How to take care your pearl earrings

Pearl Earrings Require Gentle Care
Pearl jewelry such as a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace may be the most valued piece in your jewelry collection. Special attention to the care of your pearl earrings will ensure they will retain their original luster and provide years of enjoyment. Pearls are much more fragile than other gemstones therefore must be treated differently than other jewelry. Rough handling, improper cleaning, or exposure to foreign substances can easily damage your prized possession and detract from their original beauty. >

Last On, First Off
One such foreign substance can be the harsh chemicals found in today’s cosmetics. Hairspray, perfume, and body oils can also be the enemies of pearls. Don’t take the chance of hairspray overspray or perfume mist coming in contact with them. It is strongly recommended when preparing for your evening that your pearls should be the last item you put on, and the first item you take off when returning home.
It’s a Jungle Out There

Avoid any unnecessary contact with outside elements that could endanger the beauty of your pearl earrings. Avoid cigarette smoke filled rooms and any other environments where you might place them in jeopardy.

Don’t Sweat It
Perspiration is another threat to a pearl’s surface. It is acidic in nature and will erode the outer coating of the pearl and cause it to discolor or diminish its smooth texture. Avoid hot humid places and if you do perspire, take care to cool down and occasionally dry the area under the pearls to lessen the exposure.

Take It to the Cleaners
Pearl earrings should be wiped off with a soft damp cloth at the evening’s end and will also need to be cleaned periodically. When that time comes, don’t use just any jewelry cleaner. It may be too harsh and cause harm to the pearls. There are special cleaners available especially for pearl earrings. Be sure to follow the label directions carefully. After cleaning, make sure the pearl earrings are completely dry before placing them in their original storage container. Finally, the golden rule of pearl earrings is this: Take care of your pearls and they will adorn you for many years. A pearl reflects a woman’s beauty, and a woman reflects a pearl’s beauty.