The Best Sources Of Pearls In The World

Pearls can generally be found in five different places around the world. Pearls from different areas in the world have their own unique qualities, colors, shapes, and sizes. Additionally, the value of a pearl is a direct reflection of where that particular pearl is from.
The highest quality pearls source from Australia. White South Sea pearls are by far the most elegant and prestigious of all pearls. The climate in Australia produces generally large, bright white pearls that are breathtaking because of their glowing beauty.
Golden South Sea pearls fall next in the pearl quality spectrum. Grown in the Philippines, these pearls are just as large as the white south sea pearls, but are different in regards to their color. They can come in any number shades of gold. Granted, golden pearls are not the same caliber as that of the white south sea, however, no one can argue that these pearls are some of the most traditional gems used in the world of fine jewelry.
The final variation of the South Sea pearls is the Tahitian South Sea pearls. Tahitian South Sea pearls are dark pearls that are beyond words. Tahitian pearls are mostly black, but can also be found in many other colors and overtones. Dark green, peacock, and bronze are but three examples of the many different stunning colors that these pearls possess. Like the white and golden south sea pearls, Tahitian pearls come in relatively large sizes, but can also be as small as 8mm (which is smaller than most golden and white south sea pearls.) Although their quality isnt that of the Australian or Golden pearls, nevertheless many people still claim to favor Tahitian pearls more. These pearls are nigh irresistible.
Akoya pearls are from Japan and still remain to be the most commonly used pearls in the United States. Akoya pearls represent the perfect equilibrium of cost effectiveness as well as luxuriousness. Akoya pearl are the most typical breed of pearl to be found at a wedding as well as any celebration.
Freshwater pearls are the final and the lowest quality breed of pearls . Manufactured in China, freshwater pearls can be one of many different colors. Pink, white, rose, and lavender are all examples of the uniqueness of the freshwater pearls. Although their value is far less than that of south sea and Akoya pearls, nevertheless freshwater pearls are vibrant in color, immediately attracting the attention of anyone around.