Religious Jewelry Orthodox Crosses And Celtic Protection Pendants

People nowadays look for unique and interesting jewelry articles to wear as fashion accessories. Religious and patriotic themes are particularly admired by a lot of people since they reflect their pure love and devotion to their religion or country. Among beautiful and exceptional religious jewelry, orthodox crosses and Celtic protection pendants are particularly noteworthy. These pendants are available in tungsten, stainless steel and sterling silver. People who have Irish or Scottish roots love to wear these jewelry articles. These items express Celtic culture and heritage in a beautiful way. Most of these religious articles are available in affordable price ranges.

Orthodox crosses are available in many styles and materials. Eastern and Patriarchal crosses are somewhat different from the traditional cross which is a symbol of Christianity. These crosses are also termed as the Byzantine crosses. The Russian cross is another variant on the traditional cross with a slightly different shape. All these types of orthodox crosses can now be located online. The upper bar of these crosses represents Jesus of Nazareth and the additional lower bar, which is not present in traditional designs, symbolizes hell according to some believers.

Among various religious jewelry articles, Greek orthodox crosses and Greek baptismal crosses are also very popular. These cross pendants are available in pure 18k gold with diamonds and gemstones. Some of these articles are quite expensive because of their high quality and other striking features. If you are looking for affordable crosses, you can buy silver pendants which are not very expensive.

Baptismal crosses are symbols of the Holy Trinity. In addition to these, Phos Zoe orthodox crosses are also quite unique and interesting. Symbols like alpha, omega, sigma and eta are used on these kinds of crosses which represent different concepts. Greek crosses are loved by many people across the globe because of their exclusive symbolism.

Another exceptional Religious jewelry article is the Celtic protection pendant which can be found in a number of interesting designs. Celtic sword of protection, dragon vine Celtic knot, Celtic shield of protection, love & unity, and dragon energy are popular themes and are well-liked in all parts of the world. These pendants were worn by ancient priests and religious men who lived in the Western Europe, Britain and Ireland. These beautiful and unique religious pendants feature enameled leaves, beautiful crystals and heart-shaped lovely gemstones. Many people like to wear these pendants as fashionable as well as religious jewelry.

Celtic protection pendants in Religious jewelry are mostly made of pewter which is a metal alloy consisting of copper, tin and antimony. Handcrafted pewter jewelry is gaining in popularity nowadays because of its uniqueness and allure. Sometimes pure pewter is oxidized to give it a lovely silver-grayish look. Women particularly like this type of jewelry as it is individual and can be matched with any kind of dress. Classic and contemporary religious articles in this category are truly wonderful. They include pendants, lapel pins, rings, charms, bracelets, and earrings. Pewter is a preferred choice of a lot of people out there because it is lead-free and non-allergic.