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Botox Sydney: Bare Aesthetics Cosmetic Surgery Clinic


The most common Cosmetic procedure performed today is the use of Botox in Sydney.
It is a Non Surgical approach to rejuvenate the Face, Neck & Eyes.

The Anti-wrinkle injections otherwise commonly known as Botox is a neurotoxin (botulinium toxin); it is used to inject into wrinkles typically regions of the face and neck.

The volumes or quantities used to effectively treat wrinkles are not sufficient to cause systemic harm (several thousand vials). Botox is used for non cosmetic conditions such as Hyperhidrosis (excessively sweaty palms, armpits or feet), blepharospasm (twitching eyelids), migraines and cerebral palsy patients.

The injections take approximately 10-15 minutes to perform and Dr. Bobby Kumar uses ice blocks as an effective anaesthetic to minimise pain of the needle and reduce the risk of bruising.

It can be used as an adjunct to other procedures or it may be the only cosmetic procedure some patients will ever have.

Most patients experience the results within 2-3 days and the peak effects occur at around the two week period.

The effects of Botox lasts initially for 3 months, then patients will begin to notice a return to muscle activity of the muscles previously blocked. If a patient has subsequent anti wrinkle injections of Botox they will find that as the muscle atrophies and weakens the effect may last alot longer and the frequency and perhaps the dosage of Botox required decreases respectively.

There are other forms of Botox commercially available in Sydney, Dr. Bobby Kumar has many years of experience with Botox the brand is continues to recommend and use Botox in his Sydney and Port Macquarie practices.

Dermal Fillers (Juvederm,Restylane,Perlane,Aquamid):

Dermal fillers are an attempt also to enhance and rejuvenate the Face without Surgery. It can also be used to maintain Surgical results such as Face & Neck Lifts.

Fillers are natural non human or animal based products called Hylauronic acid(HA) a compound found in our own body. They are used to increase the volumes of regions of the face such as the lips, and to non-surgically remove deep wrinkles particularly around the mouth and from the nose to the corner of the mouth.

There are different kinds of fillers, these being based on the permanence of the HA used or non HA used.

Typically most patients will opt and begin with Non permanent HA’s, these normally last between 12 – 18 months and maybe as long as 24 months. The HA’s are very soft to particularly thick products, the difference being that they used for fine to deep lines respectively.

There are Semi HA’s or Non HA’s that are also used, some patients tend to favour these products because of the duration of action. They can be semi permanent to permanent, and patients decide to use such products to maintain a particular enhancement or augmentation for much longer (eg 2-2.5 years).

With the Semi permanent to permanent fillers patients need to be aware that removal of these products may not be easy and require a surgical procedure if the result of the enhancement or augmentation is not to their liking.

An anaesthetic nerve block will be required as the injection does sting for some of the Dermal Fillers; other common adverse reactions are swelling and redness for 1-2 days and bruising.

Juvederm now has a range of Dermal Fillers with the local anaesthetic mixed in with the filler. The advantage being that patients no longer require Facial blocks and therefore the problems associated with smiling,drinking liquids and swelling seen with fillers that do require a Facial or Dental Nerve block.

For more information regarding other Non Surgical Cosmetic procedures offered at the Bare Aesthetics Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Sydney & Port Macquarie visit our website.