What Are The World’s Favourite Cosmetics

Enhancing the condition or look of the human body is the main purpose of any cosmetic brand. With the emergence of various cosmetics brands and a huge array of products, it became harder for people to work out which cosmetics were right for them, and even to know what types of makeup, lotions and beauty products were available to choose from.

Marketing has become a huge part of the cosmetics industry. It aims to help the consumer choose cosmetics that will best suit them. Try as they may, though, certain cosmetics companies are now well established and firm favourites in the eyes of the public. Heres the lowdown on some favourite cosmetics giants. Do you have an item or two from one of these big names in your beauty arsenal?

LOreal: All Kinds Of Cosmetics For All Kinds Of People
When it comes to the widest range of beauty products, from hair to skin care to cosmetics, there is no doubt that LOral belongs at the top of the list. LOreal is the largest cosmetics company in the industry and has already achieved 10.2% sales growth during the first half of 2010.

A respect for cultural differences across nations is their basic philosophy when creating their beauty products. This is also the reason why LOreal cosmetics are preferred by a lot of people. Cosmetics by LOreal, and beauty products, match the personal diversity of their users. In addition, LOrals concealers and foundations are much loved because they are natural looking, provide UV protection and are available to suit a range of skin tones. They also provide maximum coverage while moisturizing your skin.

LOreal lipsticks are also popular because they are long-lasting and they provide UV protection, while the LOreal hair colour line-up are best sellers because they offer an impressive palette of shades and tints that are safe to use.

LOreal owns Maybelline
To maintain the position of LOreal as number one personal care and beauty company, they acquired Maybelline, which is famous for cosmetics. It has the widest reach in terms of presence in different countries. Mascara, eye shadows and blushes are just some of the favourite Maybelline cosmetic items and reportedly not tested on animals.

Lancome is a LOreal baby
Lancme is another popular brand that sits under the LOral company banner. It has a foundation thats called renergie lift that really makes skin looks smooth and younger looking. This beauty cream has received a high performance rating from consumers and is proving to be a real driver of sales. Lancmes artliner precision point eyeliner is another well-loved cosmetic item. It is long-lasting and easy to apply. For women in that class, its a complete must-have cosmetic.

Shiseido: Beautiful Technology
Shiseido, the oldest cosmetic company in the world, offers concealers and sun protection creams that have superior performance. They also make your skin look smooth and blemish-free. This company has invested heavily in technology and innovation. With their light reflecting products, such as cream foundations and liquid concealers, and anti-ageing face creams, Shiseido has created a loyal and ever-growing following, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

Avon Calling
Avon is another one of the consumers favourite cosmetics companies. It heavily promotes itself as demonstrating its love for nature by not testing their products on animals. This is a popular marketing angle in the 21st century and many cosmetics companies blow the same horn.

The Avon multi-level marketing strategy is an effective way to reach out to the consumers in different countries. In fact, it is the worlds largest direct seller of cosmetics and body care. It is one reason why the brand is so huge and so popular its a cosmetics company that helps people make money too.

Some of Avons top cosmetics and beauty care items include their hydrating eye shadows and cream foundations. Avon also has creams that promise transformation and anti-ageing effects.

Revlon is it your favourite?
Another much-loved and well known cosmetics brand is Revlon. Revlon is well-known for the super lustrous lipstick line that offers different shades to match any occasion. These lipsticks are crowd pleasers because it has lightweight feel after application. Revlon is also on top when it comes to nail enamel or nail polish. Aside from being very well priced, the nail varnishes have rich and vibrant colors and have longer staying power than most other brands.

The Max Factor: High Performance Face Wear
The famous Max Factor slogan the make-up of make-up artists has tremendous power. It implies that people who work with models and famous people, making them look good for long periods of time while they get photographed or filmed, must KNOW what good makeup is… and of course, has the covert message that if its good enough for the celebs then it must be good enough for you too.

Max Factor products are considered to be high performance products; face goop with sticking power! They are aimed at sophisticated women, or working women after a professional look. Max Factor cosmetics were initially created to withstand the heat and hassles of photo shoots, so you can just imagine how much longer-lasting and perfect the effects are when you apply their lipfinity line.

Lipfinity is a huge seller its a lip glosses and lipstick range that is non-smear and can last for hours.