Cosmetic Surgery For Teenagers

Just as females are vastly different from men so are the reasons they may lose hair. While hair loss in men is often due to hereditary factors this is rarely the case in women. So exactly what causes women to lose their hair? Actually, the loss on women occurs for a number of reason and these reasons almost always have an underlying cause. Here is a partial list of things that can cause temporary or permanent hair loss in women:

Hormonal imbalances

Women may experience the problem due to pregnancy, menopause or at any other time that their hormones are out of balance. This is often temporary as in the case of pregnancy but can also be permanent and ongoing.


That’s right, stress affects women differently than men and prolonged tension or severe stress may be the cause of your baldness.

Medications and medical conditions

Certain medications and medical conditions may cause or at least contribute to hair loss in women, renal failure, beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors are just a few of the conditions and medications that can result in alopecia – the scientif term for the problem..

There are many other factors that may contribute to balding in women including harsh shampoos, perms, bleaching and coloring hair too often.

Treating Hair Loss In Women

Before your hair loss can be treated, it is essential to discover the cause for the loss. This may require a complete physical workup as well as number of tests to rule out certain conditions.

Once the underlying cause of the alopecia is discovered and successfully treated there may be no other treatment necessary as your hair may begin to grow normally again.

However, in cases where treating the underlying cause cannot not make up for the hair you have already lost, then other treatments may be necessary and include topical treatments and in some cases even hair transplants.

Female Hair Transplant As A Viable Treatment

Although most men can benefit from hair transplant surgery such is not the case with women. In order for a female hair transplant to be successful the hair must be harvested from the thick healthy hair at the back of the head.

Most women who suffer hair loss do not suffer that loss in a pattern such as men but rather a loss over their complete head leaving no healthy hair in which to get the transplants from. However, there are certain situations and conditions where a female hair transplant is a viable solution.

Here are the conditions in which the female hair transplant can benefit a woman:

– Women who have had surgery or plastic surgery and are concerned about losing their hair at the surgical site.
– Women who have patterned baldness and who have healthy and thick hair and follicles at the back of their head.
– Women who have suffered baldness due to trauma, burns, accidents or scarring including chemical scarring.

If you believe that a hair transplant may be right for you, see a professional. While female hair transplant is not an option for all women for some they just may be the right solution for an intensive hair loss.
These days everyone seems to be worried about their hair, it is not just that they want to look good, but they are now realizing the importance of hair, and getting aware of the fact that how important hairs are for your personality.

In a search for hair treatment, people often look for hair transplant surgery which is a very hectic treatment, considering it is a surgery, so there are high chances of side effects so it is not recommended on the first phase. The first preferable option will be is to ask the patients first about hair transplant surgery and their opinion and review about it.

Keep in mind, for anything, Surgery should be your last preference and if you get another hair loss remedy, always opt for it.

Going Further, let’s have a look on some of the benefits of hair transplant surgery

* Long Lasting Results
* No other remedy can produce the similar results
* It is Effective; soon you will see a bunch of hairs on your head
* Less Time taking

Now see the other aspect, let’s have some look on the disadvantages of Hair transplant surgery

* Very Expensive
* Side effects, sometimes can be very harmful
* Painful Treatment
* Can cause damage sometimes