Different Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry For Personality Development

Teeth are a very important, yet less heeded to, parts of our personality. Dentistry refers to the science of improving the functions and the appearance of the teeth. Therefore, this area of specialisation of medical science focuses on removing the problems occurring to the teeth and the jaws and at the same time improving the visible dimensions of the teeth. This science aims to improve the usage of teeth for eating purpose as also to give them a face lift so that they improve upon your personality as well. Cosmetic dentistry is more a marketing term that is being used by the dentists than being any special branch of dentistry. So, a cosmetic dentist improves the aesthetics of your teeth so that when you speak, laugh or smile, the teeth do not look odd or unhealthy.

Cosmetic dentistry entails the following dental treatments:
1.Whitening of the teeth: In this process, the dentists remove the teeth stains and discolouration with the bleaching process which makes them look whiter. Two methods are used most commonly like the Laser teeth whitening and the professional home whitening.

2.Veneers: Veneers are the tooth coloured wafer thin laminates of materials like the ceramic, porcelain and other composites. These are put on the front surface of the teeth to make them look better. These are used in the case of stained teeth, damaged teeth, gaps and the crooked teeth.

3.Lumineers: In dental parlance, the lumineers are called the contact lenses of the teeth. These are the same as veneers but are made from the ultra thin patented cerinate porcelain, which is far stronger than the laboratory made veneers. These are also used in the same way and for same purposes as the veneers.

4.Gum Contouring: In cosmetic dentistry, this refers to the reshaping of the gums. If your teeth are covered too much by the gums, leaving only some of the teeth to be visible, then gum contouring methods can be used by the dentists to treat the teeth without any pain. Earlier, the cosmetic dental treatment for the same would entail the use of scalpel but now the lasers are increasingly being used for this process.

5.Porcelain crowns and caps: Crown restores a persons damaged, broken or cracked teeth. These are also called the caps since these sit over a persons broken or leftover teeth. These crowns can be made from different materials like the metals porcelain. However, it is the latter which gives the most natural look.

6.Cosmetic bonding: This dental procedure makes use of the a dental composite which is used to fill the cavities, replace the metallic or amalgam fillings, Repairing broken teeth, closing the gaps, reshaping of the teeth and the makeover of the smiles.

7.CEREC: This is a new technology which is used to have a new false tooth made and fitted in a single visit to the dentist. This is a computerised system to design, fabricate and fit the new veneer, crown, etc.

8.Dental Implants: In cosmetic dentistry, this refers to the replacement of the root of the natural teeth. In this, the pre-drilled socket in your jaw-bone supports a crown or bridge.