Formaldehyde – One Of The Most Common Harmful Ingredients Present In Most Cosmetic Products

Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself what it is you are smearing on your skin in the name of beauty? If you havent then its about time that you did. Heres a fact that you probably didnt know- many of the cosmetics and personal skin care products that you use contain endocrine disrupting chemicals that enter your body and cause unusual symptoms in your system.

Did you also know that the human skin has a great absorption rate for different types of substances without discrimination? It is your sole responsibility to ensure that this gateway is not exposed to any active ingredients that may enter the body and produce adverse effects on your organs.

Im sure you must be wondering what ingredients Im talking about. Ill focus on one of the most common harmful ingredients that are present in most cosmetic products. Im talking about Formaldehyde. Generally speaking, Formaldehyde is produced in the body in small quantities as part of our normal everyday metabolism. This form of Formaldehyde causes us no harm. Insignificant quantities of Formaldehyde are also found in the food we eat and certain drinks we consume. Question now remains- if Formaldehyde is so common in the human system then why is it labelled as a carcinogenic substance that we should look out for?

In its pure form and at room temperature, Formaldehyde presents itself as a colourless and flammable gas which has a pungent distinct odour. When this mineral is used in the production of cosmetics it causes a myriad of diseases including skin rash and redness when it comes in contact with the skin and coughing, vomiting and diarrhoea when ingested.

Facial cleansers, shampoos, toothpastes, sunscreen, mascaras, moisturizers and eye shadow are all examples of cosmetic products that contain a certain percentage of this chemical.

In the case of Antiperspirants, Formaldehyde has been known to cause nose irritation, sneezing, coughing and even headaches among certain groups of people. Sunscreen and other cosmetics that come into contact with the skin also have a significant effect on the skin when their use is prolonged.

There is very little human information on the irritancy of Formaldehyde solution on the human skin. However, animal studies have shown that formaldehyde solutions have a corrosive effect. Ofcourse the effect in cosmetics is limited by combining Formaldehyde with other synthetic compounds. This in turn results in a compound that has a different composition that causes allergic reactions in the skin of some people.

Heres what we know so far. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic compound that is present in many cosmetic products and it produces adverse side effects in the body. So how can we avoid it and still look good? Currently, research is being conducted to find a replacement that works just as well as Formaldehyde only without the side effects. In the mean time here are a few tips that can help in ridding this chemical off your body. Before purchasing any cosmetic ensure that you read the ingredients used and the level of concentration of Formaldehyde. Cosmetics with low concentration of Formaldehyde are not dangerous and can be easily managed by the body. If this option does not ogre well with you then you can always opt for herbal replacements when it comes to lotions, moisturizers and make up before a breakthrough is finally unearthed.