Cosmetic Surgery On The Rise

Over the past 10 years cosmetic surgery has turned round its negative persona and emerged as a trendy and affordable way to get the body and face you’ve always wanted. No longer reserved for famous celebrities and rich business moguls, cosmetic enhancements are now common place amongst the masses with more affordable procedures available than ever before. It’s seems there is no stopping the rise of this industry as the quick fix solutions it offers are giving everyone the chance to get their dream figure, without hours spent in the gym.

The popularity of this kind of surgical makeover has risen mainly because of its visibility in popular consciousness. TV shows such as Ten Years Younger and Nip/Tuck are lifting the taboo on cosmetic surgery and revealing the dramatic results to thousands of men and women who are, in turn, quickly following suit.

One of the main reasons for the dramatic rise in cosmetic surgery throughout the UK is the falling cost of procedures. Prices for even the most complicated surgeries have dropped dramatically giving more people the opportunity to improve their looks and fix those body problems that have been plaguing them for years. Safer and quicker procedures are another feather in the cosmetic enhancement industry’s hat with technological advancements making surgeries less invasive and in turn more appealing to the public. Recovery times are getting quicker so you can have the surgery you want without taking too much time away from other commitments. Even larger surgeries are becoming more appealing as most people are able to spend the majority of their recovery time in the comfort of their own home.

Many people are beginning to see the great results of cosmetic surgery first hand from friends and family members and it’s inspiring them to try it for themselves. With clinics popping up all over the country, and more surgeons turning to the vocation, waiting times have become nonexistent and procedures have become more advanced drawing new customers in from every walk of life.

The rise in these procedures has had a knock on effect for cosmetic surgery claims with the number people suing for procedures gone wrong rising just as quickly as the surgeries themselves. Simple procedures such as Botox and fillers, can be seen as a safer and more cost effective way to jump on the cosmetic surgery train but with clinic appointment books bulging it seems there is no stopping the trend which promises to deliver a better version of yourself in just a few short days.