How To Match Your Clothing For The Occasion

Choosing clothes to accommodate your wardrobe to suit any occasion can be quite a challenge. From picking out the right outfit for a special occasion to matching it with accessories and choosing items that best suit you, there are various factors that should be considered.

Style and elegance in not hard to achieve, but does require a certain level of commitment. Most important aspect of fashion is blending with your surroundings or dressing up for the occasion. You can easily get noticed by wearing clothes that doesnt necessarily suit the social setting you attend, but it will not bring you any positive attention. In order to be noticed, admired and attract positive interest, it is important to match your wardrobe according to the circumstances or events they call for.

When you open your wardrobe to select something to wear for an occasion, first take a few minutes to think about the following factors:

What type of event are you going to attend? Is it formal, semiformal or informal in nature? What is the purpose of the event?
What type of people will you be meeting at the event? How do you want to impress them?
What time of day is the event at? Morning, noon or night?
What is the weather going to be like? (look outside and make a judgment)
Is it an outdoor event or indoor? If outdoor, what sort of environment is it? Is it a Garden party, beachside event, a picnic or any other special setting?

Why should you consider these factors before selecting your clothes? To select the best outfit for the occasion, it is important to consider all aspects of the event you are planning to attend, as this will help highlight your efforts and make you stand out in a crowd. It will also be easier to narrow down your choices and help reach a decision about the outfit to wear, rather than staring without inspiration at several outfits for ages. For example, if the occasion is a formal event, you can opt out jeans, funky jewelry and loud colors, thus minimizing your choices.

A formal event will call for better matching of clothes, shoes and accessories. You can enhance your makeup based on the impression you want to make with the people attending the event. If you want to be serious, you can dress up in a more official manner and wear subtle makeup. If it is going to be a friendly environment, you can tone down your clothes with sunny colors and brighter makeup.

The time of the event also plays a crucial part in selecting your clothing. If it is a day function, you can wear more colorful clothes than for an evening event. But remember to consider the weather outside too, for if a daytime event falls on a rainy day, colorful clothes may not go that well after all. Likewise, outdoor events can be accompanied with loose fit, cottony clothes of earthy colors, while, short sleeveless and floral dresses are best suited for a beachside party.

Next, you need to consider your accessories. These too play a crucial role in the image you create and contribute to the impression you make. Formal occasions require more elegant accessories such as high heeled shoes, designer jewelry, stylish handbags and maybe an attractive hat for extra effect. Avoid chunky jewelry and loud accessories, opting for elegance over trendy. Matching your attire to give an overall effect is very important. Have a long look at yourself in the mirror after you are done to make sure the outfit, accessories and makeup go well with each-other and that together, they gives out the correct signals.

Also make it a point to consider the most important aspect of all, comfort. Make sure your clothes are comfortable enough to keep you relaxed, happy and in a good mood. No matter how well you dress up for the occasion, if you are not at ease wearing them, it will ruin the overall effect and the time spent in achieving it. So before you decide on any of the above factors, give priority to comfort. Wear clothes you can move your arms in and wont make you feel puffed up. Avoid overly tight attire and itchy/irritating material that will make you edgy and discontented. Dont let your clothes get in the way of having a good time.

Make a change in your life, dress to suit the occasion and experience a new horizon of socializing that will make an astonishing difference in your social calendar.

Matching your clothes to suit the occasion doesnt require specialized skills. By paying attention to the event ahead, considering aspects such as the type of event, time, surroundings and people attending it, you can select the best outfit that will highlight you as a trendy and stylish individual.