jeans and Wrangler jeans.

Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler has been making jeans under the Wrangler jeans trademark since 1943. These jeans have always proved popular and a staple item in the wardrobes of numerous individuals since they began manufacturing the jeans.

Although not sophisticated in the strictest sense, being casual trousers, these jeans are actually very stylish. Their tailoring is excellent, they can make even the frumpiest of physiques that little bit more appealing, and when choosing any pair of jeans, the fit is essential for creating an overall attractive look. Wrangler jeans create a wonderful silhouette, while at the same time feeling extremely comfortable.

Wrangler has a wide range of styles within their apparel. Taper jeans work particularly well for older individuals as they create a classier look. Avoid wearing boot cut or flared trousers, as these tend to be the reserve of college kids and students, and are unsuitable for any one over the age of 25, 30 at a push.

Levi Jeans

Levi jeans began manufacturing jeans during the late nineteenth century. Over the years, Levis has been consistently popular, proving to be one of the most successful designers of jeans ever seen. A feat, which is testament to the quality and attractiveness of the jeans, produced.

Levi jeans are popular throughout the world, and can be found in all four corners of the globe, from Asia to Europe, America to Australasia.

Levi created many lines in fashionable jeans, and has styled that suit all age groups, from the young to the old, Levi are very democratic in the way in which they create suitable styles for everybody.

Caftans- Elegant Plus Size Clothing

After giving much thought to producing a productive and useful article on plus size and ethnic fashions, I came up with this. Hope you find it interesting to learn about caftans and their history before they were considered women’s clothing.

DID YOU KNOW-The caftan in the US is typically called a muumuu.

Also spelled, Kaftan; it was garment of ancient Mesopotamian origin, worn throughout the Middle East. Full-length, loosely-fitted garment with long or short sleeves worn by both men and women.

The origin of the caftan is usually tied to Asia Minorand Mesopotamia. Caftan-like robes are depicted in the palace reliefs of ancient Persia dating to 600 B.C.E. By the thirteenth century C.E., the style had spread into Eastern Europe and Russia, where caftan styles provided the model for a number of different basic garments well into the nineteenth century.

By the thirteenth century, the style had spread into Eastern Europe and Russia, where caftan styles provided the model for a number of different basic garments well into the nineteenth century. The caftan tradition was particularly elaborate in the imperial wardrobes of the 16th Ottoman Empire in Anatolian Turkey. Caftans of varying lengths were made from rich satins, velvets and silks, shot through with metallic threads to be worn by courtiers to indicate status.

Mens caftans often had gores added, causing the caftan to flare at the bottom, while womens garments were more closely fitted. Women were more likely to add sashes or belts. A sultan and his courtiers might layer two or three caftans with varying length sleeves for ceremonial functions. An inner short-sleeved caftan, was usually secured with an embroidered sash or jeweled belt, while the outer caftan could have slits at the shoulder through which the wearers arms were thrust to display the sleeves (sometimes with detachable expansions) of the inner caftan to show off the contrasting fabrics of the garments.

The Tatar-Mongol invasion led to a break in the contacts with Western Europe, and the immediate proximity with Turkic-speaking peoples led to a change in the form of Russian dress. Rashpatnyi clothing with a slit in front from top to bottom appeared, and men wore broad trousers. One must say at once that, even after having borrowed the cut, terminology, and certain elements of this foreign dress, Russians never lost their own national identity when it came to clothing. A good example of this is the caftan, a type of wide-opening garment with a deep wrap-over, worn by both men and women. The old Russian word for this garment is derived from the Persian word.

Caftan-style robes have been worn in many parts of the world where Islam has spread, particularly in North and West Africa. In parts of West Africa, the practice of layering robes to express the aesthetic principle of “bigness” in leadership dress and the giving of “robes of honor” is shared with the Ottoman tradition.

Common Mistakes Why New Wholesale Clothing Businesses Fail

The wholesale clothing business has boomed since the time that fashion clothing lines have become the largest trend in the world. Left and right, the business minded side of the community is starting their own business of wholesale clothing sharing a single goal of gaining a lot of profits.

But apart from profits, another reason why a wholesale clothing business is very popular is because of its maintenance. Among of the many lines of businesses today, a wholesale clothing business is among of the easiest to maintain. Another reason is that clothing is always on demand, so wholesalers are sure to profit even if the competition is hard. Though this is true, then why is it that there are a lot of wholesalers that fails in their attempts to be successful.

A large percentage of wholesalers fail in their first year because of several mistakes that new wholesalers have overlooked and failed to notice. Here are some of those common mistakes that cause a wholesale clothing business to fail.

Mistake #1: Lack of Experience

Number one in our list is the lack of experience. Because of the small amount of capital used for starting a wholesale clothing business compared to other wholesale businesses, many entrepreneur wannabees can easily start a wholesale clothing business even without having any kind of experience in managing a business. This is one of the many mistakes that new wholesalers have easily overlooked.

We have to remember that a wholesale clothing business is still a business that needs to be maintained properly and systematically, and this can only be achieved with enough experience in handling a business.

Though a lot say that one can learn it from a book, its still much preferable to get a hands-on experience on handling a business. May it be from assisting a friend on their business, or may it be from working on a retail clothing store or on a wholesale clothing shop. Whatever experience it is, it can still provide assistance in handling a wholesale clothing business, especially when faced with potential risks that may render a business bankrupt or it may help a business to be successful.

Mistake #2: Poor Planning

Planning about the business is important, and many newcomers have failed to notice this importance. Though they do make plans about their business, lack of experience may leave out important aspects of planning which includes the type of business would it be.

Planning about the type of business beforehand is important. Would the business run as a partnership or would it run as a sole proprietorship? Not planning about this important aspect of business firsthand can induce huge problems in the future. One of them is shifting a business from a partnership to sole proprietorship which could take a lot of time and money.

Business permits are also important for planning out a business. Business running documents and other paperwork such as taxation documents and business permits should be properly arranged before starting the business itself. Making such arrangements firsthand can avoid bigger problems in the future.

Mistake #3: Poor Location

Though location is not of big importance when starting a wholesale clothing business, planning about it could still prove very beneficial, especially for the smaller wholesale clothing businesses.

There are many reasons as to why choosing the right location is important for a wholesale clothing business. One of those reasons are the cost for shipping and transport. Shipping cost is not a problem for those larger wholesaler that has been in the business of long time, but for the smaller business, this could prove to be a big problem.

Choosing a location that is near from the clients and from the manufacturer can cut the cost of shipping goods from suppliers to retailers. This could also help in maintaining credibility when it comes to the speed of delivery.

Mistake #4: Poor Communication with Clients

Another thing that new comers of the wholesale clothing business industry have failed to realize is the importance of communicating directly with clients. Clients such as retailers are the wholesaler’s source of income. It is with them that wholesalers can get to sell their goods to the public and introduce new clothing lines to the public.

Communicating with clients are the key element that strengthens the bond between wholesaler and retailer.Checking on the status of their business, talking about what’s in demand and what’s hot in the world of fashion, and taking inputs about the business can build their trust. This in turn will create more opportunities such as distributing new products in the public that other retailers wouldn’t take, better deals, and loyalty.

Letting them face a secretary or talk to answering machines are the reasons why many wholesalers loose their clients. So making sure that the clients are taken care of, provided by trust more than just business but of friendship, and caring can gain their trust and loyalty.

Mistake #5: Poor Operations

One of the reasons why many wholesale clothing businesses fail in their start-up phase is because of their business operations. Because of the lack of experience that some entrepreneurs have in managing a business, defining a customer base and locating reliable sources of product are sometimes left out until the time they realize the importance of planning this in the first place.

Wholesalers are charged with the responsibility of matching up the manufacturer and customer by obtaining quality products at a reasonable price and then selling them to the companies that need them. Doing this poorly could lead the business to failure in which many inexperienced wholesalers have already suffered.