Pearl – 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas

A 30th anniversary gift should traditionally have the theme of pearls, although this may seem like an expensive gift especially if it is for friends rather than your husband or wife however it really does not have to be that expensive.

There are many different gift ideas for a 30th wedding anniversary that contain the theme of pearl without actually containing pearls thus making the gift specific to the anniversary year without costing you an arm and a leg.

One of the new ideas is to have a poem written for and about the couple in question. There are people who offer this unique service via the internet, specializing in writing heartfelt and inspirational poetry for every occasion and circumstance.

The poem is created by information you send to the poet so it can be as personal as you like and contain any theme you desire whether it be happy, sad, romantic or funny. The poem is usually sent in a card form that is gift boxed and beautifully wrapped.

To incorporate the poem as a 30th anniversary gift you could choose to have the poem printed on pearl paper or backing paper with pearls on it.

Receiving such a personal gift will always be greatly appreciated and is also something that a couple will treasure for years to come not to mention the thought that has been involved with such a personal gift.

Other more traditional 30th anniversary gift ideas would depend on what the receiver likes, if the gift is for you wife then you may want to consider jewelry, pearl earrings are always a favourite along with the most obvious pearl necklaces these can be beautifully presented and gift boxed.

Men are a lot harder to buy for when it comes to traditional 30th anniversary gifts so you may need to look for a contemporary or modern 30th anniversary gift which has a theme of diamond jewelry. Finding diamond jewelry for a man is a lot easier than trying to find jewelry containing pearls as most men are reluctant to wear pearls.

There are many types of diamond jewelry available for men including watches and rings both of which may seem an expensive gift however what better way is there to tell the man you have spent thirty married years with how much you love and appreciate all they have done by presenting them with a gold watch.

A 30th wedding anniversary is a massive achievement for any married couple so why not celebrate it by having a party with family and friends and making the theme of the party pearls! You can have pearl colored napkins and balloons. A party is a wonderful way to share with others the love and devotion you have for your wife or husband and something that will be remembered for generations.