Three Popular Diamond Jewelry Design Genres

Three popular diamond jewelry design genres

According to the international diamond industry authority, De Beers Diamond Information Centre concluded that: the world’s three popular diamond jewelry design genres can be summarized as simple, back to nature and classical decoration, specifically described as follows:

One of the mainstreams: simple

“Less is more”, once popular in the architectural art in early years. Then, simply styled principles were adapted to the modern diamond jewelry design.

Line succinct smooth, simple overall structure, are the main characteristic of this style. Soft and smooth appearance of vehicles, light and dark patchwork of sand dunes, soft colors and elegant marble and constant change of the pyramid are the perfect performance.

That jewelry belongs to this style, not only diamond jewelry but also rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, all appeared simple bright.

Mainstream II: Return to Nature

Vigorous nature have a more powerful charisma to the people who live in modern city all day. When human gradual loss primitive land, forests, rivers, in this year, the growing environmental problems in people’s lives have become a new focus. So, human embrace of nature again.

The trend of return to natural affect the diamond jewelry design.

Beautiful leaves, interesting shell, full of vitality sunflower, wonderful zebra, have become a source of inspiration for jewelry designers.

The “Return to Nature” designs not only accurately reflect the wonder of the natural world, but also create a more concise results.

People can smell fresh breath of pristine nature from the petal-like ring, the hippocampus-shaped pins, and water droplets earrings.

Mainstream three: classicism

Human seem to never forget their own civilization. Therefore, the retro trend will come back in a few years, and have stronger trend. That is classicism.

Different from the modern stream of consciousness which praise highly simply very much, classicism in many countries stress beautiful colors and complex structure. For example: Roman-style decorative relief, the Chinese Ming and Qing style crafted stone bridge, the Gothic steeple of the building, the mysterious primitive tribes.

Those all become the subject matter of classicism jewelry, classical jewelry characterized by beautiful colors, well-designed jewelry pattern and profile, elaborate complex structures.

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