Custom Tailored Jeans For Men In Skinny Cut And The Boyfriends Look

Skinny jeans for men is an awful trend. The world of fashion is fast moving and that is why we try to always be up to date. After all, people tend to give importance to their stylish and hip look. However, unfortunately sometimes we do not succeed. Customized jeans in skinny cut may look absolutely hot worn by women, but are embarrassing on men.

What do you personally think when you see these American Apparel types passing by? Their hairdos are mostly stylish, but designer jeans worn by them nowadays are just terrifying.

All these guys tend to have figure tight skinny jeans on. And the most awful thing these personalized jeans are worn mostly baggy-like under the thighs. A hellish sight for an esthetical eye. Of course, there are men who can afford wearing such pants. These are however total hunger-hooks which make their stature to a cult and trend. Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones is the best example of such. However, these customized jeans worn by small guys with well-trained legs make an absolute style breaker! So guys, return to your good-old boot-cut jeans, please!

Mens pants worn by women are however an absolute top. Boyfriend look is besides extremely comfortable and creates a sexy relaxed outfit.

As a matter of fact, to look trendy it isnt even necessary to steal tailor jeans from your boyfriends, ladies, because boyfriend style jeans can be today found in all fashion boutiques in all possible washes, colors and sizes.

Important is the comfort and perfect fit of your boyfriend style jeans. These pants should fit in a relaxed way on the thighs and be a bit wide in cut. Apart from that everything is possible used optic, turned over trouser legs, etc. The color scheme of corresponding tops is also wide be it s simple white shirt, also with a print of the favorite band or a skinny tank top. Everything that doesnt look too sophisticated is possible! Especially successful are the combinations of made to measure jeans outfits with another top fashionable trend knit wear. Wool pullovers or XXL-cardigans not only make warm, but also present the must-haves for cold winter or chilly spring days. Chucks, DocMartens or flip-flops and flat sandals complete the outfit.

Also numerous celebrities prefer to wear these comfortable jeans, like trend-setters Agyness Deyn combining them with wide shirts and simple-looking shorts, or singer and songwriter Lily Allen, who wears the boyfriend-style in a classical way: torn wide-leg jeans with a simple tank top.

And when your boyfriend has nothing against it, you can surely borrow one or two clothes pieces from his wardrobe. When he sees his favorite shirt on his own girlfriend, he will also become the fan of trendy boyfriend look!