Stylish Ways To Dress-up Your Jeans

Stylish ways to dress up your jeans:

1. Wear a cute jacket

Pairing up your favorite pair of jeans with a cute fashionable jacket can do wonders for your look. It can change your appearance from casual to super stylish in a heart beat. Let’s take Zoe Saldana’s example. The actress decided to pair her blue jeans with a tweed jacket and transformed her look into a red carpet worthy outfit. We love the result.

Not a fan of tweed? Then try the boyfriend blazer. Sarah Jessica Parker wears it so well with her jeans!

2. Wear a pair of over-the-knee-boots

You have two major reasons to wear over-the-knee boots with your jeans this season: first they will keep your feet warm and second you will look absolutely fabulous. Check out Penelope Cruz! She sure knows how to wear a pair of dark denim jeans.

3. Wear chunky knits

If you love chunky knits this is the time to wear them! For a stylish look layer chunky knits: wear a sweater coat over a turtleneck sweater. Of course, pair the layered knits with a cute pair of jeans. Supermodel Elle McPherson shows us how to look effortlessly chic in chunky knits and jeans.

4. Wear sparkly tops

Jeans are not made to be worn casually only. Dress up your favorite pair of jeans by pairing them with a fabulous sparkly blouse or jacket. Cutie Rachel Bilson looks fashionable in a sparkly tux while Lindsay Lohan rocks a silvery top paired with matching jeans.

5. Wear necklaces and scarves

Whether you go for layered necklaces or stylish scarves you’re guaranteed to achieve a fashionable outfit. Take your favorite pair of jeans and pair it with a basic shirt then add multiple necklaces like Joy Bryant did or if you are a scarf person pair the outfit with a funky pashminas like Shakira did. Either way you’ll look amazing with minimum effort!

How do you dress-up your jeans?

Colored Jeans – New Strategies to Wear Old Favorites

Crayola colored denim in shades of bright blue, pink and red have been observed on quite a few celebrities and fashionistas alike. So how do you put on these jeans with out going back in time? Here are some new techniques you can wear your old favorites.

?Choose Your Cut – Boot cut or flared designs flatter most body varieties. A boot or flared appear will balance out your hips and butt. Recommended brands to try are True Religion Joey and Dittos Classic Flare jeans, both of which come in various colors. Straight and skinny leg jeans are more of an extreme search when it comes to colored denim. Ideal brands for this style are Citizens Of Humanity, Ksubi, Rich & Skinny and Paige.
?Dress For Your Age – Colored jeans can be for all ages and whilst brilliant colors could look trendy on a 20-anything, it may search too flashy on somebody who’s older. Keep away from main colors such as brilliant blues, yellows and reds. Rather, opt for muted hues of the same color. Softer plum reds, smokey blues and olive greens search flattering on a much more mature figure.
?Stick To Neutrals – Since these jeans are so vibrant, they will be the focal point of your outfit. When deciding upon a top, go with neutral colors such as white, black, grey, navy, tan or brown. Pairing a neutral on leading will balance out the bright color on the bottom.
?Pick Your Shoes – When pairing shoes with your jeans, you can either opt for to be dramatic or demure. To maximize height, an espadrille or high heeled sandal or pump in the similar color as your pants will elongate the body. If you want to take the concentrate off your feet, then select a neutral colored classic leather shoe.
?Accessorize your search – As soon as you’ve selected your top and shoes, it’s time to accessorize. An outfit that’s built around a colored pair of jeans can be complimented by entertaining belts, bangles and numerous kinds of jewelry. Appear for accessories that will contrast with the color scheme you have produced or ones that closely resemble the color of your jeans. For additional flair, attempt layering a light excess weight, multi colored scarf that matches your top rated and bottom. Tie it loosely around your neck or just drape it loosely over your neck and

If you are tired of the very same old dark denim in washes and shades of blue, why not attempt a pair of colored jeans? Depending on the shade and color and how you put on them, they can give you an urban, classic or even punk look. So go ahead, get your feet wet and test out the rainbow of unique colors!

Did you locate this post on colored jeans useful? When shopping for jeans, it can be a challenging knowledge. What looks good on another person else may possibly not look so great on you. The crucial to discovering the perfect jeans is to come across a pair that compliments your body type. From a massive butt to big calves or brief legs, jeans can bring out your assets or hide your flaws. Take a look at my website for suggestions on how to discover jeans that flatter your figure and exactly where to purchase designer women’s jeans like colored jeans at discount rates.

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How To Create Custom Design Jeans Slippers Using Your Old Jeans Pants

In case you happen to have a pair of old and overworn customized jeans in your wardrobe, which cannot be repaired, bleached or transformed into shorts or skirt, you can still use them to create custom design jeans slippers glamorous and nice-looking.

To design custom jeans slippers well need a pair of old jeans, a piece of pressboard and a piece of any flat soft material you like flexible foam, felt, leather or even ready-made slipsoles you can buy in drug stores. Besides well need scissors, thread and a needle.

So lets get started! Well need to cut the base of our made to measure jeans slippers from the pressboard. The ideal sample for this procedure are your flip-flops. Just put them onto the pressboard and outline them using a pencil. Afterwards cut the samples out according to the lines using scissors.

Cut off the trouser legs of your subculture jeans and mark out the pressboard samples on the fabric. Cut four details from customized denim, but dont forget about seam allowances! After youve finished with this youll need to sew the details together by pairs. Well need to sew them together only halfway from the outer side, so that pressboard base with a soft sole could be put into them.

Cut out soft soles using pressboard samples or take ready made. Put the pressboard details together with soft soles into the halfway sewn together work pieces of custom tailored jeans slippers and sew them up completely.

The last procedure is quite easy and is most interesting of all. Well now need to make the upper part of our slippers. Cut off the back pockets of your custom made jeans. Cut them out totally, together with the fabric of trouser legs, in order to get the pockets in which you could afterwards put something in. We will put the base of our slippers into the pockets and stitch the base so that the cut out pockets are fixed on it and would not roll up while walking.

Thats it! As you can see, it is quite easy to transform old jeans into interesting and original jeans slippers! Jeans are versatile and can be transformed in different ways, and worn on different occasions. Harrison Ford even wore his custom jean on his wedding ceremony with Calista Flockhart on the Valentines day in 2009. Why not?

Your Guide To Women’s Jeans

Jeans are an important part of every woman’s casual wardrobe. They’re so easy to slip on and they go with everything! Yet different styles of jeans have very different looks and with so many styles available it can be hard to decide which style to go for.

This guide will give you the low-down on what’s available and the differences between each style.

Regular Leg
Regular leg jeans are your standard, slightly tapered shape fitted shape. They’re not particularly in vogue right now and are also the least flattering shape to wear as they neither hug your curves nor skim your figure.

Bootleg Jeans
Bootleg jeans, also known as boot cut, are fitted to the knee and then flare slightly below the knee – but not in such an extreme way as 70’s style bell-bottoms. This makes them universally flattering as the extra volume at the ankle helps balance hips and thighs. Bootcut jeans are a great every day pair of casual jeans that are perfect for dressing down with just a T-shirt. Alternatively choose a long length that can be worn with heels and choose a dark denim for a more dressy look.

Flared jeans will always be associated with the 70’s but they are still around and keep coming back into vogue from time to time but many people like to wear them season after season for their distinctive retro look. The volume below the knee makes them very flattering to wear – team them with retro sneakers for a casual alternative look.

Wide Leg
Whereas flares kick out around the calf, wide leg jeans fall in a straight line from the hip, skimming your figure. If you choose a very dark blue or black denim they can be made to look quite smart with a blazer but are perfect for casual days as they’re so comfy to wear.

Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans became trendy a few seasons ago and have stayed in style every since. Their figure-hugging shape gives a very sexy look and they look perfect dressed down with ballerina pumps or sandals or glammed up with sky-high heels. Traditionally thought of as tricky to wear, skinny jeans can flatter all shapes, including curvy girls. If you choose a pair with stretch in them you’ll get a great fit.

For those who like their skinny jeans super tight, jeggings are the perfect option. These denim look leggings will show off the shape of your legs beautifully and are perfect worn with a longer length top. They’re a great addition to any wardrobe as they can be worn for day or night with flats or heels and are really comfy to wear as well as giving a sexy look.

Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend jeans are a great casual jean. Sometimes known as a slouch or carpenter jean, they’re a casual loose fit style that’s not quite as baggy as wide legs. Go for a distressed denim shade and try teaming them with a pretty camisole top for a great mix of masculine and feminine.

Why Buy Apple Bottoms Jeans

When Apple Bottoms Clothing line was first introduced to the market in the year 2003 by well-known rap star Nelly alongside his associates, it mainly consisted of denims and T-shirts. However, this brand has grown over the years to consist of Apple Bottoms Shoes, handbags, intimates, fragrances, accessories and swimsuits.

Women who wear Apple Bottom Jeans contend that for a long time they were unable to find a denim wear that brings out their curves. The most affected were slim women who in spite of their build had curves that they would have loved to flaunt to the general public. But Apple Bottoms Clothing line has enabled them to find something that can showcase their curves while at the same time offering comfort and style.

Apple Bottoms brand attained a whole new level of achievement when its products were showcased in the popular Oprah Winfrey Show. The dream and desire of every designer on the planet is to have his or her clothes, shoes, T-shirts and fragrances featured on the popular TV program that is not only watched by millions of people in the United States, but Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. On top of showcasing Apple Bottom denim wears, shoes and handbags, Oprah Winfrey also sported the brand. This was the much needed exposure that the brand needed that propelled it to new heights.

Having its products presented on the Oprah Winfrey Show opened floodgates of other opportunities. Apple Bottoms Jeans have also been shown on Americas Next Top Model as well as the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

For a clothing to be highlighted on these popular TV shows, they must have met certain standards. According to the show hosts, Apple Bottoms denim wears which consist of cotton (96%) and Lycra (4%) is the ultimate jeans that offer both style and comfort to the wearer.

A number of celebrities have also managed to enhance Apple Bottoms Jean’s profile by not only wearing them, but mentioning them in their songs. Some of the well-known hip hop stars that have been spotted wearing Apple Bottoms Jeans are Fergie and Alicia Keys.

But acknowledgement by fellow celebrities is not just the reason why you should buy and wear Apple Bottoms denims by Nelly. For starters, the perfect blend of Cotton and Lycra ensures that you do not feel as if you are about to faint. Furthermore, the blend guarantees that the stretchy denim wear does not in any way reveal lumps and bulges.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit that you stand to gain by opting to purchase Apple Bottom Jeans is the fact that the denim wraps stunningly round your curves. Unlike other brands and designs in the market, the jeans are comfortable to wear and hardly squeeze the air out of you. In spite of your shape and figure, you will be able to find an Apple Bottom Jeans that complements your body type.

While you may want to complement your wardrobe with other brands, it is important to ensure that the brand you are planning to purchase fits the design and style that Apple Bottoms Jeans offer.