Why Does Promotional Clothing Continue To Be One Of The Most Important Methods For Promoting

First Impressions…

Why does promotional clothing continue to be one of the most important methods for promoting a company?

The term ‘promotional clothing’ is not simply limited to t-shirts and tops – professional printing and clothing companies should always offer everything from a personalised jacket, to headwear and even kidswear.

More than Meets the Eye

Whilst it’s true that one of the major benefits of promotional clothing is brand awareness, enabling you to hand out free clothing that is of good quality in the hope that it will be worn and the word spread about your company, it’s definitely not the only benefit. In the 21st Century, where technological and predominantly online companies are becoming increasingly popular, the atmosphere in the workplace is becoming more relaxed and personal.

…what says ‘we love and need you’ more than personalised polo shirts for your staff (except for a pay rise!)?

The personal touch element of promotional clothing is one that should not be overlooked – it also extends to clients’. Sending or giving in person a piece of clothing with your company logo on to a client will show them you’re happy to have them, and also provide the chance that they may actually wear it amongst fellow business friends (thus passing on the word, whether they actually mention your company or not). Having a special client wear your logo on a product will help others who notice it perceive that your company is reliable and that they can therefore rely on your services.

Corporate Events

Do you ever go to corporate events? Perhaps you are planning on going to an exhibition or a tradeshow? It’s imperative that your employees correctly convey your company with professional uniform that will play the role of both brand awareness and corporate identity. Having high quality promotional clothing at such events will enable your company to be spotted easily, – and remembered easily!


Initially it may not sound like a good idea; handing out free t-shirts to anyone and everyone at your store/event. Delve deeper and much like giving a piece of clothing to a special client, you will be handing out clothing to customers who as we all do, need clothing, and will therefore promote your brand whenever they wear it! Spread your website on the front or back for further promotion and this piece of promotional clothing could be in use for many years to come.

Cost-effective As with all advertisement, you want them to be cost-effective – something you can afford and definitely something you can see a high return on investment in. Thankfully promotional clothing is probably the best form of advertisement that any company could do – your products will be visible to a large amount of people for a longer period of time than any other advertisement.

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