Flaunt Your Killer Curves And Ravishing Cleavage With Cosmetic Surgery Breast Augmentation

In current times when women are all working and earning handsome bucks, spending a fraction of their salary on looking good and getting a cosmetic surgery breast augmentation is not a very rare situation. Rather, women from all walks of life are opting for cosmetic surgery breast augmentation in larger numbers and it is the second most popular aesthetic surgery preferred by women in USA today, second only to liposuction and since 1992, it has witnessed a 500% growth per annum!

In fact, almost every other starlet from the glamour world is forced to go in for cosmetic surgery breast augmentation with the help of implants to maximize her oomph. With the help of cosmetic surgery breast augmentation (done with the help of implants), a woman can attain feminine, rounded, symmetrical, supple and firm boobs which not only feel bouncy but also look sexy as well. Breast augmentations are not always chosen for aesthetic purposes only.

At times, it is part of a breast reconstruction process where a woman has pathological problems in the chest region or has suffered severe trauma or injury because of accident in the chest area or because of breast cancer treatment like chemotherapy. In such cases breast reconstruction surgery is combined with a series of breast augmentations to rectify and recreate the damaged breasts.

But in normal circumstances, it has been observed that women tend to opt for cosmetic surgery breast augmentation when they notice that their breasts have decreased in size or lost breast mass or have started drooping or sagging because of sudden and excessive weight loss, breast feeding, ageing, nursing, pregnancy, multiple childbirths and other such reasons.

Cosmetic surgery breast augmentation involves enhancing the size of the boobs through breast enlargement surgery where surgeons take the help of implants – saline filled implants or silicone implants or cohesive silicone gel filled implants – and at times a breast lifting is also done alongside to impart a sexy cleavage and to pep up the perky boobs and give a vital push up.

There is a significant difference between breast enlargement surgery and cosmetic surgery breast augmentation. Breast enlargement/enhancement surgery will maximize your cup size, say from 34 A to 34 C with the help of implants and do nothing else. But to create symmetry and balance and to add a few minor rectifications, you have to take the help of breast augmentation surgery to complete the whole process.

Cosmetic surgery breast augmentation does not take more than 2 and hours or 2 hours, so you can either check into the cosmetic surgery clinic as an inpatient and stay over for the night or you can check in as an outpatient and you will be released a few hours after the surgery. Cosmetic surgery breast augmentation is performed both under general anesthesia and at times, local anesthesia.