Top 5 Cosmetics Brands and Caution Using Cosmetics

The most important thing is to read the labels of the cosmetics before purchasing. Most women just buy a brand without knowing the ingredients. Some brands use harmful chemicals that can cause cancer or other skin diseases. Can you think of a day without your shampoo? But most shampoos have Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate in them which can cause breast cancer if it is used on a regular basis. Straightening products or nail polishes can have formaldehyde in it which can cause cancer, asthma, birth defect and blindness. More than 60% of brands use Lead in lipstick which can cause anemia and skin cancer.

Do you know that a woman uses at least 12 types of cosmetics every day? But many cosmetics have harmful chemicals. Women are advised to avoid chemical products at the time of their pregnancy. Parabens mostly used in Lotions, toner or foundations, cause serious health problem to the child. Pregnant women should avoid lead based lipsticks that can cause serious health issues of the child. The best option is to use natural or herbal products. You can also contact your physician before using any product to know if it is safe for you and your baby.

Make-up brushes are also very important things. Wrong make-up brushes can cause damage to your skin. Soft brushes should be used in this case. The most important thing you should keep in mind is if you are having any allergic problem due to your make-up brushes or not. Some well known make-up brushes are Sigma Essential Kit, Sigma Essential Kit- Mrs. Bunny, Shany Bamboo Brush set, MAC Cosmetics Brush etc.

There are thousands of cosmetics brands and companies. To name any 5 top brands is not an easy work. Each brand is unique in their products. But considering all the perspectives the brands named below may be the top 5 brands of the world:

Revlon: This brand is made by the Revson brothers. Their skin care products, personal care products and cosmetics are famous and appreciated in the world.

Cover Girl: This is an American brand established in 1960. This brand is also famous.

L’Oreal: L’Oreal is the largest cosmetic company. The products are cheaper and more available in any part of the world.

Clinique: The products of this American brand are a dream of many women. Clinique products are a little bit costly.

MAC: This is the best and most popular brand at present. The products are excellent and the prices of the products are also in your limit. Mac cosmetic brushes are also very famous.