Finding the Designer Jeans Pockets that Flatter You

How can you tell Candies from Calvin Klein or Baby Phat from Big Star? Look at the pocket design! The premium jeans craze has brought with it a universal back pocket obsession. For some, being able to identify a designer brand by the back pocket has become a consuming pastime. Every brand has their signature stitch, color, shape or design. Besides flaunting your exquisite good taste, what do back pockets do for you? You know if they look fab or frumpy, we’ll tell you why. With the care and craftsmanship that goes into today’s jean pocket designs, it is sacrilegious to even use them. No matter how appealing they are on a hanger, the true test of any pocket is how it looks on your butt. Not every design is for every body, we’ll help you find what will work for you.

Basic: The perfect canvas for signature stitching The classic pocket, a basic spade shape, works for everyone. These favorite standbys can be plain or come in a multitude of stitch styles (every brand has their signature design). Look for subtle stitching or a tone on tone design to add interest without drawing too much attention to your butt. The newest styles, with faded blue on blue designs, are perfect for the new clean

Special Shaping: Technology and art come together creating pockets with an extra lift. Asymmetrical pockets with angled corners and unique shaping are specifically designed to flatter your seat. Darted back pockets create extra curve for your seat while special angles and corners work with your curves to give an illusion of lift. Done right, these jean pockets work well for anyone.

Oversized pockets: Funky and fun but not for every one. Extra large pockets that are set super low, really on the back of your thigh, are all the rage right now. If you have a smaller seat, they will make your butt look high and cute. For those of us who are not so blessed, oversized pockets can make you look shorter and stocky, best to stay away.

Embellished: Heavy embellishments can really punch up the wow factor on a pair of jeans. Fun and attention grabbing embellishments abound on these jean pockets. Intricate embroidery, multi-colored stitching, and fabric insets are all designed to focus attention on your assets. They do a great job, adding dimension and interest to your seat. While this is perfect for flat seats, making them appear fuller and rounder, it can be too much added bulk for full seats.

No Pocket: Is it still a jean? In our minds, back pockets are an integral part of jeans, why take them off? Nevertheless, styles without back pockets do exist, and while some people swear by their butt enhancing properties, others would not be caught dead in them. The bottom line is a no back pocket style is the au naturel way to wear jeans. There is nothing to detract or distract from your real shape. Find them all at – we match jeans to you

How to Dress Yourself in Medieval Gothic Style

The medieval period is significant in history. It lasted from end of the Dark Ages until the Renaissance or roughly the 11th century to the middle of the 14th century. Almost a ninety percent of people during this period worked on farms. And the other less than ten percent were noble people, including merchants, clerics and other ambitious commoners who had left farm life behind. In nowadays world, there are so many alternative styles for people to follow. There are also similarities and differences among these styles. The differences are various, but the similarities are mainly lie in the unique look and the attractive effect they want to achieve. The style of medieval gothic is one that pursued by many people. So I will talk about how to dress oneself in this style in a detailed way. Medieval dresses are special and unique from the other kinds or period dresses. There are some main features the medieval gothic dresses share. First of all, it is the delicate square neckline. The people in the medieval age were straight and honest and they adopted this pattern to reveal such characteristic. There are also the other kinds of neckline such as the round ones. But the square one is the most outstanding medieval neckline. Secondly, it is the criss-cross design in the front and the back. The classic medieval gothic dresses always have this design. For the dresses are in the loose form and the criss-cross design serves as a closure to make it a little more fitted. No matter in what period, women want to have a beautiful figure. So the criss-cross design is necessary. Besides, this design can add extra glamour to the whole dress. There is very less decoration on the medieval gothic dresses. Thirdly, the flower printed accents are classic. The dress will look great with this design added. Last but not least is the whole cover design. At that period people were conservative. And also they were not allowed to show more body to the other people. In general, the medieval gothic style gets its name from the dark and scary aspect of the goth and the vintage medieval style. And the clothes in this style mainly are the dresses for women. For the gothic part, the dresses emphasize the dark color application and the special design. And for the vintage medieval part, the designers use the fabric, the silhouette and the embellishments to finish the medieval touch of the dresses. So it is not that hard to find such a dress in the medieval gothic style. All in all, the medieval gothic style is one of the popular alternative styles in modern clothing world. It is easy to understand and to dress up in.

Natural Skin Care Cosmetics Products From Thailand!

Nowadays, a lot of chemical products are pushed on the market without taking into consideration human body’s reaction. How many times have you heard on TV that some people have gotten skin cancer after using one particular type of products? A lot, yes we know about this problem. We are having a lot and a lot of these cases making the headlines of many broadcasting TV.

However, there is no need to panic. The trend is changing now and you will be able to find natural products available but limited. In this article, you will find these natural products with which you can make yourself beautiful without having to think about what kind of chemical ingredients are put into your makeup.

Many people would go for known makeups such as Maybelline, L’oreal, Avon, Yves Rocher, and there are too much of these to be named. But none would take time to look for what the mother nature has been providing for your own care. If only you would take your time searching, you would have find out that there are many alternatives for your favorite products such as Sbai-Arom and Rostedt. These are products use natural herbs which are mixed together with vegetables and fruits from Thailand that will make your skin better.

Sbai-Arom is quite famous in spa businesses and an etude has showed that Sbai-Arom is widely known in Europe among the spa professionals. The reason behind it is very simple. Because it is cheap and the fragrane that comes out of it is purely natural. The fragrance is very much different from the other counterparts. You might consider using Rostedt products also which are based on herbal medicine ingredients from different areas of Asia.

On the other hand, you will find other types of beauty care products that use less chemical products such as Oriental Princess, Mistine and Cute Press. Oriental Princess offers a variety of health & beauty products such as eyeliners, eye shadows, makeup foundations, lip gloss, lipstick and many skincare products. The same with Mistine and Cute Press which are highly affordable compared to the types of L’oreal, Maybelline and, etc.

Don’t you want to have a nice skin pattern same as a Thai lady? We bet yes as many other women who want to have skin as the sweet as the Thais.

As such, all the above natural products can be purchased directly from Thailand through JNL Siam Shop. It is said that the shop is a small family business that promotes the use of natural products.

Vila Clothing Adds To Feminine Identity

Vila clothing is synonymous with the female identity. A woman who wears the outfits from Vila looks not just gorgeous but is guaranteed to exude femininity. The elegance which a woman gets from the use of Vila clothes is absolutely amazing. It can be said that a she looks both contemporary and traditional with this line of clothing. As this brand of clothing is devoted to the cause of establishing the feminine identity it can be said when wearing Vila outfits, she either become a bohemian diva or a lady with classic styles. The lady who puts on this particular brand of clothing is said to emit self-confidence and warmth through her every movement.

Women want to have freedom in the kind of clothes that they wear. It is said that the Vila women are both spontaneous and adventurous. They love to experiment with styles and designs. However, this does not mean that this brand of clothing is obsessed with the fashion spree. The styles in Vila dresses are refined and have a unique look setting it apart from many other brands. The good thing about Vila womens clothes is that they come in affordable prices. But this does not mean that they compromise in the style or quality. In fact when you purchase Vila outfits, you can be assured about the quality and the latest trends.

The Vila line has a network of 150 retail shops in various places like Scandinavia, Iceland, Netherlands, Ireland and Estonia and the customer base of this particular brand is also quite huge. Thus if you are the woman of the new age then it is recommended that you try the outfits from Vila. This way you will create a style statement and people around you will give you loads of compliments.

As far as the designs of the Vila clothes are concerned, it can be said that they are unique and definitely head-turning. The dresses are a mixture of fine prints, intricate cuts and of course there is femininity in every bit of the dress. The designers from the Vila brand of clothing always keeps them updated with the latest designs and trends. The colours used are also a sombre mix of feisty tones and bright hues. The designers from this brand say that they develop ideas about the latest fashion and designs from the fashion fairs which are held in the streets and in the city.

The designers of the Vila brand work closely in association with the buyers. They consult the customers before finalizing on the final product. It can be said about Vila clothing that the designs are flexible and stylish. They are well equipped to cater to the needs of todays confident woman. The fitting of this particular brand of clothing is absolutely perfect. Along with perfect fit, the outfits have a cosy feel against your skin. These clothes are very apt for those who are not afraid to try out something new and exciting.

Mineral Cosmetics

Could your super lustrous long-lasting lipstick actually be a health hazard? After all, prolonged use of chemical-based makeup is known to adversely affect sensitive skin. That’s why the back-to-mother-nature option of mineral makeup seems like an attractive option to some.

What is mineral makeup and what makes it different from the regular makeup? These natural mineral-based formulations with natural pigments do not have preservatives or chemicals, are lighter on the skin and hence are better suited to sensitive skin, unlike those made with synthetic ingredients which could lead to irritation of the skin or similar allergies.

The minerals used include mica, titanium dioxide, zinc, iron oxides and calcium. If regular makeup cakes your skin, mineral makeup could be a refreshing change, because its contents of small flat crystals allows the skin to breathe and is supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties. Mineral makeup is also used for paramedic applications such as when scars need to be camouflaged or blemishes need to be concealed. These cosmetics range from foundations, blushes and eye shadows and have mineral formulations with inorganic pigments. They may also contain frozen vitamins A and E that liquefy when applied to the skin to leave a smooth look, especially over wrinkles and blemishes. Mineral foundations do not change color when seen under light and are resistant to heat and sweat. What’s more, most of these foundations contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide that block harmful sunrays and act as a natural sunscreen. Since these minerals are inert and inorganic, they do not encourage microbial growth and are longer-lasting. While the most common form of mineral foundations is powder, options in liquid also exist. For dry skin, applying moisturizer before putting on a mineral powder foundation ensures that dry patches don’t show up. While a wide range of colors is available, if you’re in the mood to experiment, you can make your own blend of foundation. Popular brands available in the market include Bare Escentuals, Aromaleigh and Sheer Cover among others. Mineral makeup products should be used in moderation because they can be intense. If used with care, mineral makeup could make you glow naturally.