What Jeans Are Right For The Different Body Shapes

Jeans is probably the most all-around type of clothing. You can wear it on ordinary days by simply pairing it with a t-shirt and it can also be worn on social gatherings by mix-matching it with a classy fashionable blouse and heels. Definitely one’s wardrobe won’t be complete without it hence, it’s important to know the right way to select the right jeans that will make you look good by enhancing your good body areas and hiding your body flaws. In the succeeding paragraphs you will find the denim pants that’s good for the kind of body shape you have.

If your body is pear-shaped it simply means that you have small shoulders and your legs and thighs are a bit big. For you to deal with the big thighs, you need to select jeans that can make it look slimmer and long. This simply means that you should go with flared jeans and either low waist of boot-cut.

When one has curvy bottoms, distinct waists and ample busts this means she has an hour glass body. Among the many types of body structure this type is the one which fits almost all styles of jeans. If one has hourglass body, all she has to do is to emphasize the curves by wearing stretchable fabric that fits legs, hips and waists perfectly.

If your hips are as wide as your shoulders and you also have large waists and thin legs, then your body is rectangular shaped. In choosing the jeans that would look for this kind of body structure, you should look for styles that will make your waist appear narrower and enhances your butt. For this body, try something with pointed back pockets that lift and hug your butt for a fuller look.

If your body is round that simply means that your waists are short, your thighs and hips are full and you have a pot belly. In choosing your jeans you must choose one which will make your belly smaller and your thighs and hips leaner and narrower. To achieve this look, you have to try a pair in a darker color.

If you got a diamond-shaped body, this means that the width of your shoulders is small, your calves are narrow, your hips are broad and your busts are also small. With this body, the hips draw too much attention because it’s broad. To be able to direct the eyes of the looker to the busts and shoulders and not to the hips, one must wear jeans that are boot cut and dark. Front and back pockets should also be large to create an illusion that the legs are long and the hips are full.

To deal with the flat butt, average waists, ample busts, wide shoulders, shapely legs and narrow thighs brought about by having an inverted pyramid body shape, the type of jeans that should be worn are boot-legged jeans and ones that the legs are flared. To take one’s attention away from the body and to have illusion of shape in the legs, light washed jeans must also be worn.

May this article help you determine what type of jeans would fit to the type of body you have. Just remember that aside from knowing what type fits your body structure, it is also necessary to chose jeans that fits perfectly on you.