Styles Of Jeans To Suit Your Body Shape

A clever strategy of several garment manufacturers is to keep changing the styles of jeans and trousers so that we get attracted to the new designs. This year, wide legged jeans with high-waist and flares are new in this season’s fashion line with more versatility than previous year’s fashionable leg-squeezing skinny jeans.

Wide-legged trousers and jeans are more comfortable and jeans with high-waist appeal more to women, since these fit perfectly on your bottom.

Very few people prefer low-waist jeans. They are fit only for skinny people and women having even a bit bigger tummy do not like them, since they highlight that extra fat round the waistline more prominently. However, in case you are desperate to wear them only for the sake of fashion, then pair them with longer smock-styled tops and avoid skin-tight blouses.

Average women with slightly heavier hips find low waist jeans exposing their bottom-cleavage. The problem can be solved with curved waist bands which will minimize the attraction of people towards your assets. The latest trend in jeans is ‘bikini jeans’, which has an ultra-low-waist and the young and daring women can readily give it a try, especially those who like to show off a tattoo on their lower back!

With high-rise jeans or trousers, your legs appear long and wide waist-bands do marvellous job in minimizing your fat tummy. Women with short height should choose jeans with mid-waist so that it does not give them a shorter torso look.

Gulp down your pride and buy one size bigger jeans. It will have a surprising effect on your figure and you will really feel relaxed in one size bigger than those constricting denims. Allow your jeans to skim over your figure comfortably rather than squeezing it. People, who particularly like glass shaped jeans at the waist, can face a problem. A bit larger size pair of jeans and trousers fit well on the hips. Select a hipster cut jeans, which entirely avoids clutching the waist and your hips appear little reduced in size.

You may buy any style, but the latest trend is the full leg-length style which touches the floor giving an impression of longer legs but down at the end, the dirty hem does not look attractive at all. Leg-length jeans with hem hovering over the ground are an advantage to the short frames. The lower part of the jeans which bunches around gives a slimming effect.

No matter what your height or figure, always keep two lengths of trousers and jeans, so that one can be worn with the high-heels and the other with flats. Those, who are shorter than average height, should pair their jeans with high-heels.

Jeans and plus size trousers give a slimmer look with dark colours. Choose from blacks, dark blue, and greys to create an impression of slimmer hips and legs. With the shades at the right place, a shaded denim jean can do wonders to a heavier body.

Denims have so much versatility in designs that it can be really mind-boggling and time-consuming to select one in the right styles and cuts. To start with, first find out the shape that will suit your figure with perfect fitting.

Do Your Homework Before You Buy A Pair Of Voi Jeans

Jeans are as much about style as they are about comfort. And its not just the women who are finicky about picking up the right pair for themselves. Its as important to men too. First of all, its the brand which is important. Different brands fit different people differently, and thus, you need to find the right brand for you. Since VOI Jeans fit most men around the world perfectly, we will take VOI Jeans for the rest of this write-up.

Selecting the brand is just half the homework done. Even when you have selected the right brand, you need to select the right fit, the right colour, the right style and right everything for you to look good in denims. VOI Jeans has a plethora of choices, and most often, choices can be very confusing.

Now, this is no guide, but this can be a very handy tool the next time you go shopping for denims (girlfriends, read carefully. This may come in handy)

Jeans, no matter what the colour, no matter what the brand, are about the fit. It is the fit which separates the good ones from the bad ones. And it is the fit which is the most difficult to get right. How many times have you bought a pair of jeans that fit perfectly in the showroom but by the time you got to the third day of wearing it, it was flared at the knees and lose at the butts? You must have cursed VOI Jeans then for the misfit for sure; but actually, its not their fault.

Most men dont know how to shop for their denims. Here are some basic rules the next time you go looking for that perfect pair:

Squat, Jump, Hop- Whenever you try on a pair of jeans at a showroom, make sure you squat, jump and hop wearing it. The idea is to replicate the actual wearing conditions to get to know the exact fit of the jeans. If the jeans flares at the knees or becomes lose at the butt, chuck it and look for another fit. Doing so makes sure you get your moneys worth while shopping for that priceless pair of VOI Jeans.

Take the shrinkage into account- Denims have a tendency to shrink after the first two washes. Make sure you take that into account before selecting a size for your jeans. Try a couple of sizes, and do not go for a size thats tight. The jeans should be comfortable and it should hold on without a belt.

Try it with the belt on- Most of us wear a pair of jeans with a belt. Make sure you try it that way before finalising on a pair. While wearing the belt, the jeans should not get crumpled at the waist, nor should the belt slip above the waist of the jeans. It seldom happens with VOI Jeans if you select the right size, but for some other brands of denims, belts often slip above the waistline.

Darker for leaner, lighter for fuller- While choosing the colour of your denims, take your body type into account. For those with heavy thighs, darker colours and washes are the best as they give a leaner look; while for the skinny people out there, lighter colours and washes work best.

VOI Jeans has plenty of options when it comes to design, fit and the colour. Probably thats why, it is one of the most loved denim brands of the world. But still, you have to do your homework right before shopping jeans, and we sincerely hope this was helpful in some way to help you buy a perfect pair of VOI jeans.

Try The Best Combination Of Jeans And Jackets

A jacket goes a long way to enhance our looks. There are a wide variety of jackets available in the market today. Many companies even offer the customers to customize the jackets (In Swedish jackor) in various styles and cuts. Leather jacket is very much in vogue and since leather is expensive there are various materials available, some of them even look like real leather. Always wear a jacket before you plan to buy it so that you are comfortable with the look and fit. Leather jacket is very much in demand with bikers, policeman and the navy .Besides looking great, a leather jacket also gives us protection against the rough climatic conditions. Leather jacket come in buckskin, chamois and goatskin too.

Waterproof jacket is readily available for the rainy season. The lining of the jacket are usually done with a waterproof material so they usually dry up very fast when they get wet. A jacket generally comes with a zip with a number of buttons.

Depending on the occasion you could turn up in varieties of styles and cuts to make an impression. Jackets are available in single, double breasted or simple styles. A jacket for woman is trimmed with furs for an added effect. A biker jacket is usually embellished with the companys logo and they look very smart with the younger lot. .

Jeans are very popular throughout the world and are worn by all sections of people. There are treated and washboard jeans. Some are even dusted with glitter glue. They also come in a variety of styles and fits. Be it hipster to baggy, there is definitely something for very individual. Denims are available in a variety of colours such as indigo, green or even red. Black and blue are an all time favourite , however youngster always prefer to experiment with colours .

From a dinner date to a casual outing one can always be presentable with various styles. . Various designs are created with zipper, metal buttons so that it is eye catching. The wrecked look or shredded look in very much in. However if you are really keen to fit into your pair of skinny jeans then taking up a fitness regimen would be a good idea. Make sure that the lower part of your body is shapely when you think of fitting into skinny denims.

Mens ripped jeans becoming famous

The youngsters have started wishing their moms to be cooler than the what they are now so that they can easily buy a few mens ripped jeans from the market. Yes, the mens ripped jeans are back infashion and is ruling the industry once again. It is very normal to see parents not being willing to buy jeans that has already been ripped. They always ask their parents what advantage it brings in buying such attire. Well, moms and dads, your children will again start requesting and nagging you to buy these jeans once again. This is just not it. There are some mens ripped jeans that have been painted as well. While you go in the store and drool on these jeans, you father will be telling you that you would utterly look stupid while wearing them. They fail to understand how can a person cool with a pant that already has holes in it.

There are many famous internationally recognized brands that sell the mens ripped jeans. This does not mean that only rich can buy them. The fashion industry is for everybody and it is because of this reason why these mens ripped jeans are now available in a wide range of prices. If you cannot afford to spend heavily on one pair of jeans, there is nothing to worry about. You can easily go and buy some non-branded mens ripped jeans. Buying a low priced jeans does not mean that the quality will be poor. The fabric of these jeans will be outstanding as well. It is just that there will be no -brand price’ which you have to pay. Furthermore, you can wait for the end-season sale and get the branded ripped jeans at a fairly low price. There are many brands that offer up to seventy percent off to the customers. This is an ideal time to save your bucks and get some good quality products.

The online stores are not behind in this case as well. They keep on offering various all round the year so that customers can avail massive discount offers. There are certain countries where free shipping is also provided. This is just to facilitate the customers and make them feel comfortable. You can make the payment via MasterCard and even via PayPal. Payment modes are highly reliable and there are never any fraudulent activities being recorded. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about when you buy the mens ripped jeans online.

Plus Size Skinny Jeans Tips On How To Wear Them Properly!

Plus size and skinny jeans? I never thought that I’d hear them in the same phrase, right? I’m pretty sure did not, however they will be able to flatter your shape perfectly. My sister will certainly wear only skinny jeans not to convey that it has been in this way in the beginning because she got no idea on how to wear them properly, which is vital with regards to plus size skinny jeans. She arrived home weeping one day because people were making fun from the way she appeared. On the other hand, there are several tips which can help you wear plus size skinny jeans the proper way.

The Color and Wash

The color as well as the wash of the skinny jeans are truly the type of jeans that works on you. You will get skinny jeans from white and beige or denim and black. You can find light washes to dark washes. The most typical wash for all of us would be the rinse wash but if you’re bigger on the upper half then the distressed wash would certainly be suitable.

If you’re one that features bigger thighs, then you may certainly choose dark-colored and wash jeans like dark blue and/or black. In case your legs are skinner with your top half larger, then you could pick lighter colors and washes for your skinny jeans.

High Heels Shoes

Pretty much afraid? Won’t be! High heel shoes will certainly create the last look for your plus size skinny jeans. There’s nothing inappropriate on sporting high heel shoes simply because you’re a plus size woman. They just create more balance and build an elongated and slimmer beauty.

Lengthy Tops and Tunics

The top you opt for your skinny jeans can help with making the proper look. In case you are larger on the top, you’ll be able to match your lighter colored/washed skinny jeans together with a darker colored top to appropriately flatter your body in the appropriate areas.

Truly, if you feature a larger size hips, you will certainly need a top that covers your butt and hips as skinny jeans are designed to emphasize the hips. It may just build an overall balance to the entire appearance so be sure to choose for long tops or tunics when sporting your plus size skinny jeans.

Hopefully, this important information has developed a positive mind-set for you with the newest styles readily available that you can buy and that you simply wont be so reluctant in getting the plus size skinny jeans. So long as you stay knowledgeable on the subject of skinny jeans for plus size women then you definitely wont have anything to fear.

Never hesitate to wear plus size skinny jeans. Following the recommendations above, you are able to go out for a wonderful night on the city with your new set of plus size skinny jeans and possibly just end the night with a kiss or at least a date the following night!

So, what are you longing for?