Mary Kay Cosmetics – Avoid Making The Biggest Mistake And Become Successful

Are you considering joining the network marketing company Mary Kay Cosmetics, or have you already joined? Have you heard about the 95 % high failure rate? Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed – the failure rate isn’t 100 %, right? Well, I have written this article to make sure that you don’t end up like 95 % of the people in this industry. I want to emphasize the BIGGEST mistake you can make, and try and lead you in the right direction towards success.

We have all heard that making mistakes is human, and I believe it is – it is what helps us develop as persons and we become wiser in life. BUT with that said – learning from other’s mistakes can be just as good. There is absolutely no reason making the same mistake that SO many people have already made – including myself.

Joining Mary Kay Cosmetics, most have a dream about becoming financially independent, and that is certainly not unrealistic, because that is the opportunity that every network marketing company brings along with it. Unfortunately this remains a dream for 95 % of the people who joins. That is a lot of people, and I know for a fact that the reason for this high failure rate isn’t caused by lazy people – believe me, most people go into this, ready to do ANYTHING to succeed. So what is that they do? They take in all the advices they get from their upline and the company and they start making a list of all the people they know, they hand out business cards, they buy a replicated website and they bring people to hotel meetings. Now THAT is the biggest mistake that anyone can make when joining Mary Kay Cosmetics – or any other network marketing company. Too many people go into this industry thinking that it’s going to be easy, and it’s NOT! And using the techniques that have been proven wrong THOUSANDS of times every single day does not make any sense.

But what should you do? What is it that those 5 % does? Why is it that they succeed? To give you the simple explanation – they do three things that separate them from the 95 % who fails.

1. They forget all about what the company or their upline have EVER told them, and they recognize that doing something that has been proven wrong for SO long is a waste of their time.

2. They seek information elsewhere. They find the right information and learn how to become great marketers and how to grow their business.

3. They grow their business!!! They take the time to treat their business as a real business and they know that it takes effort to become financially independent – and they know that it will never be easy to succeed.

If you mix the above with a true want and desire you have success! So, if you want to become successful with Mary Kay Cosmetics, or ANY other network marketing company, you have to ask yourself whether you are ready to follow those three steps. If you still think that it will be easy to succeed and that you can do it by using the methods the company is teaching you, you will end up wasting your time. But if you are ready to do things right – do it!