Best Deals For Freshwater Pearls Sold On-line

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I have been a well-known international designer my entire life. You may have seen me on Home Shopping Network, The Shopping Channel in Canada, Jupiter Shop Channel in Japan or perhaps you have worn clothing or jewelry that I have designed for famous fashion houses such as Oleg Cassini, Bill Blass, Rafaella, Colleen Lopez of Home Shopping Network, or
Ivanna Trump of The Shopping Channel of Canadajust to name a few. I am a seasoned designer and an expert in freshwater pearl jewelry. One might say I have my “BLACK-BELT” in shopping!

I have lived in China for many years and have produced jewelry designs in pearl jewelry, freshwater pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, bridal jewelry, and jewelry with semi-precious stones for the biggest and the Best names in the business! Being able to speak basic Mandarin Chinese helped me to develop freshwater pearls with the pearl farmers in the province of Zhuji in Maniland China.

Pearls take 2 to 4 years to grow and develop “nacre” before they can be harvested. One must have patience. However, China has a huge land mass and natural lakes and freshwater ponds which are a perfect habitat for growing freshwater pearls.

Freshwater cultured pearls come from freshwater mussels and are produced by the countries of Japan, China, and the United States. Freshwater shell and pearl mussels are from the species called Unionidae, from which about 20 different varieties are commercially harvested. The tones of the freshwater cultured pearls are dictated by the mother shell. White is the most common color for natural pearls, followed by pink. Other colors depend on the type of mussels.

Freshwater pearls and cultured pearls are one in the same. The pearls are grown in freshwater and cultured to encourage natural nacre and a deep luster. Some people think cultured pearls are fake pearls. They are not. They are real pearls. Farm-raised pearls are real pearls grown in fresh water from mussels while saltwater pearls are grown from oysters. The chemical which creates nacre produced by the freshwater pearl mussel that
forms the pearls is identical to the chemical produced by the saltwater pearl oyster.

When a foreign material such as a piece of shell, a bead, or muscle tissue is inserted into a mussel and cannot be expelled; the live mollusk, in order to reduce irritation, coats the irritant with the a secretion which it uses for shell-building called nacre. Nacre is the pearlized luster surface which covers the pearls.

In order to culture freshwater mussels, pearl farmers slightly open their shells, cutting slits into the mantle tissue. They insert small pieces of live mantle tissue or other irritant shapes into those slits. In
freshwater mussels that insertion alone is sufficient to start nacre production which is similar to tearing. The mussels tear just as a human eye would tear if an irritant were in the eye. Most cultured freshwater pearls are composed entirely of nacre, just like their natural freshwater and natural saltwater shells.

Now China is in what we call the Cultured Pearl Revolution. Starting in the 1990s, China surprised the world gem market with products that are revolutionizing pearling. The shapes, luster, and colors of the new Chinese production often match original Japanese Biwah quality and sometimes even surpass it.

A designers life work is showing people how to do something they have never done before. My experience of living and working in China for many years has given me a unique insight into the world of freshwater pearls. I have watched the pearl industry grown for many years. I have compiled a detailed report of information that can really help you.

The Internet is a bit daunting for us all, so many places and so many dealsbut who do you trust? You need to be a savvy shopper. I have been the shoppers shopper my entire design career and I am sharing my confidential secrets that I use when I am buying jewelry for the shopping channels, the stores, and the catalogs. Shopping on the internet is the
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