T-shirts Comfortable Trendy Garment

Original T-Shirts were button less, collarless, and pocket less with round neck and little less than elbow sleeve. The distinctive texture of T-Shirt is due to jersey stitch of cotton and/or polyester yarn which provides a soft texture to the garment.

There are many uses of T-Shirts. They can be used as human bill-board to convey a special message, as a medium of advertisement by putting up Companys logo and even as fashion statement.

T-shirts also depict fashion trends of different time period. Many celebrities and cartoon characters have influenced the style statement of Tee Shirts. Of late they are available as either short or long T Shirts for females with occasional sequins and buttons to add a contemporary touch to them.

T-Shirts are popular amongst all age groups as they are very comfortable. They provide recluse from hot summers as they are cool-looking, light weight cotton with thin pores for air circulation.

T-Shirt business is by and large a vast business in knitted yarn fabric, because of their utility as comfort garment. With only a few exceptions, almost every second person is addicted to its use in some way or other.

Men wear plain or striped T-Shirt. They are the most popular amongst T-Shirts. Tight fitting or body hugging Tee-Shirts is common amongst College Guys. Pinks and Mauves are also worn with equal ease amongst young crowd.

Kids prefer T shirts with either cartoon characters or T shirts in stripes. Children look good in shades of red, orange, blue and yellow. Designers use special mix and match of colours in this style garment to yield decent looking trendy T shirts.

Some ladies prefer to have long and loose fitting T shirts to make them look and trendy at the same time. Designer T Shirts are also available at high profile stores.

When it comes to girls, they display by far the greatest fashion and style statements short sleeved T Shirts and body hugging T Shirts, sometimes with special messages are most prevalent amongst young girls and teens. When it comes to style, young girls are very choosy.

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