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Beyond Jeans — Grab The Hot Denim Trends This Fall

Hard to believe that it’s only July and we’re already talking about fall clothing lines. As many of you fashionistas know though, many designers have already started rolling our their winter lines. I, for one, can’t stand the thought of talking about sweaters and tights quite yet, so we’ll ease in to it with a happy medium; denim.

Some top, high-end designers like Kippys, Pierce Jeans, and REOSTARR are flooding the market with their denim wares already, and whether it be jeans, jackets, or purses, it’s denim all the way. Some are even doing a throwback to the 80s and rocking out with rhinestones.

Kippys specializes in denim, leather and fur. Again, I have a hard time imagining leather or fur when it’s a sweltering 90 degrees outside, but I can stomach denim; plus the awesome belts that go with it. In addition, Hollywood thinks Kippys is pretty hot too; just ask Elizabeth Hurley and Madonna, both of whom have sported their belts.

Rhinestone roses, hearts and celtic chains run across the pockets and legs of some of their jeans. Their belts come in a variety of widths from 1/2 inch wide to 4 1/4 inches wide and are embellished like no others. With crystal colors like Padparadscha, Heliotrope, and Volcano, who can resist this clothing line?

Another hot denim designer, Pierce Jeans, is rocking the simple and sophisticated look that only denim can bring to the casual girl. Carrying denim in dark, dark blues to upbeat reds, Pierce has it all covered. Their fall line includes both the revised, higher waisted jean with the slimming leg as well as the trouser jean that has become so popular. Featured in hot fashion magazines as well as being worn by the likes of Teri Hatcher and Eva Mendez, Pierce Jeans has secured themselves in the hearts of hot Hollywood fashion icons.

REOSTARR is taking another avenue and meeting those with simple and those with rhinestones half way. If their denim isn’t plain, it has patches and strategically placed holes. Of course, no pair would be complete without their signature star on their pockets. Whatever they do, Hollywood loves them too! Natalia Livingston was seen wearing them at the “Into the West” premier and have been seen in magazines from Lucky to People.

All across the land, denim is loved by many. These are just a few examples of what some of the high-end denim designers are doing this year and I’m sure that other designers, like Lucky, Levi, and Seven will be sure to follow. While you’re out picking up new notebooks and pencils, whether it be for yourself or your kids, pick up a pair of these great jeans and you’ll definitely be on top of one of fall’s hottest denim trends.

Rosacea Might Be Incurable But You Can Get Cosmetics!

One condition that affects many people all over the world is Rosacea, a chronic condition characterized by red and pink patches all over the face and sometimes the neck area. It is a benign but hard to cure condition which usually affects Caucasian and pale skinned women.

In the beginning, this “blushing” can be intermittent, but eventually, it almost always increases in severity, sensitivity, and can be accompanied by rashes, enlarged pores, blemishes, and noticeable surfaced capillaries. Having to face the blemishes and redness of rosacea can be difficult, but help is on the way! Multiple products are now available to relieve the unsightly symptoms.

Green makeup and green tinted moisturizer can be used to counteract your facial redness. Then, follow up with a skin tone foundation. Be careful to only choose foundations with natural yellow tones. A mineral based makeup is generally best and has less chance of irritating your sensitive skin.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that make-up equals medicine for a large majority of Rosacea cases, as most cases are mild to moderate in severity, but many cosmetic products contain ingredients that tend to aggravate the problem instead of solving it.

Clinical research and consumer feedback indicate that cosmetics containing comedogenic (pore-blocking) ingredients in general and alcohol, fragrances, menthol, peppermint oil in particular tend to cause flare-ups and allergic reactions in Rosacea patients. Therefore, a person suffering from this condition should ideally use fully organic, chemical-free cosmetics that cover the facial symptoms easily without causing any serious side-effects. Green tinted pre-foundations and moisturizers are extremely popular in this regard as they successfully conceal facial redness and pimples which are caused by this condition.

These are just some products that are recommended for people affected with the condition. Remember that before buying any product read the ingredients used to make the item. Take note that there are components that can worsen the redness and swelling of extremely sensitive skin. You probably are already consulting a doctor or dermatologist so feel free to give visit or give him a phone call to make sure the product your ordering seems like a good idea.

It is definitely hard at times to find a cosmetic that will work well with your skin while not conflicting with rosacea. It might take time since one cosmetic might not work properly for you but keep looking. Your doctor should be of great help in this endeavour as well.

Youngsters jewelry is the body jewelry

The body jewelry is worn on some specific part of the body that is worn after piercing a specific part of the body. Some of the type of such a type of jewelry is that you can wear are bracelet, ear ring, anklet, necklace, nose ring, toe ring, lip ring, navel ring, tongue ring etc. You can also wear that type of jewelry that comes with some gems and stone work in it. The material with which this type of jewelry is made is silver, gold, platinum, brass etc. The price of this type of jewelry is reasonable. But the price of the jewelry may vary based on the metal that is used for making this type of jewelry. If the jewelry consists of some precious gems as ruby and precious stones like diamond then the jewelry will be the expensive one. Some of the youngsters also like to wear this type of jewelry in nose, tongue, belly, ears, eyebrow etc. Based on your budget you should go for the body jewelry. >

There are different varieties of the body jewelry that is available in the market. You can also purchase some jewelry from the internet after comparing the price of the jewelry that is offered by different retailer. One of the popular type of the body jewelry is the eyebrow piercing. This type of jewelry is used since past. This type of jewelry is in use since past and since then some drastic changes are taking place that is modifying the different phases of the body jewelries. This type of jewelry is now a day considered a part of fashion that is mostly adopted by the follower of the latest trend teenagers.

Now a day the body jewelry is also available in materials such as glass and plastic. Instead of costly metals like gold and platinum, jewelry that is made from some other metal like copper and bass and anodized steel jewelry is also used. Everyone wants to look beautiful and charming. Because of this the body jewelry is preferred by not only man but woman of any age. But this type of jewelry is mostly preferred by teenagers who have a craze for it. With the change in time the taste of the people is also changing and because of this different design of jewelry is available that are designed based on the latest trend. This type of jewelry is designed for the different parts of the body. The body jewelry is the part of the youngster’s wardrobe.

Fashion Tips For Apple Shaped Women

If you have a thick waist and small hips, then you have an apple shaped body. Don’t envy the pear shaped girls and hourglass figures. You too can look shapely and womanly if you dress to flatter your figure and Fall 2008 through Winter 2009 fashion has plenty of outfits made just for you.

First of all, unlike a pear shaped girl or hourglass figure, an apple girl’s waist isn’t the narrowest part of her torso. That award goes to her ribcage. So treat the narrowest part of your ribcase as your waist, and suddenly, you’ve got curves too.

By bringing the waistline of your dresses and tops to your rib cage, the effect seen in empire waist clothes, you get a shapely figure. So focus on empire waist dresses and blouses. They flatter you.

Now for Fall and Winter 2008, dresses are hot and they skim the natural waist. Many of them have empire waists. The lace black dress with long sleeves is in. As is the pretty flowy top with big sleeves. So girl, this is your season.

1. Start with a new dress. Prints or plain. Colored or neutral. It doesn’t matter, other than the fact that it has a high waistline and is in a color or colors that flatter you.

2. Detract from you thick waist by drawing the eye to your arms and legs. You blouse should have full sleeves. The hems of the sleeves should be full and flowy. A longish blouse or top that has an empire waist, but flares below to a full hemline is another plus for you. Pick one such blouse, sheer, or lacy or made of a velvet or silk. Either way, if it is flowy and full in the right places, you’ll look more feminine in it.

3. Get one of the black lace dresses that are so hot this season. Pick one with full sleeves, with wide hemlines at the end of each sleeve. Get it in floaty lace, with an empire waist of course. A full hemline for the skirt wouldn’t hurt either. Make that your de facto little black dress.

4. Load up on the accessories. Wear earrings to draw attention to your pretty face. Wear bangles to bring the eye to your arms instead of your waist. Wear stunning shoes, or boots that would complete your look.

5. Get on of this season’s pretty belts and use that to cinch your dresses and jackets at the narrowest part of your ribcage.