What To Wear With Embellished Jeans

Embellished jeans make a great fashion statement. These are jeans that feature embroidered stitching patterns or rhinestone designs. Sometimes it can seem like it’s hard to find good things to wear with them. However, there are several good clothing choices that are attractive with this clothing item. Stores like Dr. Jay’s and Akademiks offer related clothing products.

Some Important Basics

It’s important to keep your tops and shoes fairly simple. Shirts that are worn with embellished jeans shouldn’t have patterns. Instead, they should have one or two solid colors. Also, avoid shoes decorated with rhinestones or lots of glitter. Simple flats, sandals or sneakers usually work best.

Ideal Tops

There are several shirt and blouse styles that look good with these jeans. A solid colored t-shirt in a baby style often looks good with these. Printed tees with simple designs also work well. Tops with some frills can nicely complement jeans that have designs on them. If you’re wearing your jeans to a party, try a nicer tank top, strapless top or halter.

Good Shoes to Wear

Several shoe styles in solid colors look good with these. Popular casual options include flats, wedge sandals and gladiator-style sandals. If you’re wearing a t-shirt, consider wearing your favorite pair of sneakers. When you’re wearing your pants with a dressy top, use the appropriate shoes. Pumps or flats with a pointed toe are a good option, as well as sandals. You can also try ankle boots with a heel.

Skinny Jeans And Boot Cut Jeans What’s The Difference And Are Skinny Jeans Perfect For Everyone

Jeans are often described as casual wear but infact they were first invented for workwear and with today’s ever changing fashion jeans can now be worn dressed up for evening wear. There are many different styles and cuts of jeans from hundreds of designers and brands including Diesel, Armani, Miss Sixty, G Star, Wrangler and more. Two of the most popular cuts of jeans today are the boot cut and the skinny. Both cuts are quite different from each other for several reasons; here is a closer look at the bootcut and skinny style.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans were first introduced to us in America in the 1960s worn by mostly women. They had a very diverse look to them where you could dress it up as casual wear like the girl next door or you could funk it up rock and roll style which was on the horizon and coming of age. Skinny jeans are just as the name suggests skinny all the way down your leg to the ankle. In the 1970s skinny jeans were the rockers most staple item of clothing, the skinnier the better, and the more of a rocker you were. Even through to the 80s skinny jeans were popular and so were leggings, with baggy oversized jumpers. It was only in the early 1990s that skinny jeans weren’t fashionable on the high street but still remained cool in music and rock n roll. It’s not until 2005/6 that skinny jeans become popular for the general public again, and now they are back they are really back. Everyone but everyone is wearing them, celebrities, music artists, and the general public.

Boot Cut Jeans

Boot cut jeans are different to skinny jeans in style because where skinny jeans are skin tight all the way up and down the leg boot cut jeans are skinny to the knee and then flare out a little to the ankle to make way for the boot. Mens boot cut differ in that they are fairly open all the way up and down the leg. The bootcut style was first introduced to the world by sailors who wore them as work wear, and the style was later adopted by the teen world of America. Still to this day boot cut jeans are one of the most popular styles of jeans.

What are skinny jeans? As the name suggests skinny jeans are very slim in their shape and appearance and hug the leg all the way down to the ankle. Skinny jeans have been around the fashion world since the 50s. For the last few years skinny jeans have made a big come back and they are now probably one of the most popular style of jeans for women. A big question that is asked fashion experts and style gurus is what style of jeans should a person be wearing for their body shape, and since skinny jeans are all the rage at the moment do they suit everyone’s body image?

Skinny jeans are fabulous and they look great but they aren’t for everyone. Due to the style of the skinny jean being ‘skinny’ to your leg all the way down to your foot this style of jean is not a good look for those of a very thin frame and of a heavier frame. Being very slim and wearing skinny jeans can make you look shapeless and stick like and so a boot cut or flare style is better suited for your body to give you more shape. The same applies to girls of a heavier frame, the skinny look doesn’t flatter your curves and shape; a boot cut style is better suited and will balance out your frame better. Skinny jeans are great if you have an in-between figure, because they won’t make you look too stick like nor will they make you look bottom heavy.

Skinny Jeans Outfits

A definite must when it comes to skinny jeans is to go baggy on the top half. Due to the legs being ‘skinny’ in shape you need to balance this out on top by wearing a baggy top or jumper. Wearing a tight little top with skinny jeans won’t work and the outfit will appear unbalanced, a baggy tshirt or top fits perfectly with this style of jean. If you think wearing baggy tops isn’t feminine enough you can glam up the outfit with long necklaces and sparkly bangles.

Stylish Tummy Tuck Jeans

Style may be a big part of life but life does not always accommodate style. This can be especially true for women who love to keep their look current and fresh but have bodies that reflect a maturity beyond the average teenager. Jeans are a staple of any fashion lover’s diet. With the trend having long since shifted to expand the role of the formally casual look and feel of jeans, you cannot have too many pairs, colors and fits. The problem is most designers and makers are so focused on youth appeal they have forgotten that moms love to look and feel great in jeans, too.

They are also seemingly unaware that caring for the teens who wear their clothing does not leave a lot of time for electric treadmill training and strict dieting. Sometimes shopping for a cool pair of jeans can turn into a miserable experience due to a lack of well fitting, good looking and fun options. The truth is a woman with just a little extra belly is going to have a hard time feeling comfortable in many of today’s most popular styles.

Some designers are aware that you cannot fit additional exercise and dieting into your schedule. As such, there are a lot of products that help women fit into current fashion trends. Unfortunately these are mostly so uncomfortable you would not want to wear them very long. A girdle or elastic band waist controllers may help you fit into your daughter’s jeans but they are too impractical, and sometimes painful, for every day wardrobes.

Women’s tummy tuck jeans are the answer. Made with a special stitching pattern that supports and firms your “softer” areas, they help you look fantastic and feel great wearing them too! Tummy tuck jeans were originated by NYDJ and are now available through a variety of labels and designers. Most can be found at any major retailer. Every cut and style is represented from long legged boot cut to hip huggers. And with the great way your body will be represented in them, you may just find yourself trying out a look you did not think you could previously feel good about wearing.

Confidence in appearance and comfort in wear is what tummy tuck jeans are all about! Whether practical and casual or sexy and daring, you are going to look fashionable and assured in these jeans. And with no complicated straps, bands or panels, you can slip these right into your daily wardrobe. With tummy tuck jeans you no longer have to struggle to fit into a stylish pair of jeans but instead may just find your daughter wanting to borrow them.

When It Comes To Jeans Go For Comfort As Well As Style

Trends in jeans come and go: some years, the skinny jean is in, while other years it might be the baggy “boyfriend jeans” that grab the lime light. What never changes is the fact that denim jeans are the unofficial daily uniform for Americans when they are not at work. Because we spend so much time in our jeans, doesn’t it make sense that they should be comfortable as well as stylish? Here’s more about it.

Women need to be especially careful when choosing the cut of jeans that is right for their figure type. Low rise and extra low rise are probably best left to the nubile young gals unless you are in incredibly good shape. Wear “high rise” and you risk having your jeans labeled as “Mom jeans.” The best compromise for most women is the mid-rise jean that cuts straight across the belly instead of below or above it.

The leg style you choose will depend greatly on the look you want and the purpose of the jeans. Are they “dressy” jeans? If so, you may opt for a flared leg in a darker color. A little extra fabric in the legs balances an extra skinny figure. Too-tight legs are not appropriate for gals that are bottom heavy, so beware of falling for trends and wanting to wear what you shouldn’t for the sake of “style” alone: you simply won’t be comfortable and you definitely will not look good.

For extra comfort, get some jeans that have some stretch built right into the fabric: the stretch will not change the look at all, but you’ll feel the difference when you go to sit down or bend over.

When it comes to jean construction, it’s probably safe to state that you definitely get what you pay for. Cheaper jeans will not last as long, be as comfortable, or give you the styling detail you want. You spend so much time in your jeans that they are worth paying a little extra for to get exactly what you want.

Never settle for less than 100% cotton: cotton breathes and this type of denim will last the longest and give you the most wear for your money. Do some research online and seek out the brands that use only the best materials and that pay a lot of attention to their stitching as well as their styling. For a little extra fun, go out of your comfort zone and get jeans in a color other than blue such as white or cerise!

Your jeans are too important to leave to chance: you don’t have to follow every single trend to be stylish. The best approach is to know what looks good on your figure type, then insist on buying a quality product.

Designer Jeans A Part Of American Culture

We all seem to have a favorite pair of jeans. We wear them until they are worn out and then we are faced with the difficult task of finding a replacement pair. Jeans are a classical American fashion. Denim is known to be wearable in almost any social situation, with the exception of some extra special social events like formal occasions.

Do you want a designer pair of jeans? They used to cost hundreds of dollars and even then they didn’t always fit as well as the pair you wore out. How do you know if you are getting quality denim at a reasonable price you can afford? Designer jeans are just like any other piece of designer clothing, they have knock-offs. Do you really want to wear less than the best? Some designers have wised up and are offering their lines in chains like Macy’s for the many people who want to wear the best classic and designer denim, but can’t always pay the higher prices.

Top end designers like to make jeans that focus on quality and design while paying close attention to fit and style. Because each pair is given close attention to detail, the craftsmanship is higher which results in a better pair of jeans. Some manufacturers only make a small number of each style before ending the run.

This makes the jeans more expensive, but also more unique and sought after. Having a numbered pair of custom, hand finished denim jeans is like having a numbered print of a masterpiece. You know the artist, in this case the clothing designer, made the original and authorized the production of the limited editions.

A few designer’s jeans are made unique by the kind of cloth used in production. Some cloth manufactured in Japan is produced using traditional methods that make a stronger, sturdier cloth. When combining traditional methods with modern thread, the cloth produced can be thinner, like paper and stronger than most fabrics used for cheaper jeans production.

Thinner cloth used means the denim hugs your body more and accentuates the natural curves and muscles. Being able to look fabulous in a pair of jeans is one thing, but slamming it out in a pair of body shaping, wow, look at me! designer jeans is like owning a professional ball team and having them win the championship game. Well, no, not really, but does it help to make you feel better about yourself to know you look awesome? Yes, yes, it does!