Buy Faded Boyfriend Jeans And Stay Ahead Of Fashion.

One of this Summer’s top trends in the fashion world seems to be wearing faded male jeans, often ‘ripped’ in that designer style that became so popular, many of the top female celebrities have been pictured wearing these urban, worn and faded denims, so the next question has to be, where can you buy faded boyfriend jeans from? In an ideal world, we would all have boyfriends who are of a similar waist size and leg length, making wearing their clothes all the more easier. However, unfortunately, this is rarely the case, and although chillin’out around the house in your baggy, boyfriend jeans is always an option, as is borrowing one of their shirts, when it comes to a good old night out with the girls, those unflattering, saggy, non-fitting jeans just don’t really spring out as the right outfit for a girls night out, so what can you do?

With many of the best female celebrities wearing fading boyfriend jeans, you have to wonder whether or not they all have boyfriend’s with the perfect matching waist-lines, i doubt it, so it must be possible to buy faded boyfriend jeans from some of the best shops and clothes designers if they are so popular, and about to peak, as this autumn’s must have item of clothing. With the release of Rock Of Ages, the latest film starring Tom Cruise as the rock star Stacee Jaxx, Denim jeans have once again been thrust to the fore-front of the fashion world, and us girls, really do not want to miss out, so girls, where can we buy faded boyfriend jeans and look like the girls we admire?

Having surfed the internet researching this question, it appears that if we want fashion, they want us to pay. Expensive is not the word to describe the price tag on some of the designer labels i looked at. Many of the top designer brands are cashing in on what they believe will be the next fashion boom, as once again faded and torn jeans, become the ‘must be seen in’ item. If you have several hundred dollars to spare, then a quick search of the best designers such as Versace, Guicci, VandD as well as many others, will soon display a variety of sizes and styles to fit you perfectly, giving you that Urban look.

However, if you’re like me and cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of faded jeans, then i may have found a credible alternative that lets you buy faded boyfriend jeans at a fraction of the cost that many of the designers are charging. The first option would be to buy a pair of High-Street cheap copies, although, unfortunately, all your girlfriends will know, and probably comment on the fact that they are High-Street, and not Designer faded boyfriend jeans, so perhaps , not such a good alternative. However, what i did find on ebay was a really cheap pair of designer jeans that had been worn, were from Gucci, and were made for males. The best thing about them was that they were in my size, and cheap, so i ordered them and they were duly delivered the next day.

When they arrived, i have to say i was a little disappointed, they just seemed too new! I suppose people rarely think that others may wish to wear really worn jeans, so i felt a little disheartened and almost gave up on my quest to buy faded boyfriend jeans. However, there is a happy end to my story, and one that i believe will help save you money as you try to keep up with the latest fashion. Follow as i have done and purchase some cheaper worn jeans on ebay then learn to distress them. They used to do this back in the 1980’s to make it look like the jeans were well worn and older, and in found a great write-up explaining how to do it on a fashion website, which, strangely enough, also had a post on boyfriend jeans, ha ha. So my advice to you, if you can’t afford to buy faded boyfriend jeans at designer prices, learn how to do it the cheaper way, buy older jeans and improve them, then you will have the faded boyfriend jeans you want at a fraction of the price.